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Allison Parker

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May 22, 1994
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Arizona, USA
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29 years old
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Allison Parker
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Allison Parker (born on 22 May 1994) is a huge star on the net who has incredible popularity on the social media platform Instagram thanks to acting activities. Today, more than 6 million dedicated fans are following this stunning beauty.

But the most interesting for her fans is the model’s private page. The girl’s profile contains high-quality content that can only be found on this platform. She was posting provocative photos with her hot body, and now you can find almost everything you can imagine on her account.

If you are one of her loyal fans, then you will surely be interested in learning something new about this social media personality within Allison Parker OnlyFans. We gather all the important information in one place for your convenience.

Moreover, find out how much income she has with her private page and whether it is worth subscribing to this profile. Family, boyfriend, biography, hidden facts, career, and much more that you didn’t know about Parker is already waiting for you below.

Allison Parker's biography

The future model was born in Arizona, USA. She was involved in athletics for almost all of her childhood, and this can be easily seen in her videos. After leaving school in 2011, she met her love with whom she will spend 11 years of her life. Let’s define who is Allison Parker in real life.

From her birth, she did not see herself in a regular job and was looking for other ways to earn money. But her family thought differently, and she had to go to the University of Miami. After graduation, this Instagram star did not find herself in the profession and decided to move on.

Allison Parker entered the film industry, she did not collaborate with any of the studios. However, this did not stop her from becoming one of the most famous and desirable actresses in the world.

Her videos started to become very popular, and at the beginning of 2017, there were already around 1 million subscribers on her Instagram account. She created the rest of the profiles on other platforms, which made a new boom in the growth of her devoted audience.

Today, she is reaping the fruits of her successful decisions. While still in Arizona, she develops new activities and finds unique ways to gain more fame.

Allison Parker's profile

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Graduate from the University of Miami

Height, weight & physical appearance

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170 cm (5'7")
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60 Kg (132 lbs)
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Nut Brown
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6 (US)

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Allison Parker OnlyFans career

Before Allison Parker OnlyFans, it all started with spicy photos for Snapchat. The hardest thing for her was to confess to her family about her activities. At first, TikToker said that she works for the Etsy shop.

Over time, her earnings began to increase, and she bought a house for her parents, but this did not bother anyone until one day. One best friend of her family found her Instagram account and then her private page in the comment section.

Later, her family accepted her decision to work at this website. Her parents set her up with a financial advisor the next day. This allowed the model to take a step further, and in 2019, she began her career as a model on Only Fans.

After 4 years, she has become one of the top content creators on this site. Today, she continues to break records for views on her page, and her earnings are growing along with the number of new brilliant media and posts on TikTok, Facebook, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channel.

How much does Allison Parker make on OnlyFans?

This social media personality earns big money with the help of her stunning page on Only Fans. The model shared that she gets about $100,000-$200,000 monthly. It’s all thanks to her incredible candor that dazzles her viewers despite the high price of the subscription within Allison Parker OF.

You can easily see a luxurious lifestyle in her Instagram photos. This celebrity once shared with YouTuber on “That’s OFFensive Podcast” that she bought a house thanks to her work on the platform.

Her followers can also spot the same cars in her pictures over and over again. She apparently owns the Range Rover, BMW, and Dodge Challenger. Therefore, her net worth of 1 million is quite reasonable.

Other sources of income also help her keep the bar. She has deals with sponsors lots and famous brands. One of the most famous influencers earns up to $10,000 on average for advertising a product on her social media accounts.

Allison Parker OnlyFans activity

Her family’s support has helped this model achieve an incredible 1174 posts and mind-blowing 1203 media on Allison Parker OnlyFans. Also, the girl runs interesting streams. There are already 80 live broadcasts on her private page.

This celeb achieved over 463,000 positive impressions due to her hard work and great dedication. On the girl’s channel, you can find more than one video that is truly a valuable find.

Allison started off creating content in the light format, but now the level of dissolute on her profile is off the charts. Here you can find the best adult content and even more.

Is Allison Parker OnlyFans worth it?

Many people may be put off by the price of a subscription to Allison Parker Only Fans private channel. However, $30 is not a reason to forget about her account. After all, it is more profitable to take a subscription for 3 months, which in total can be compared with models whose subscription is $15 per month.

This social media influencer does everything that can do the most depraved models on this platform for $45. The famous influencer often collaborates with other guys and even girls on her profile. If you love full-fledged adult content, then the Parker profile is your choice.

Allison Parker's photos

Allison Parker facts

  • As you can see on Allison Parker OnlyFans, this beauty has lived in Arizona all her life. So far, she has no plans to move anywhere.
  • Parker does not talk much about her family to the media, but it is known that her father is a bank robber, as she said in one interview.
  • One of the interests of this blogger is tattoo art. On the left side of her breast, she inked her own name in real life.
  • Her photos are especially popular among American scammers because of the incredible beauty of the girl.
  • Many people wonder if she has a relationship or at least a lover. But currently, she is one of the celebrities that are single. In the past, she was dating for 11 years until 2022.

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