Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre

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December 6, 1994
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California, USA
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29 years old
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Charlotte Sartre
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Charlotte Sartre (born December 6, 1994) is a famous actress, social media influencer, and model from the United States. The model shares her candid photos and videos in revealing outfits and bikinis. Fans like this format and are ready to pay for a subscription to her channel.

The celebrity was inspired by the example of other online models and created several social media accounts. Social media today has a significant influence on people and gives earnings to content creators. She gained 438K followers on Instagram and 370K on Twitter. Impressive results, right?

Charlotte Sartre OnlyFans page attracted numerous subscribers with its frankness and sincerity. The girl makes materials on the verge of eroticism, driving her fans crazy. She receives multiple requests to develop individual content, which the girl loves in her work. She tries to make her audience happier and give pleasure to many people.

We have collected the most fascinating facts about the life of the celebrity. You will learn facts from her biography that are not known online, such as her income sources and her net worth at work.

Charlotte Sartre’s biography

Have you ever wondered, “Who is Charlotte Sartre?” If so, you’ll find the answers to all your questions in this section. She was born to white parents in California. Charlotte Yvonne Worrell is her full name. She attended a local high school in their community and began working as an actress when she was 20 in 2015. According to reports, she worked as a webcam model before entering the erotica industry.

This actress has a few social media outlets and has never been on Twitch but has appeared on a podcast. Because the private page is similar to her business, the model develops the platform effectively. The website gives her money and popularity; her page has 91.4 thousand good reactions. Fans are overjoyed to see her NSFW videos, which shocked them.

Charlotte Sartre shared that her experiences in the erotica industry made her more robust, resilient, and powerful. She discovered that being an erotic model is a profession she can be proud of. The star utilizes her Twitter account to express her true nature, including wicked remarks about intimacy and a variety of other sensuous topics.

In her many years of working in the erotica sector, she has collaborated with well-known production firms such as Spizoo, Filly Films, Many Vids, Girlsway, Tushy, and many more.

The girl does not mention her family, childhood, and personal life online. The famous model started her way in the modeling business and achieved popularity on social networks. She shows her subscribers candid content that they have not seen before. According to the girl, she will continue her business to bring pleasure to the joy of her audience.

Charlotte Sartre's profile

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Completed High School in her hometown

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160 cm (5’3”)
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49 kg (108 lbs)
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Charlotte Sartre OnlyFans career

Since the start of Charlotte Sartre OnlyFans, the blogger has made a name online by posting graphic and intriguing videos on the platform. She displayed her voluptuous side on the website, garnering 91.4 enthusiastic fan reactions.

The streamer generates revenue through live broadcasting, collecting tips from viewers, selling subscriptions, and creating individualized media files on the website. She makes money while interacting with the people who follow her on the platform.

It is a part of her job, and it is to be expected that there will be conservative and opposing viewpoints, so she is accustomed to dealing with the situation with a smile on her face even though some people criticize her.

Her online career increased her popularity, shaped her career as a professional erotica model, and brought her money she couldn’t believe.

How much does Charlotte Sartre make on OnlyFans?

Charlotte Sartre OF internet presence is growing, which enhances her fan base and notoriety. She receives money from the platform but keeps the amount private.

According to insiders, the celeb earned $400,000 in 2022 last year and has an estimated $45,000 per month from a $6.66 monthly subscription fee, live broadcasts, fan tips, and customized films.

In addition to numerous social media accounts, the girl has discovered other sources of income. She earns money from selling actors’ merchandise, affiliate marketing, and cooperation with modeling brands. Additional profits are brought to her by videos on Instagram and Facebook.

The model continues to star in erotic movies and appear on podcasts, for which she receives a percentage. She is ready to use all the opportunities for additional income before her social networks. Since 2015, the celebrity has been on the list of the wealthiest online models. She buys expensive real estate, luxury cars, and branded things. According to our data, by the end of 2023, her net worth is $3,000,000.

Charlotte Sartre OnlyFans activity

The Charlotte Sartre OnlyFans page is oriented to connoisseurs of erotic content and those who want to enjoy aesthetic photos of the model. During the channel’s existence, it accumulated a base of 477 media files and 91.4 thousand responses from fans. It continues to gain popularity with its candid and quality content.

Many of her admirers are overjoyed and astounded by what she posted. She responds swiftly to messages and provides personalized content. Fans can access exclusive media files, connect with her, and request customized content via fan donations.

To thrill her followers, the model welcomed them with a filthy message and shared obscene footage. Fanatics are also thrilled because, according to them, the diva entertains them and brings their fantasies to reality through her work.

Is Charlotte Sartre worth it?

According to a survey of subscribers, Charlotte Sartre Only Fans is a worthwhile investment. The monthly subscription fee for the channel is 6.66 dollars. It’s a reasonable price for the materials the girl generates daily for her fans.

In addition to publicly available materials, the girl offers exclusive materials not displayed on her channel. You can purchase them for a fee from the model herself. And if you want something unique and lewd, you can order content.

The girl offers a 10% discount for a three-month subscription and a 20% discount for six months. If you are interested in this format, subscribe to the channel and familiarize yourself with the model’s materials. Discover the world of pleasure and entertainment.

Charlotte Sartre’s photos

Charlotte Sartre facts

  • The Charlotte Sartre OnlyFans portal provides subscribers with explicit, one-of-a-kind media files, resulting in 91.4 thousand fan reactions.
  • Lance Hart is the name of her lover. She posted a photo with him on her social media platforms.
  • In 2015, the model made her erotica debut.
  • She has worked with well-known production firms such as Spizoo, Filly Films, Many Vids, Girlsway, Tushy, and others.
  • The influencer enjoys cooking and traveling to other places.
  • Kayaking and snorkeling are two of her favorite outdoor activities.
  • Her Twitter account currently has 370.9 thousand followers.
  • She has 438 thousand followers on Instagram.

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