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Alex Harper

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October 18, 1993
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Overland, Missouri, in the United States
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30 years old
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Alex Harper
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Alex Harper (born October 18, 1993) is a famous actress and adult model from the USA. The girl has been working in the entertainment industry since 2025 and up to now. She started her career at the age of 18. But this did not prevent her from achieving success and international popularity. Today, she is the most sought-after model on the internet. Her candid content helps her increase her number of fans.

At the beginning of her career, she combined modeling with erotica acting. Such a schedule was challenging for her, but she achieved popularity in both industries. Furthermore, she appeared in several movies and collaborated with well-known production companies.

The Alex Harper OnlyFans page has become a platform for the celebrity to spread explicit content. She posts racy and erotic materials that drive her subscribers crazy. The girl is not ashamed to demonstrate her flawless body, gorgeous curves, and beautiful face. This format has collected more than 50,000 positive feedback from her fans.

We tried to reveal all the secrets of the star and facts of her personal life. Here, you will find information about her biography, hobbies, income sources, and net profit for the current year. Everyone looking for answers to questions about the star will find them in our article.

Alex Harper’s biography

Have you wondered, “Who is Alex Harper?” at the beginning of her career path? If so, this section will give you many answers. The model was born in an ordinary family in Overland, Missouri. The girl has a mixed European and Native American background. Her career as an erotica model began at 18 after graduating high school.

The YouTuber has collaborated with well-known artists such as Amity Adams. Her passion and dedication led her to success and numerous awards. In 2018 she was named Spank Bank’s “Best Legs,” and in 2019, “Most Photogenic Nymphomaniac.” She also received awards in the categories of “Dirtiest High Fashion Model” in 2018 and “Dirtiest Victoria’s Secret Angel” in 2019.

In a recent interview, Alex Harper talked about her love for traveling and motorcycles. In 2019, she had an unfortunate ride on a scooter and fell off it. With the injury, the young girl spent several days in a hospital in Miami. Also, her passion for cars and bikes is evident in her content. She often shows photos on her social networks behind the wheel and beside motorcycles.

With her success and awards, her fame grew through social media, where she amassed 3863 Instagram followers, 90.3 thousand Twitter followers, and 1770 TikTok followers. The famous influencer does not have a Twitch channel, but she did appear on a podcast.

For five years, the celebrity worked as an erotic and fetish model. In 2015, she made her acting debut at 22. Her first film, “Four Naughty Nudes Play Knotty Games,” was released by the FM Concepts studio. Throughout her erotica career, she appeared in 150 films.

Alex Harper’s profile

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Completed High School in her hometown

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5’7” (170 cm)
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50 kg (110 lbs)
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4 (US)

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Alex Harper OnlyFans career

The Alex Harper OnlyFans page has garnered over 50,000 positive responses from subscribers. The model’s content makes them happy and allows them to relax. The girl listens to the wishes of her fans and creates content based on their secret desires.

Her career began after a video from her archive appeared on the Internet. It caused adverse reactions from some and positive reactions from other Internet users. However, the model decided to continue her activity and generated ideas for materials that still excite her fans’ imaginations.

Her profession brings the girl not only pleasure but also a decent income. And fans speak positively about her work in the comments under the photos and videos. She tries to respond to all messages and thanks for the warm words.

Hard work and the desire to become popular led the girl to the life that she has now. She is famous, rich, in demand, and loved by her fans.

How much does Alex Harper make on OnlyFans?

Alex Harper OF page gets the model money she sets aside to cover her daily needs. A monthly subscription to her private account costs only 10 dollars. If you add up the subscription amount and fan donations, you get $48,000 that the model earns monthly.

Popularity has opened up many opportunities and financial independence for the model. Additionally, she makes money from participating in modeling shows, commercials, and acting jobs. And her private account is her primary source of income.

If we talk specifically about social media, Instagram and YouTube accounts bring her income. There, she shares video content and earns good money. We estimate her net worth to be $3,000,000 in 2023.

The model lives so lavishly that she can afford everything like the top Hollywood stars. She has purchased a Bugatti dream car and an expensive motorcycle. The model rests at costly resorts and buys only brand-name clothes and accessories.

Alex Harper OnlyFans activity

Alex Harper OnlyFans has 3186 posts and 12024 media files, which include 10.9 thousand photos and 1.1 thousand videos. It elicited 50 thousand reactions from fans. The actress never streams but runs the platform and interacts with her followers.

Every time the model posted something on the page, it drew thousands of comments from subscribers, proving that they enjoyed what she produced. Another thing that pleases buffs is the way she communicates with them. She promptly responded to all messages and entertained them as much as possible.

In addition, when fans request customized media, the YouTuber notifies them immediately and schedules when she will deliver the file. All of her admirers are happy and satisfied because her media made their fantasies a reality, giving them pleasure.

Is Alex Harper OnlyFans worth it?

The Alex Harper Only Fans website made all fans happy and content. All of the materials on the website give them pleasure and make their fantasies a reality. Once the model posted a file, fans said it was worth the money because they were amused.

Another factor that drew them in was the low monthly subscription fee of $10. Fans can access media, connect, and request customized materials through fan donations and subscription fees.

If you are curious and eager to see her exclusive videos that are only available on her platform, subscribe and feel the fun and pleasure.

Alex Harper’s photos

Alex Harper facts

  • The Alex Harper OnlyFans website gains traction online, garnering 50 thousand positive reactions from fans.
  • Her erotic career spanned 150 films, including “Catfished,” “Love My Lesbian Stepsister,” and “Tell Me Something Dirty.”
  • She debuted in the erotica industry at 18 in 2015.
  • The influencer collaborated with well-known production companies, including Reality Kings and Naughty America.
  • Rose Lorali and Rose Ballentine were two of her screen names.
  • She enjoys riding her motorcycle and displays her motorcycle exhibition on social media platforms.
  • The celebrity performed as an erotic and taboo model for five years
  • Her first movie, “Four Naughty Nudes Play Knotty Games,” was distributed by the FM Concepts studio.

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