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September 21, 1994
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Berlin, Germany
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29 years old
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Jewelz Blu
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Jewelz Blu (born 21 September 1994) is one of the most famous OnlyFans models. The model captivates her viewers with her cute face and toned body. This social media influencer became famous due to her appearance, passion for cosplay, and unique content.

The model had spread her activities to a huge number of platforms, having success on each of them. Now, she has more than 500k followers on Twitch and more than 400k subscribers on Instagram, where she shares her parties´ videos and photos in seductive costumes. Always finding a way to surprise and attract her viewers, the model is in 2% of OF.

Jewelz Blu OnlyFans page is packed to capacity with quality content, collaborations with other famous actors, and cosplay material. The model has her own unique style, which follows from her nickname, which causes controversy among some of her viewers. This and a large number of leaked videos with the star on the internet only strip up interest in her.

Discover why the model has become so successful and gained such great love from the masses. Find out why her page gets so many hits. Learn more about her biography, net worth, facts, and more.

Jewelz Blu's biography

Who is Jewelz Blu? She is a German fashion model and Instagram star.
The social media influencer was born in Germany and then moved to California, USA, where she still lives. Unfortunately, she does not share information about her family, boyfriend, and education. But at the moment, we can say for sure that she isn’t married and has at least finished high school.

Having started her career in 2019, she immediately realized that she needed something unique to stand out. And she decided to delve into cosplay and collaborations with other actors, which had a positive impact on her recognition. Celebrity is also always glad to communicate with her subscribers, creating personalized and custom content for them.

Jewelz Blu gained great popularity thanks to her depraved and alluring content. Having a unique appearance and excellent charisma, she made her viewers wait for every next video. The model also streams once a week on Twitch, where she plays video games like Genshin Impact and communicates directly with viewers.

Being one of the most popular stars and having incredibly popular accounts on Twitter and Instagram, the model increases her recognition with each new post. She cooperates with major film studios and collaborates with the most famous actors, creating inimitable, captivating content.

Today, the model is improving her capabilities, presenting the public with fresh and even more revealing images. Earning a lot of money from all her pages, the model often travels and attends a large number of events and parties, which she posts on her social networks.

Jewelz Blu's profile

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Completed High School in her hometown

Height, weight & physical appearance

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5’6” (167 cm)
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50 kg (110 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Jewelz Blu OnlyFans career

Jewelz Blu OnlyFans, created at the beginning of 2019, has already almost 600k positive subscribers´ responses and has become the star´s main source of income. Being constantly online, a blogger is always ready to interact with her fans by giving them exactly what they want.

Having won the love of viewers from her first videos with her perfect appearance and unique approach to creating content, she quickly became one of the most popular stars on the platform. Celebrity has expanded her activities to a bunch of sites everywhere, providing only paid content. Because of this, her materials become more desirable and valuable.

Social media influencer is ready to provide fully personalized and custom content to those who pay. Her outgoing approach to business attracts a huge number of users, bringing her more and more profit and making her name more and more recognizable.

Leaving most of her fans satisfied with her high-quality and unique material, the model achieved a 2% traffic rate for her page on the platform. And, of course, she plans to continue to stay on the platform embodying her lewd ideas, also in cosplay style.

How much does Jewelz Blu make on OnlyFans?

Jewelz Blu OF account has almost 600k positive responses and is her main, but not only, source of income. Of course, the blogger is making big money on the subscribing fee, equally successful on all platforms. And this allows her to earn at least $200,000 monthly just from this.

By discovering new platforms, she allowed followers to watch her on each of them, thereby increasing her income many times over. Its diversification and prevalence on the World Wide Web gives her the opportunity to also make a profit from her fans’ donations.

Also, a small source of profit is her Twitch, on which she streams games and receives small donations as well. Based on the above figures, she can earn about $1,000,000 net per year and doesn’t think at all about what she spends her money on.

With such incredible earnings, the model can afford to buy herself anything, but we don’t see any evidence that she does this. But we know for sure that she spends more on herself and her beauty, as well as on traveling around the world. Celeb posts some photos from her travels online. But since she leads a rather secretive personal life, it is impossible to say more about where she spends her money.

Jewelz Blu OnlyFans activity

Jewlz Blu OnlyFans account has conquered everyone’s adoration, receiving 600 thousand conducive likes. She often and regularly publishes new pictures, spending great effort to please her followers. This led to her page having 2400 posts and more than 4100 media files, including 1200 videos and almost 3000 photos.

Celebrity is constantly online and therefore available to communicate with her subscribers, which she does with great pleasure. Creating personalized custom content and close communication with viewers sets her apart from other models, benefiting both in terms of money and popularity. Model is also streaming, and there are already more than 160 of them.

The famous influencer has made a marvelous contribution to the industry, securing one of the leading positions. By choosing fabulous images and outfits, as well as doing high-quality, stunning content, she attracted more and more viewers, remaining in their memories and hearts for a long time.

Is Jewelz Blu OnlyFans worth it?

Jewelz Blu Only Fans channel has always been valued for the actress´s passion, charm, and experienced approach to business. Always presenting herself in a new and bright outfit, she stuns the audience with each of her videos. A monthly subscription to her OlyFans is very cheap compared to other actresses and is only 8$.

For such a small cost, you get frequently updated, high-quality, naughty content that usually costs three times as much. And despite this, at the time of writing, the actress introduced a 55% discount on a monthly subscription. Considering all of the above and her wonderful approach to business, it’s definitely worth subscribing to her page.

Jewelz Blu’s photos

Jewelz Blu facts

  • Jewelz Blu OnlyFans is in the top 2% on the platform and justifies its position with 600 thousand likes.
  • She started her Twitter account back in 2011.
  • Her real hair color is black and not blue.
  • Blogger´s favorite game is Genshin Impact.
  • She is a travel enthusiast and has already visited several European countries.
  • The model has half a million subscribers on her Instagram and Twitter.

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