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Emily Black

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April 19, 2000
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23 years old
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Emily Black
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Emily Black (born 19 April 2000) is a British model and Internet sensation. The model became famous when one of her YouTube videos went viral. She has 910K Instagram followers, 428K YouTube subscribers, 9.9K Facebook fans, 18.3K Twitter supporters, and 1.8M TikTok viewers around the world. Let’s move on to the details.

With such a large online following, the star decided to launch her private page and succeed in it. She continues to share exclusive videos with her fans while her account sparks debates online and makes the star the talk of the town.

However, many Internet users have been watching this lovely star online but have no idea who she is. So we gathered information about her, such as her secrets and the mystery behind her pretty face. More information can also be found on her Emily Black OnlyFans page.

Learn why this stunning model leaves her fans speechless and know what you can find on her private page. Discover about her net worth, facts, and more.

Emily Black's biography

In this section, you’ll find more information about her life and career path as well. Let’s answer the main question: Who is Emily Black? She was born in England and spent all of her childhood in Britain. Her mother was a school teacher, but the star did not reveal anything about her father or siblings. The celeb’s parents divorced when she was a child because her father cheated. It was not a pretty childhood, but let’s move on.

She graduated from high school and studied entomology and zoology before dropping out of university. She worked as a dancer in a club for two months during college. Emily wanted to pursue her modeling passion, so she created a social media account. She did it with the purpose of showing off her real individuality and erotic side of her. And she did it pretty well.

Emily Black shared that she was abused by a family member when she was seven years old, and this continued until she was ten years old. The celebrity introduced her mother in a now-deleted YouTube video titled ”My Mum Reacts To My XX Content,” admitting that she thought that her daughter’s career was in the entertainment industry and YouTube. In this way, she showed her real attitude to her family. It was tricky as well.

She was unaware of a private channel where she saw Black’s topless content. But her mom stated that as long as her daughter is happy, she will accept her choice. On May 16, 2020, the girl launched her new self-titled YouTube channel about her personal life. Her first video was titled ”When Did I Lose My Virginity,” and received hundreds of thousands of views. She literally doesn’t care about her privacy and shows off everything.

She also shared content on other platforms, such as TikTok. With all of the unique content she posted online, she amassed massive followings, which led to numerous brand collaborations, modeling projects, contracts, and substantial revenue. She’s beautiful, rich, famous, and loved by her fans. She’s totally happy with everything in her life. And don’t even regret about her career choice. It’s her art, inspiration, and whole life.

Emily Black’s profile

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Studied entomology and zoology before dropping out of a local university

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165 cm (5’5’’)
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50 kg (110 lbs)
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5 (US)

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Emily Black OnlyFans career

The star’s popularity can be attributed to the Emily Black OnlyFans page. It is the only place where she was able to showcase herself and allow fans to get to know her better as a person with many different sides. So, who is she, for real, and what to do on her page? Let’s find out.

She first went viral because some of her exclusive videos were leaked. Online criticism doesn’t stop her from making content, so she still does whatever she wants in order to please her fans. Plus, she doesn’t care about what others say about her. She likes to create something obscene, and she does it. That’s it.

According to the model, the private profile significantly increased her earnings. There was a cause when one of her fans offered the blogger 3 million dollars to accept the invitation for intimacy, but she did not accept it. The star chose to share exclusive nude and topless content rather than meeting someone. But still, it was a really cashy offer.

It’s obvious that the platform makes her a millionaire even without this big money. The site has brought her numerous benefits, such as large sums of money, popularity, and fame. She continues to enjoy interacting with fans and creating high-quality exclusive content that fans can’t find anywhere else.

How much does Emily Black make on OnlyFans?

The celeb shared that she has huge profits from her Emily Black OF page. In 2023, the star admitted that she earns a large amount of money on the site every month. Critics believe that her income can be around $90,000. But let’s discover this point step by step.

The star is charging a monthly subscription fee of $18.99 to access her page’s posts and is asking fans for donations for a special video request and chat. Emily still could accept a one-night stand option with fans to make millions, but she refuses. Instead, she’s ready to shoot something extremely obscene in order to bring a lot of joy to her fans.

She also earns a lot of money through her social media accounts. According to reliable sources, the blogger earns a reasonable $10,000 every month from her TikTok profile and an estimated $150,000 monthly from YouTube.

In 2024, her net worth is around $1,200,000, which is based on all her financial streams. Who knows, maybe this amount will be bigger at the end of this year. Her fortune helps her to finally live freely, allowing the star to purchase a luxury car and travel the world several times a year. She can now afford whatever she wants and basically doesn’t care about the price. It was a long way, but she now can be proud of herself.

Emily Black OnlyFans activity

The Emily Black OnlyFans page activity includes 2753 posts and 5855 media items on her page, including 5651 photos, 204 videos, and 23 streams in total. As of this writing, it has 698.3K positive reactions from subscribers around the world. So, let’s find out the details.

The star is pleased with the results since the page is a reflection of her sensual side and has good feedback as well. She also has the freedom and flexibility to create her unique, exclusive content. She just has an idea and shoots it in the best way that she can. That’s her secret and nothing more.

According to the model, the site allows her to interact with fans in order to share more info and content. Fans’ donations and monthly subscription fees motivate her to create more materials that satisfy and please her fans around the world. Additionally, it enables her to control her income without regard for third parties such as sponsors and directors. It’s her labor and only her money. That’s a simple rule.

Is Emily Black OnlyFans worth it?

The Emily Black Only Fans page has a lot to offer her fans in order to bring them joy. Aside from the media files posted on the page, fans can also request customized material from the star and participate in interesting chatting with her through fan donations. She’s always ready to create something unusual and definitely new for her audience.

Another thing that entices her followers to subscribe is the subscription bundles that she offers on the page. Fans can save 40% on a three-month subscription, 45% on a six-month offer, and 50% on a year sign-up option. All of these are designed to help fans save more money.

Subscribe to her page to open a world of boundless pleasure and even more. Make it like a sound investment in 2024.

Emily Black's photos

Emily Black facts

  • Emily Black OnlyFans has many subscribers and takes the online world by storm. It received 698.3K positive responses from fans, ranking as 0.01% account on the platform.
  • The TikToker fantasizes about visiting Indonesia to explore the jungles and islands.
  • She admired Kit Harington and Jason Momoa.
  • On TikTok, she has 31.4 million likes and 1.8 million followers.
  • Emily’s love life is private and always away from the public eye.
  • She is a massive fan of the ”Game of Thrones” series.
  • She named her giant python ”Bellatrix” after the fictional character in the film because the model is a huge Harry Potter fan.

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