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July 9, 1993
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San Francisco, California
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30 years old
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Honey Gold
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Honey Gold (born 9 July 1993) is an American film actress, model, and social media phenomenon with a large online following. This exotic beauty has a significant social media presence because of her unique content, modeling talent, and fashion material.

The actress started her career as a model for men’s magazines. Such a start brought her first fame. Having succeeded in this direction, the girl decided to develop further and moved to adult movies. She made her debut in 2017 in the movie “The Dog Fart.” She has always tried to show her audience that she is versatile and talented.

Taking her profession to the next level, she founded Honey Gold OnlyFans to exhibit her voluptuous personality and modeling skills to many fans. She set up two accounts, one free and one that requires registration. Her dedication and hard work resulted in 608.3 thousand excellent replies from fans.

Many fans still need to learn about who she is and how she got into this industry. As a result, we wrote this article to share what we discovered with you. You will be surprised by some facts about her life and social media activities. Her story may inspire someone to do their accomplishments. Learn about her sources of income, earnings, and biography facts.

Honey Gold’s biography

Honey is a California-based film actress, model, and social media influencer born in San Francisco, California. Raised in San Francisco with her siblings and cousins, her upbringing differed from that of a typical family. The model went to a local high school and graduated from a private college in California. Let’s dive deeper into “Who is Honey Gold?”

Her career began as a model, and she appeared in numerous hot magazines, for which she was prominent and gained early popularity. In 2017, she made her debut with “The Dog Fart” production. Film directors and fans recognized her fantastic talent. She collaborated with various popular film production companies, including Global Studios, Elegant Angel, Brazzers, Adam and Eve, Burning Angel, and Reality Kings.

Honey Gold revealed that she attempted suicide in November 2018 to end her life. She felt fortunate to be saved and transported to the psychiatric ward and rehabilitation center. She was treated for depression for four months as a result of childhood trauma and recovered in January 2019. She says she has been suffering on the inside, but she now feels good after the treatment.

2018, the blogger became the best new starlet at the XCritic Awards. She was also nominated in several film categories in 2020. As an actress, she has collaborated with screen stars like Brenna Sparks and Lulu Chu.

Millions of fans follow the model on social media, where she is also very popular. Just look at the numbers: 15K on Facebook, 218.3K on Twitter, 497K on Instagram, and 3.5K on TikTok. Her other jobs include modeling, an online career, and collaborations with cosmetics companies.

Honey Gold’s profile

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Graduate from Private College in California

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5’4” (1.62 m)
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53 kg (116 lbs)
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38 (EU)

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Honey Gold OnlyFans career

The Honey Gold OnlyFans website is growing in popularity, with 608.3 thousand excellent fan responses. There were many admirers of the model because of her natural, unique, and simple beauty.

The girl took a commitment from other models to whom social networks had brought popularity. She is trying to create more erotic content to attract more subscribers. Fans say they like her makeup, outfits, and the honesty in her photos. The girl tries to show her body from different sides and give joy and pleasure to her subscribers.

In time, the model has realized that the platform is more than a place to make money. Here, she can share her personality with others and gather like-minded people. She is independent from her work schedule and works on content when it suits her.

The model has also thought about her communication with her subscribers. After all, her popularity and earnings depend on them. She is constantly interested in how they are doing and listens to their wishes regarding the content on the private account.

How much does Honey Gold make on OnlyFans?

The Honey Gold OF page has helped the girl increase her popularity and bank account. She earns 50,000 dollars every month from live shows and subscription fees to her channel.

In addition to social media, she gets extra income from modeling and a movie career. She works with several clothing brands to cover her and her family’s daily needs and earns money from affiliate marketing.

Although rumors that she was advised to invest in cryptocurrency to multiply her capital. Which she does to this day. The total earnings from social networks is about 2 thousand dollars a month. All in all, she earned 2,000,000 dollars in net profit in 2023.

The famous model lives in a luxurious apartment, which she chose for a long time according to her taste. She has purchased an expensive car to attend media events and match her status. In general, her life has become a fairy tale in which she can afford anything she wants.

Honey Gold OnlyFans activity

There are 2,500 posts and 2.430 media files on the Honey Gold OnlyFans page, including 1.6 pictures, 876 videos, and 64 streams. It received 608.3 thousand unique responses from fans.

She tries as often as possible to show her beautiful body to fans. And they, in turn, are happy with this format and support her in comments. Also, the model shares her fans’ news and asks how they are doing.

She experiments with video formats and presentations of her body. Her archives include videos such as nude body shows and petting with other people. She works hard to ensure that her content fulfills the needs of her half-subscribers and makes a profit. That’s why she prepares for a long time before filming. The model can send fans unique content via messages if they want something special.

Is Honey Gold OnlyFans worth it?

The Honey Gold Only Fans page is well worth the monthly spend. According to fans, they are delighted and content with her media files, and the actress promptly generates bespoke content if they want it.

She proposed a reasonable subscription rate of $9.9 per month. She also gives fans 30% off for three months to save even more. Her subscribers are pleased to see their fantasies come true.

Check out her website and subscribe if you want to support the star or like her racy videos.

Honey Gold’s photos

Honey Gold facts

  • The Honey Gold OnlyFans page received 608.3 thousand likes.
  • In November 2018, she was diagnosed with depression and expressed a desire to terminate her life.
  • She made her actress debut in 2017 with “The Dog Fart” production.
  • She has worked with several well-known film production companies, including Global Studios.
  • The celebrity is an animal lover who has a dog.
  • Cyrah Alexa Harris is her given name.
  • She enjoys Italian, German, Mexican, and Spanish food.
  • In 2018, she received an XCritic Award for best new starlet.

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