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January 19, 1972
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Queens, New York
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52 years old
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Drea de Matteo
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Drea de Matteo (born 19 January 1972) is an American actress, model, and designer best known for her role in the series “The Sopranos.”
She has won numerous awards, including the Emmy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the “The Sopranos” in 2004. Drea was the most in-demand actress of her era and is now one of the online stars.

Her career took off after roles such as “Meet Prince Charming” in 1999 and “One Way” in 2022. She was destined for fame with her acting skills, which have opened up many opportunities in the television and film industries.

However, as social media took over the online world, the actress remained relevant by establishing the Drea de Matteo OnlyFans. She has received 69.3 good replies from admirers and is one of the platform’s most visited sites. Her sensual side is on exhibit on the website, which contrasts with her job in the film industry.

Many individuals are interested in what she publishes on the site because of her spicy content. This page will address some unknown facts about the star, her life before stardom, her account activity, and how she is earning attention online. Learn about her net worth, facts, biography, and profile, among other things.

Drea de Matteo’s biography

Who is Drea de Matteo? Drea is an American actress, model, and designer who has won the hearts of many online fans. She was born into a wealthy family in Queens, New York. The actress was the youngest of three children and the only daughter. Her mother, Donna, was an HB studio playwright, and her father was the CEO of “Avery Boardman and Carlyle.” Her ancestors were of Italian descent, and she was raised as a Catholic.

She graduated from Loyola School and got a Bachelor of Fine Arts in film production from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. She studied acting at the HB Studio. Drea appeared in several films, including “Deuces Wild,” “Prey for Rock & Roll,” and many others.

Drea de Matteo has appeared in 17 films and received 16 nominations during her acting career. She became a famous actress of her generation and quickly reached the peak of her career. You could see her in such teleserials: “The Wendy Case,” “Desperate Housewives,” and others.

The star’s love life is widely known, and her first love in the industry was Michael Sportes, whom she dated briefly. She began dating singer Shooter Jennings and got engaged in 2009. They have two children, a son, and a daughter; however, their relationship terminated without marriage. She met Michael Devin and began dating him in 2015. Her love life is equally as impressive as her career.

The actress finds it hard to follow social media trends on her social media platforms. Her content helped her establish an online empire and gain recognition as a model. She amassed 771 thousand followers on Facebook, 477 thousand on Instagram, and 118.6 thousand on Twitter. The blogger doesn’t have a Twitch account but appeared on podcasts.

Drea de Matteo’s profile

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Graduate from Loyola School in New York USA

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5’6” (1.68 m)
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139 lbs (63 kg)
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Drea de Matteo OnlyFans сareer

The Drea de Matteo OnlyFans is a difficult move for the celebrity because, according to her, switching from an actor to an online star is a significant decision. But for her, it’s an adventure and a turning point in her digital career.

The TikToker had no idea she could make money from her files and was surprised when she received her first payment. She joined the platform after getting sacked from her film job during the pandemic for refusing to comply with the COVID-19 vaccine regulations. She was just worried about her children’s survival throughout the pandemic, not with the negative opinions about it.

Her children assisted her in editing her private media files, and they are the reason she joined the platform. Fans can get exclusive files, connect with her, and request bespoke stuff. She spared her children from starvation throughout the epidemic thanks to the platform’s revenue.

The YouTuber oversees her page and seeks to create original, shocking stuff that fans enjoy. She loves it and will maintain the page even when the pandemic has ended.

How much does Drea de Matteo make on OnlyFans?

The Drea de Matteo OF is helping the model maintain her financial well-being during the pandemic. According to insider reports, she earns about $35,000 a month. These are the amounts she gets for live broadcasts, donations from fans, and subscription fees on the private channel.

Apart from putting up content on the private channel, the model has set up other sources of income. She appears on television, movies, podcasts, and interviews. Also, her Facebook page brings in extra money.

If you add up all her assets and income sources, her net worth in 2023 is $1,000,000. She can afford all the most expensive and luxurious things with that capital.

Before the pandemic, she rented an expensive apartment in a lavish neighborhood. But after a while, she bought a penthouse, where she moved with her children. Now, she lives in luxury, cares for her children, and does what she loves.

Drea de Matteo OnlyFans activity

There are 66 posts and 69.3 thousand likes on the Drea de Matteo OnlyFans page. She sends photographs and videos to her subscribers, primarily via DMs. With the exchange of fan tips, the streamer distributes half-nudity or topless media files to her fans.

The star is glad she discovered the page since it helped her flee the epidemic. Fans are overjoyed with what they get from the model and happy with every content she posts.

She may show off her sensual side while interacting with fans on the platform. Simultaneously, she is earning without having to travel to different places to shoot a scene. In her spare time, she can create an exclusive file in 30 minutes. Additionally, she has the power to control her earnings on the platform.

Is Drea de Matteo OnlyFans worth it?

Drea de Matteo is working hard to create her page. According to fans, it is worthwhile to join since they will gain access to an exclusive sensuous film of the actress whom they previously fantasized about. It’s now simple to connect with her and make their wishes come true through her material.

Her page provides a $15 monthly subscription, which is reasonable, and she offers a variety of subscription bundles. She offered 10% off for 30 days, 20% off for three months, 30% off for six months, and 40% off for a year.

Subscribe to her page if you want to support her and have access to her exclusive media files that are only available on the website.

Drea de Matteo’s photos

Drea de Matteo facts

  • Drea de Matteo account caused a stir on social media, garnering 69.3 thousand fan reactions on her.
  • The children of the actresses are adolescents. Alabama Gypsyrose Jennings is her daughter, and Waylon Albert “Blackjack” Jennings is her son.
  • In 2015, a gas explosion and raging fire damaged three East Village Manhattan buildings, displacing the famous social media influencer and dozens of families.
  • She was nominated for and won numerous film awards, including the 2004 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Supporting Actress” in a TV Drama Series.
  • She enjoys cooking and traveling to beautiful locations.
  • The actress is the family’s youngest and only girl.

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