Cartel de Santa

Cartel de Santa

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November 16, 1976
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Sta Catarina Nuevo Leon, Mexico
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47 years old
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Cartel de Santa
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Cartel de Santa (born 16 November 1976) is a Mexican lead vocalist, songwriter, and performer with a large internet fan base. His infectious charm and talent entice admirers of any age. He possesses extraordinary skills that drive him to stardom.

This controversial performer, who entertains fans, has faced challenges and setbacks. His admirers adored him no matter what, but he received high marks from critics. Cartel’s tragic story is available to the public even though he never reveals his childhood, family, or love life. Many people like the rapper’s personality, but because of a recent controversy, he has received harsh criticism threatening his career.

The singer’s fame grew to several websites, including Cartel de Santa OnlyFans. He is presenting her Dionysian demeanor, driving admirers thrilled, resulting in 98.9 thousand positive replies on his site.

Despite his enormous popularity, not everyone knew who he was. As a result, we prepared this piece to share what we’ve uncovered with you. You’ll discover his darkest life story, controversies, wealth, and how he makes money. Discover his net worth, facts, and other information.

Cartel de Santa’s biography

Let’s dive deeper into the question, “Who is Cartel de Santa”? He was born and raised in Mexico’s Sta Catarina Nuevo Leon. Eduardo Davalos De Luna is the actual name of this singer. He was best known for being the lead singer for the Mexican hip-hop group. He withheld information about his family and education from the public.

Before becoming famous, he formed a rap group in 1996 with three friends, Mario Alberto “Mc Babo ” Castaneda, Rodolfo Hugo “Mc Dues” Gonzales, and Sergio “El Shaka” Gomez. In 1997, he formed the group by improvising rap songs, which piqued his interest in the music industry and made it a possible career for him.

Cartel de Santa and his band rose to prominence after releasing their debut self-titled album in 2003. He turned himself into a police officer in 2007, claiming that he had accidentally shot and killed a fellow member. After nine months in jail, he was released in 2008 after the group paid the bail of approximately 130,000 pesos.

He rose to prominence as the leader of his band. He earned international stardom as a member of a Latin rap group. His talent demonstrated a distinct style and sound in Latin music. He introduced new Mexican sounds to the music industry.

Winning the Latin Grammy Award for Best Urban Song raises his profile on Twitter and Instagram. This controversial actor recently made headlines on social media for an involuntary statement that he dislikes Mexican cuisine and the noise of Mexico City.

Cartel de Santa’s profile

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6’2” (187.9 cm)
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187 lbs (84.8 kg)
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14.5 (US)

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Cartel de Santa OnlyFans career

Cartel de Santa OnlyFans received 98.9 thousand fan reactions, inspiring him to make high-quality material. Because of fame, this TikToker has reached the pinnacle of his career, with thousands of followers on her social media platforms.

The page is a side hustle for him, and he never expects significant tips from admirers. The entertainer needs to be made aware he can earn from his resources on the page without spending countless hours composing a song.

The influencer created a private account to share not only his musical talents but also his modeling talents. The online activities are a bit opposite to what he does daily.

The artist works daily not only on his image but also on his body, which he shows online. His numerous tattoos make him a mysterious character whose mystery one wants to unravel. He is open to communication and likes to realize the wishes of his fans.

How much does Cartel de Santa make on OnlyFans?

The Cartel de Santa OF page is causing quite a stir on the internet. Fans and skeptics are flocking to her sites, eager to learn how much money he makes on the platform. However, like other celebrities, he never told anyone about it.

According to our source, this writer earns an estimated 30,000 pesos monthly from the page. The streamer receives money from streaming and tips from viewers. He also provided tailored media, from which he profited.

His songs have been passively provided money and performed on various platforms and broadcasting companies. The YouTuber also gets money from his YouTube channel, and many admirers believe he has a net worth of 5,000,000 pesos.

This celebrity has numerous revenue streams that make him immense income. He has a giant, costly bike, a condo, and real estate. He is always flying to Washington and other locations as proof of her fame and money.

Cartel de Santa OnlyFans activity

There are 116 posts, 167 material, and three streams on the Cartel de Santa OnlyFans page, including 100 images, 67 movies, and 12 videos. He received 98.9 fan reactions and 248.5 subscribers as a result of it.

The singer greeted his fans, saying, “Here, one can do and say whatever they want.” It suggests he is ready to take on the task, allowing himself to provide a sensual show for her supporters, leaving them speechless.

Through fan tips, admirers can access his unique files, contact him, and request customized images and flicks.

Is Cartel de Santa OnlyFans worth it?

According to fans, the Cartel de Santa Only Fans page is valuable to them. His materials are exceptional and of excellent grade. They are likewise thrilled and satisfied with his releases.

He also allows fans to join the page because his platform is free. Subscribing to the celebrity’s page will let you get to know him better.

Cartel de Santa’s photos

Cartel de Santa facts

  • The Cartel de Santa OnlyFans site received 98.9 percent positive feedback and 248.5 thousand followers.
  • Before becoming famous, he formed a rap group with three friends, Mario Alberto “Mc Babo” Castaneda, Rodolfo Hugo ”Mc Dues” Gonzales, and Sergio “El Shaka” Gomez, in 1996.
  • This singer’s real name is Eduardo Davalos De Luna.
  • The artist and his bandmates released their self-titled debut album in 2003.
  • In 2007, he turned himself into the police, claiming that he had unintentionally shot and killed his co-band.
  • He was released in 2008 after nine months in jail after the group paid the bail of roughly 130,000 pesos.
  • In May 2018, naked photos of him were published online, sparking outrage.

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