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May 22, 2000
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Omsk, Russia
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23 years old
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Eva Elfie
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Eva Elfie (born 27 May 2000) is a well-known Internet model and social media influencer. She became popular because of her amazing beauty and, of course, hard work. Currently, the actress has more than 6.5 million subscribers on TikTok and more than 800 thousand on YouTube.

The celebrity enjoys making videos with her boyfriend or doing photo shoots. Sometime after starting her career, she realized that she should become active on social networks and communicate more with her fans. After that, she instantly went viral, and her photos and videos began to gain millions of views.

Having started her career acting for studios, she and her partner decided to take matters into their own hands and start filming themselves. This is how the now extremely popular Eva Elfie OnlyFans channel appeared. The model also runs a YouTube channel, where she discusses intimate issues that many do not discuss among themselves.

Learn about how the actress became so successful and about the choices she had to make to achieve it. Find out more details about her personal and daily life, net worth, facts, and much more.

Eva Elfie's biography

Who is Eva Elfie? She is an incredibly popular media influencer from Omsk, Russia, who became popular thanks to her cuteness and appearance. Now, she has no fixed abode, traveling the world endlessly with her boyfriend, lingering a little in each country. The actress spent her childhood without her father, who left the family after her birth, in the company of the model´s mother and grandmother.

Having studied well at a local school, the actress entered a university in Moscow, the Faculty of Journalism. Even though she had to pay for her education herself, which meant she worked in parallel with her studies, the celebrity graduated from the university with honors.

During her university days, she found herself a boyfriend, and by the way, they got married in 2022. Since childhood, Eva Elfi wanted to become an actress and perform on stage, which is why she attended a theater group. She was always attracted to creating something and working with a producer.

After completing her studies, she was looking for opportunities to act on TV or at least as an extra actor. This brought her to the Czech Republic, where first she herself and then with her boyfriend began acting in films. Wanting more flexibility and freedom, they decided to start filming on their own, after which they created accounts on OF and the black and yellow site.

A year after the start of her activity, the model began to actively use social networks, publishing a lot of content there. She runs a popular YouTube channel, where she discusses various aspects of life together with famous actresses. What as the actress says, she removes the wall between people and actors of this genre.

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University in Moscow, Faculty of Journalism

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5’4” (163 cm)
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53 kg (116lbs)
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6 (US)

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Eva Elfie OnlyFans career

The model began her career at the very young age of 18 years, taking part first in solo photos and then in video shoots with her boyfriend for a Czech studio. Eva Elfie OnlyFans career started about a year later, which played to her advantage, as she already had initial experience and an audience.

At the moment, the actress is extremely famous and actively promotes herself through social networks. Her YouTube activity is something new on the market, while there are not so many people discussing such intimate topics publicly, which thereby attracts new fans. She also has an incredibly popular TikTok account where she makes a lot of fun hype videos and trend anvers.

In her relatively new career, she has achieved unimaginable success and fame, having already won a couple of industry awards, such as the XBIZ Europa Award (in 2020) and the AVN Awards (in 2021). In her videos, she does not appear with other guys, but only with her husband Artyom.

But this does not apply to girls, so in her publication, you can find a lot of material from her collaborations with various popular actresses, as well as a bunch of cosplay material. In her posts, the influencer tries to look like a simple person and not a silicone supermodel, always being sweet and natural.

How much does Eva Elfie make on OnlyFans?

Since the model has spread her activities to many platforms and become extremely popular on each of them, she has multiple sources of income. But the Eva Elfie OF account remains the most important of them, bringing the model a profit of more than $150,000 per month.

However, for example, on the black and yellow site, you can access all blogger´s content completely free of charge. Which is a rather odd decision, given her already great fame. Without charging a fee for her activities there, she successfully advertises herself, forcing people to look for more material with her and subscribe to her paid page.

Given the incredible diversity of her content and widespread popularity, celeb also makes good money from her other channels, such as YouTube and TikTok, as well as simply from her fans´ donations. The well-known media influencer also launched her clothing brand in 2022, the main tagline of which is “Make Love not War”, which also definitely contributes to her income.

In total, earning over $200,000 per month, her net worth is more than $3 million. But the TikToker doesn’t just save money, she actively spends it. For example, she’s crazy for traveling, visiting a new city or country every month. Large sums are also spent on the gym, regular English classes, which she is doing now two times a week, and, of course, beauty and self-care.

Eva Elfie OnlyFans activity

The Eva Elfie OnlyFans account has over 1500 posts and 1600 Media material, including more than 200 videos and 1400 photos. Also, at the moment, the model has received more than 800,000 positive reviews for her efforts.

With their content, the model and her boyfriend occupied, at that time, an almost empty niche on the platform. Each of their videos is gentle and natural, which is exactly what their viewers want. She also provides personalized content that can please her more passionate fans.

The blogger often conducts photo shoots in a variety of arousing outfits, publishing some of them on social networks and some on paid websites. Her page is regularly updated with quality and passionate content, as well as plenty of collaboration videos.

Is Eva Elfie OnlyFans worth it?

By paying $12, you will get access to the Eva Elfie Only Fans account and, accordingly, to all her explicit posts. At the time of writing, there was a promotion on her profile, and now you can get a 55% discount on a monthly subscription, thus paying only $5,40.

The actress is very engaged in what she does, her materials are always full of passion, and she is always a pleasure to act. Despite the fact that she films mostly with her boyfriend, her content is never monotonous, and she always finds something to please her subscribers. So it’s definitely worth subscribing to her private account, even if there were no discounts on it.

Eva Elfie’s photos

Eva Elfie facts

  • Eva Elfie OnlyFans account has a sensational amount of positive reviews, more than 800k.
  • The blogger´s favorite games are single games like The Last of Us Part II, Diablo III, or God of War.
  • The influencer is a fan of Asia, and her favorite place to travel is Thailand, where she prefers to chill on the “Ko Pha Ngan” beach.
  • She likes electronic dance music, like the one that makes “The Blaze”.
  • The actress´s beloved cuisine is Asian, she is a big fan of sushi and Korean BBQ.
  • Her favorite hobbies to do, are playing computer games and going to the gym. She can spend the whole day doing just that.

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