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Alexa Collins

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October 12, 1995
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South Florida, USA
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28 years old
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Alexa Collins
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Alexa Collins (born 12 October 1995) is a well-known American social media influencer, magazine model, and also brand ambassador for numerous companies, including Fashion Nova and TBS Swimwear. The most alluring aspect of her beauty that draws so many admirers is her flawless model figure. Let’s move on.

When the number of her Instagram followers quickly passed one million, she started to actively work on her online image. Having such fame, she was invited to shoot and was also offered cooperation by very famous brands. And having achieved success in this field, she became the 29th winner of the Miss Jetset Magazine Model contest. Her routes to celebrity are paved with her exceptional abilities and distinctive content.

She created her Alexa Collins OnlyFans website to gain more notoriety, money, and fan engagement because she wanted to experiment with social media and connect with fans around the world. She builds her page with focus and determination, which yields 288.4 thousand fan reactions. This TikToker gains more notoriety, and her devoted fan base continues to support her endeavors.

This social media influencer gained tremendous fame for her unique works, but her life narrative remained a secret. Thus, this article will showcase her past and current endeavors as a model and media star. You will discover a lot of fascinating information about her, including her net worth, bankroll, and the content she shares on her private account.

Alexa Collins’s biography

Let’s start this section with a question: Who is Alexa Collins? Alexa was born and raised in South Florida, USA, and works as a model, actress, and social media influencer. Since she preferred to keep her parents and family private, insufficient information was available. That’s all. Let’s discover more.

Her teenage years marked the start of her social journey. Gaining notoriety and a sizable following was a significant accomplishment for her at that time. By the way, the blogger is engaged to Tom Shields, a Florida-based adventurer and real estate investor, all in one. Her social media post demonstrates their perfect chemistry and how much they adore each other. He totally supports her profession and loves her as she is. Perfect match.

Alexa Collins also promotes swimsuits, lingerie, and other products for Fashion Nova. She likes doing it, if only because it gives her the opportunity to barter for free clothes. It also brings her a couple hundred new followers on social media. What’s not a good job as an online model? Yes, she takes a maximum from all her activities and does it pretty well, we would say. That is why she attracts so much attention from her fans.

If you list all of her collaborations with brands, it would be a pretty decent list. For example, TBS Swimwear, La Boom, and Baja Bae all wanted and received her as a model for their products. We don’t think it’s worth repeating that such activities have brought her even more fame on social media. Moreover, she has some plans to create her own brand in the near future. Who knows, maybe she will also achieve this goal.

Alexa became one of the most significant figures in the modeling industry. She had a considerable impact and pushed the limits of modeling. Her influence transcended national boundaries and had a global effect on the model scene. The world’s unwavering pursuit of excellence demonstrates that she has many career options. And she uses them in the best way.

Alexa Collins's profile

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Graduate from Florida University

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5’4” (162.5 cm)
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59 kg (130 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Alexa Collins OnlyFans career

The celebrity can access additional opportunities, wealth, and fame through the Alexa Collins OnlyFans website. She values the content on her page, including her obscene media files and other content, which has led to her receiving 288.4K fan reactions around the world. So, let’s discover more.

She was tougher against those who attempted to disparage her career because of her accomplishments or something else. Despite the negative feedback she received from people online, she openly showed off her ignoring attitude toward haters. And it works perfectly.

She also believes that nothing can stop her from showcasing her skillful modeling abilities and her strong desire to share her extraordinary beauty with the world. She likes her body so much, so she is willing to share her stunning shapes with others. Her thousands of admirers could contact her through her private page free subscription account.

The celebrity made big money from it and successfully developed a network of kind tippers who sent her quite good donations to support her projects. When fans get access to Alexa’s exclusive files, they are greatly delighted because they feel totally valued, entertained, and appreciated at the same time. For the celeb, it’s the best result of her work. That is why she continues to do her art even better.

How much does Alexa Collins make on OnlyFans?

The Alexa Collins OF is becoming more well-known, and most of her exclusive files are becoming trending on numerous social media sites. According to some fans, she receives a lot of huge tips during her livestreams. But let’s start from the beginning.

The model never discloses her exact income. She only acknowledged that she received five figures from her page in a podcast. According to numerous reports, she makes about $45,000 every month from livestream tokens and fan donations as well. Is it a big sum for her? We assume that yes, because of her numerous purchases.

She said it makes her extremely happy that it could cover her monthly expenses. In addition, Alexa possesses a variety of assets and investments, having owned her own online accessories line, which also resulted in her making around $5,000,000 net worth as of 2024.

After achieving professional success, this influencer invested thousands of her earnings in cryptocurrency and also investment stocks. She travels the world twice a year and owns several fancy cars that she adores much. According to reports, she holds a penthouse and a piece of real estate in Florida, where her family resides.

Alexa Collins OnlyFans activity

Many media files on the Alexa Collins OnlyFans platform have driven fans crazy and brought their dreams to life. If we could estimate her success in numbers, she would be quite a successful media person. That is why – she has 1326 media files and 840 posts that make up her page. Let’s talk about it in detail.

Even though she receives criticism, her page has 288.4K fan reactions around the world, inspiring her to produce more exclusive files and offer distinctive content that will satisfy all her fans. In addition, she makes personalized files for her devotees, fulfilling all of their desires. She is willing to make her fans’ fantasies into reality.

In short, she is a specialist in creating hype on the Internet in order to attract attention to herself. Of course, it brings her new subscribers and money. But she does her job really amazingly easily and cunningly.

Is Alexa Collins OnlyFans worth it?

If you got here, it means that this girl is really attracting your attention. The celebrity realizes her most incredible dream of becoming the most sought-after person in the world. All this is thanks to her Alexa Collins Only Fans page.

Some fans say that she has relieved their stress professionally every time she releases new content. Some expressed neutrality, while some expressed dissatisfaction due to the star’s occasional tardiness in producing personalized content. The 95% of fans, on the other hand, are greatly happy and said the price was justified.

Subscribe to her page to understand if the format of her content suits you. Open a world of boundless possibilities and pleasure just in a few clicks.

Alexa Collins’s photos

Alexa Collins facts

  • The Alexa Collins OnlyFans page received 288.4K positive fan reactions due to the massive fan reactions it received.
  • As swimsuit models, Alexa and Kate Upton became well-known.
  • She became famous with her family for posting practical joke videos on the “The Beverly Halls” YouTube channel.
  • The blogger is engaged to adventurer and real estate investor Tom Shields, who lives in Florida.
  • She adores animals.

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