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September 22, 1993
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New South Wales, Australia
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30 years old
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HeyImBee (born 22 September 1993) is a beloved Twitch content creator and YouTuber that earned her success thanks to outstanding let’s play streams and VR videos. This gamer girl is one of the most skillful and charming personalities people could remember on the net.

The celeb also decided to try out herself as a model and succeeded. The private account has become very popular in a short time and is a great sign of a new girl’s triumph.

But few people know what path Bee went through to get her fame within HeyImBee OnlyFans , how many times she moved, and what kind of bullying she experienced at school. And our article will tell you everything you didn’t know about this celeb.

Read on, and you will check out what you can find on the model’s private page and why it is so popular. Discover who she is in real life, her ex-boyfriend, family, earnings, and uncover her beautiful selfie photos with interesting facts.

HeyImBee's biography

Who is HeyImBee? Bee or Bianca, which is the real name of the blogger, was born in a sweet house in the West of Sydney, about a couple of hours from the city in New South Wales. The model was brought into the realm of gaming by her own childhood surroundings.

She constantly spent time with her male cousins and neighbors, as well as with her brother, who was two years older. They were always playing games on different platforms, starting from Nintendo 64, Sega to PC and PlayStation.

HeyImBee shared in one interview that her family had to move on to a new house after. From that time, she had her first computer, which had Windows 98 and was bulky and huge. After that, she, her mother, and her brother moved again due to divorce until they ended up in Port Macquarie.

During her life, she worked as a DJ for the Hebbo site and in the movie theater. The YouTuber got back into gaming and stayed inside more often when she turned 18. And from that moment, she began to explore YouTube since she failed her exams to go to university in 2010.

She is one of those celebrities who played well-known games to achieve huge popularity, like Minecraft, The Sims, Call of Duty, Pixelmon, Fortnite, Happy Wheels, Prison Break, and made some vlogs. Slowly but surely, she got numerous views, fresh social media accounts, and an audience that brought her to fame.

HeyImBee's profile

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Ended primary school in Melbourne

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165 cm (5'5'')
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55 Kg (121 lbs)
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HeyImBee OnlyFans career

Not only Bee has a great personality, but she also found a great way to highlight her body cause that’s kind of her brand and part of HeyImBee OnlyFans. Therefore, she was often asked about a private page, and she decided to create a private page when the hype around VR videos came to an end.

In 2022 at the end of May, she finally uploaded her first post and began to gain new buzz in the comment section around her persona. Few of her fans could have thought that this cute social media influencer would create a private channel.

This provoked a rapid increase in viewers on her page. But it was difficult for the girl to keep the audience, as she was in no hurry to make too explicit content for the same price as the models on the website.

Therefore, the social media personality adjusted the price and set up regular posting materials, adding more lingerie in her looks. This helped her create a fanbase that expects new posts and videos from this beauty to this day.

How much does HeyImBee make on OnlyFans?

The model informed in one podcast that she earns about $20,000 per month on the private HeyImBee OF. This celebrity is truly one of the rising stars on OnlyFans, but since she has other platforms to care about, her earnings will still be low. And still, her net worth remains to be good – between $1,000,000-$2,000,000.

She has a luxurious lifestyle thanks to her often sponsors lots deals and advertisements on her YouTube channel. According to statistics, an average YouTuber can make around $18 for every 1,000 ad views. The most popular video of her is “Do not sleep in VR chat,” for which she got really big money – almost half a million dollars.

Moreover, she got an Instagram account and a Twitch profile where she makes ads for big brands and accepts large donations. So it is quite normal for her to make the most effort on other activities, not only on OF.

But everything can change in the future. TikToker has already made some breaks on the social media platform YouTube and may change her job again from a streamer to a full-time content creator and model.

HeyImBee OnlyFans activity

During her whole HeyImBee OnlyFans career, one of the most famous influencers created 87 posts, 94 photos, and only 7 videos, and, despite this, she managed to get over 730,000 positive ratings from users.

The reason for her success lies in the model’s openness to followers and dedication to work on other platforms, and her profile also has special offers in the form of packs that cannot be obtained with a regular subscription.

And yet, the girl devotes most of her time to YouTube, Twitch, and social networks such as Twitter, TikTok, and so on. This is because the Instagram star receives the main income from these sources.

Is HeyImBee OnlyFans worth it?

If you expect to see too candid pictures of her body, you won’t get any of that. However, don’t give up on the idea of buying a subscription to the HeyImBee Only Fans account. Instead, you can explore new exclusive content that this star doesn’t upload anywhere else.

Moreover, your subscription would be a great way to support this YouTuber and push her to make more content for her private channel. And last but not least, you can learn more about this star by writing to her in her DMs.

HeyImBee's photos

HeyImBee facts

  • Besides creating content for HeyImBee OnlyFans or vlogs, among her interest is spending her time with her family and friends.
  • In her school years, TikToker was bullied and had to go to speech therapy. She admits that talking was always a struggle for her.
  • Bianca got 3 big breaks from YouTube — the first in 2013, the second in February 2014, and the last one in July 2014. Today she swears that her YouTube appearance is a permanent one.
  • As for her dating story, she was in an official relationship with Gingy. The celeb broke up with her boyfriend in 2016.
  • When she was very young, Bianca found out that she was allergic to bees. That was a push for her to make her nickname.
  • Among YouTubers, she has a best friend Graser10.
  • She is a huge pet lover and has a dog Rosie, that she named in honor of the previous one.
  • The famous influencer has a tattoo on the right hand in the form of cute flowers.

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