Francia James

Francia James

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May 15, 1990
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Manizales, Colombia
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33 years old
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Francia James
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Francia James is a Colombian Instagram celebrity who conquered the media space with her racy materials. The girl entered the world of adult entertainment, discarding stereotypes and negative criticism in her address. On her way were a lot of tests, but she proudly withstood them all and became a top model of our time.

Since childhood, the future model was subjected to ridicule from classmates. This attitude was due to her minor defect – squint. But later, the girl had surgery, and she lost her defect as well as insecurity. Since then, she has become confident and boldly pursued her dream of becoming a model.

The exclusive content she creates for Francia James OnlyFans boggles the mind and imagination of her fans. The girl creates incredible images and scenarios inspired by other models or movie scenes. This format is very much loved by her fans, who give her their love and donations.

We have collected the most exciting and incredible facts from the young model’s life. You will learn about her path to fame and the most unexpected turns in her fate and personal life. We have also extracted materials about the model’s income sources and her current net profit.

Francia James’ biography

Let’s learn more about the future model’s life and answer the most common question: “Who is Francia James?”. She was born in Manizales, Colombia. The girl was born with strabismus and was constantly bullied by her classmates. This made her feel like a clumsy poor girl with a squint.

When she was 12, she had a vision correction surgery and no longer felt like that insecure girl. She became more confident and understood that no one would hurt her anymore. At 19, she left her native Colombia and went to the United States to fulfill her dream and become a model.

But only some things went well in the first months of her stay in the USA. Francia James realized that she urgently needed to learn a new language. She could somehow cope with everyday problems. However, when it was necessary to get in touch with modeling agencies, it was more difficult. Having pulled herself together, the girl started to learn the language and soon could communicate freely, with a slight accent.

In addition to modeling, she decided to show off her talent on the Internet. She created an Instagram account and published candid modeling photos to do this. Her active activity gave her results – today, her Instagram has 11.8 million followers. In May 2019, her story went beyond social networks, and she appeared on the cover of Playboy.

Thanks to her popularity and candid content, the girl easily earns millions. Such income allowed her to pre-purchase four houses – one for her mom and one each for her sisters. Although she became famous, she did not forget her family or turn away from them. Her story is an example of transformation from a shy Colombian girl into a self-confident top model at the international level.

Francia James's profile

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Graduate from College in her hometown

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5’5 (165 cm)
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143 lbs (65 kg)
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Dark Brown
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Francia James OnlyFans career

The model launched her career on her Francia James OnlyFans page after realizing the changing landscape of social media. Despite her young age, she conquered the platform and collected millions of dollars in dividends from her activities. Her unconventional looks and lush body shape helped her charisma to show itself in all its glory.

The girl constantly receives lovely fan comments under her Instagram photos and videos. Exclusive content and a creative approach to creating media materials made the girl famous and wealthy.

She also appeared in other media spaces after gaining recognition in one social network. By doing so, she tried to expand her fan base, share her unique perspective on beauty and the woman’s body, and give confidence to girls who needed it.

However, her main channel and most lucrative is the private account. There, she shares more open and erotic content that, at times, shocks her subscribers. She lets them into her personal, intimate space and shows them how beautiful a woman can be. The model remembers to communicate with her audience and respond to their messages.

How much does Francia James make on OnlyFans?

Francia James OF profile provides a variety of subscription plans to her millions of devoted followers. It makes her exclusive content available to a diverse group of fans. The pricing structure of $26.97 for three months, $47.95 for six months, and $83.92 for a year has proven a successful monetization strategy. Despite its apparent cheapness, the number of her subscribers generates a lot of revenue.

The model has kept her exact earnings on the site private despite her tremendous success on the platform. She has not disclosed specific figures regarding her earnings from the platform, preferring to keep her financial earnings confidential.

The number of followers on her social media accounts is purely a credit to the model herself. Millions want to get individual content from the celebrity and ask her to create more photos and videos. Such support motivates the girl to work even harder.

But the girl receives income not only from the private channel. She receives additional money on Instagram through promotions, advertising, and sponsored posts. The income from the bank account allows her to live a chic life, which she had dreamed of in childhood. Today, everything is available to her – expensive cars, penthouses, branded clothes, and luxury accessories.

Francia James’ OnlyFans activity

The model has established herself as a talented content creator on Francia James OnlyFans page. Her profile has over 7,000 intimate photos and videos. This amount of content amazes new subscribers and creates an image of a model who is involved in what she loves and is willing to work hard. In addition to publicly available content, she also creates custom content from fans.

All her photos and videos gathered over 2 million views, likes, and hundreds of comments. Such reactions from the audience show that the girl is not trying for anything and is doing everything right in her field. Fans look forward to each of her new photos and constantly monitor her social networks.

The model keeps the focus on the attention of fans to her. She does everything to surprise, attract, and leave them stunned with new materials. She buys expensive outfits, makes makeup, and selects the location to do this. Her subscribers appreciate such dedication and thank her with likes and donations. The model also has a VIP subscription on her page for more personalized and exclusive content.

Is Francia James’ OnlyFans worth it?

Francia James Only Fans is a subscription well worth the money for her devoted fans. Subscribers can access exclusive content they won’t find anywhere else, with over 7,000 spicy pictures and 7,000 intimate videos. This format allows you to connect with the girl and get a little peek behind the scenes of her life.

Her uniqueness lies in the fact that she is open to communicating with her subscribers. Moreover, she gladly fulfills their orders for unique content and is happy to make them happy. Subscribing to her channel is a worthwhile investment for those who want to complete their secret fantasies and get to know the famous online model better.

The profile is worth subscribing to and is filled with unique content from a top online model. If you want to ensure it, get acquainted with the model’s work today and discover the world of pleasure and enjoyment.

Francia James’ photos

Francia James’ facts

  • Francety filmed a face-off with martial artist Santiago Ponzinibbio ahead of UFC 290.
  • She graced the cover of Playboy, marking a significant achievement in her career.
  • She is a big fan of FHM.
  • She had to block her mother on social media to keep her from seeing the intimate content she created.
  • She is a fitness fanatic who never skips a workout, and regularly posts exercise videos on social media.
  • She worked as an esthetician before venturing into her modeling career.
  • She enjoys football and traveling to beaches.

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