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March 27, 1995
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Birmingham, England
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28 years old
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Demi Rose
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Demi Rose (born 27 March 1995) is a young model and DJ who has taken TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and other platforms by storm with her voluptuous and daring curves. The model is considered a better copy of Kim Kardashian and has been called the British Selena Gomez more than once.

The superstar has more than 20 million followers on her Instagram account, which is one of the top results among the stars of the modeling business. One of the most famous influencers is also a global ambassador of PrettyLittleThing. But Rose is especially famous online for selling candid pictures and videos on the model’s private account.

But before the creation of the world-famous Demi Rose OnlyFans and the fame of this celebrity, she was a shy girl who was very worried about her appearance and was too notorious. Find out her path to becoming a confident model and devoted sports lover.

Uncover amazing facts about the social media influencer and the people who discovered her talent. Check out the celeb’s private page, her person in real life, her net worth, family, address, parameters, boyfriend, and other info below.

Demi Rose's biography

Who is Demi Rose? This young beauty spent her first years of life in the city of Birmingham, located in the West Midlands. As Demi says, she dreamed of becoming a model since childhood, but the TikToker did not even dare to hope that her dreams would someday turn into reality.

Demi’s height is only 157 centimeters, which should have deprived her of even the smallest chance that she would ever be able to conquer the world’s modeling catwalks. Furthermore, the blogger succumbed to eternal mockery about her appearance when she went to John Willmott School for secondary school.

To tell you even more about the celeb’s personality, in one interview, the blogger shared that she had an eating disorder that led her to anorexia. Sounds terrible, but Demi Rose refused to eat sweets and soda, she also started going to the gym. Still, how do you think what made her overcome this time? — the love and support of her fans. Simultaneously, the model studied at Walsall College to learn beauty therapy.

The Instagram and Facebook accounts were first created when the celeb turned 18. Photos caught the attention of the American reality TV project Taz’s Angels. She quickly received an invitation in 2015 and moved to the United States, to Miami. The project quickly gained views, and she got her first big money. Then, she received several lucrative contracts and began to build her career as an atypical model.

In the years 2016 and 2018, the model’s career reached the highest possible level, and the blogger started cooperating with fashion leaders, for example, “For Him Magazine,” “WorldstarHipHop,” “Nuts,” and “SIXTY6.” But the celeb didn’t stop her modeling career and developed her talents to participate in Chris Brown and DJ Khaled videos. To gain even more recognition, the star made a YouTube channel in 2022, posting daily vlogs that have enormous popularity.

Demi Rose's profile

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Demi Rose leaked info that she studied at New Oscott Primary School and John Willmott School. Later, she attended Walsall College in England.

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157 cm (5’2”)
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49 kg (108 lbs)
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Hazel Green
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10 (US)

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Demi Rose OnlyFans career

Demi Rose OnlyFans account started when her photos graced most of the popular publications’ covers. She uploaded her first photo in June of 2021, and after she built a dedicated fanbase that is still looking forward to her new posts and media.

Sophisticated images in soft outfits, as well as the world fame of the model, allowed her to become one of the most sought-after celebrities on this website. Today, her private account has a huge number of likes, which is growing along with her subscriber base and Internet fame due to leaks.

Today, the Instagram star continues to share her selfie pictures showing every feminine curve of her body with her subscribers. The social media influencer is not into dating right now cause she thinks it can cause some problems in posting high-quality content.

TikToker remains confident in the continuation of her activities, listens to opinions from the comment section, and finds unexplored methods to expand her audience. So we can be sure that Rose will find new ways to amaze us in the future.

How much does Demi Rose make on OnlyFans?

Demi Rose OF helps the social media personality to get the most from modeling activities. It allows her to receive big money donations from special fans of her work. The model shared in the podcast that she earns around $100,000 per month.

Day after day, her private page helps her to gain a new audience around her social media accounts. Regular free subscriptions make Roses’s account a bargaining proposal, and the low-price PPV materials encourage her audience to wait for her new content.

Her work helped this girl to achieve a net worth of approximately $5 million. She also replenishes her fortune thanks to numerous magazines, where she shows off her unbelievably sexy figure and bold looks.

Moreover, Demi is a fashion show participant for various brands and sponsors lots. She makes walks the runway at Oh Polly and others. In addition, Rose is working on a future career in Hollywood movies. So, there is 100 percent that her net worth will only increase in the future.

Demi Rose OnlyFans activity

Demi Rose OnlyFans has 169 posts, 298 media, and 13 videos. This is not a bad result for a 2-year career. Most of all, this famous influencer concentrates on the quality of her content, which shows the unprecedented magnificence of the blogger.

There is the blood of Hispanic ancestors combined with British heredity in Demi’s veins. That explains her beauty, luxurious black hair, and bright hazel green eyes shining in a light, beautiful face.

Plus, this blogger is very friendly in personal chat, where she offers special proposals. Now, this celebrity is in search of new opportunities, collaborating with the latest brands and creating content so her leaked photos still gain huge fame.

Is Demi Rose OnlyFans worth it?

Demi Rose Only Fans is different from other accounts. Due to the model’s ethnicity and interests in sports, she is natural in her beauty. Daily workouts under the supervision of a personal trainer named Michael Baah and a strict diet help this English star maintain her luxurious physical shape.

Even though creating a private account was a difficult decision for her, this YouTuber tries to do everything possible to keep her viewers satisfied. Subscribe to her free account and find out for yourself what this superstar has to offer.

Demi Rose's photos

Demi Rose facts

  • The blogger is not in a relationship for now. At the moment, she focuses on creating content for the Demi Rose OnlyFans page.
  • This gorgeous star has permanent makeup, and she has got her lips and eyebrows tattooed.
  • Rose is considered to be a global ambassador of PrettyLittleThing, a UK-based fashion retailer.
  • In 2017, Zoo Magazine named her one of the sexiest girls on the planet.
  • The celeb is the late child of bank clerk Barrie Mawby and his housewife wife, Christina. Since she had rather elderly parents, they died very early.

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