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September 1, 1996
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Izhevsk, Russia
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27 years old
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Jia Lissa
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Jia Lissa (born 1 September 1996) is a well-known Russian Internet model and social media influencer. She has amassed over 520k followers on Twitter and 600k on Instagram, where she delights viewers with mesmerizing photo shoots and moments from her daily life.

The model gained fame for her stunning beauty, cute looks, and, of course, her highlight – gorgeous red hair. When she just appeared on the web, she immediately went viral and received public interest, captivating now the interest even of the most demanding platform users.

From the very beginning of her career, she was pursued by success, and she received excellent offers and contacts from famous studios. Jia Lissa OnlyFans was created a couple of years later, and due to the growing popularity of the actress, she quickly gained a large fan base and now has more than 61k positive reactions there.

Find out more about this bright and cheerful actress. Find out how she became so popular and what helped her attract so many fans. Continue reading to see more information about her biography, net worth, facts, and more.

Jia Lissa's biography

Cause there´s not so much information online about this gorgeous actress, you are probably wondering, “Who is Jia Lissa?”. This already world-famous star, whose real name is Yulia Chirkova, is from Izhevsk, Russia. She shared on her Twitter that she is currently living in Budapest, Hungary.

Unfortunately, she doesn’t share information about her family, as well as about her probable partner, but on her social networks, the influencer said that she has a sister. The model graduated from high school and also studied at a music college, where she didn’t finish her studies. Due to such her education, she still has a passion for music, plays the ukulele and piano, and also writes and sings, mostly comedic songs, in English.

Shortly before her seventeenth birthday, Jia Lissa moved from her hometown to Moscow. She began her activities in the entertainment field very early, straight after turning eighteen. Then the celebrity was a webcam model and starred on platforms such as and LiveJasmin, while also working as a waitress.

She began her career in the industry in the fall of 2017 at the age of 21. Her first scenes were scenes where she worked with herself, and later, until 2018, she also starred in videos with other girls. In August 2018, Jia signed an exclusive contract with Vixen Studio and began filming scenes with men, also becoming the first European contract star for this studio.

During her career, she earned 4 Oscars in the industry, which are the most respected awards. In addition to her main activity, the blogger is also an active user of social networks, where she publishes her travels around the world and a huge number of professional and daily-life photo shoots. Influencer also occasionally live-streams on Instagram, where he interacts with his followers.

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Not completed Music College

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5’5” (165 cm)
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50 kg (110lbs)
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Jia Lissa OnlyFans career

Jia Lissa OnlyFans career began much later than her professional career, around 2020. By that time, many of her videos had already gone viral on the Internet, the model received her first Oscar, and the whole world had long heard about her. So, it’s not surprising that her profile immediately received a flood of viewers.

The influencer always finds something to please his fans, regularly publishing depraved and alluring posts. In her work, she is always happy to collaborate with other prominently popular actresses and actors, which attracts fans of both sides. Her duets with other red-haired beasts look especially seductive.

She actively promotes herself on all platforms, providing here what she can´t show there, and what everyone who has ever come across her on the Internet wants so much. Here, she shows her seductive side and her photography skills.

There are some people who are outraged by the young age of the actress and the fact that she began working in this field straight after her eighteenth birthday. However, she does not pay attention to such comments and continues to delight viewers with her exciting and high-quality content.

How much does Jia Lissa make on OnlyFans?

At the moment, Celebrity has contracts with a couple of well-known studios, which bring her excellent income. But besides this, the Jia Lissa OF page is very popular, its publications are getting tons of views, and there are already more than 60k positive responses on the profile.

The regular cost of a monthly subscription on a paid platform is $15, which is the average price here. Since she actively maintains her page by posting passionate, breathtaking content, her profile always attracts attention causing people to constantly renew their subscriptions, which allows her to make around 75 – 95,000 monthly, just on this platform.

Her TikTok account also brings her a small profit, relative to her main activity, where the actress has more than 35,000 subscribers, and each video gets tens of thousands of views. Thus, taking into account all her income streams from the beginning of her activity, the actress’s net worth is already more than 2.5 million dollars.

Naturally, having such an impressive income, the model actively spends it. For example, she is a big travel lover, has visited a large number of corners of the Earth, and has also lived almost the whole year 2022 in Bali. The influencer also spends a lot on herself and her beauty as well as on learning English.

Jia Lissa OnlyFans activity

Her profile is jam-packed with seductive and tantalizing content, which she updates regularly. The Jia Lissa OnlyFans account has 330 posts and 780 Media material, including more than 100 videos and 680 photos. Also, at the moment, the model has received more than 61 thousand positive reviews for her efforts.

The well-known influencer has received so much attention due to her incredible looks and unique personality. This Russian celebrity has made a great contribution to the industry and the platform, receiving enormous attention and a large number of awards for her hard work and dedication.

She regularly publishes a large number of seductive photo shoots, periodically diluting them with ardent videos. With her media, she can satisfy even the most demanding viewers by providing a variety of materials for both boys and girls.

Is Jia Lissa OnlyFans worth it?

Jia Lissa Only Fans page is, of course, not free to view, but it has an average monthly subscription cost for the platform of $15. By signing up, you will regularly receive high-quality content including intriguing photos and fervent videos.

Also, at the time of writing, a famous influencer has an excellent offer on her profile – a 70% discount for 30 days. This incredible generosity on her part is a great opportunity for you to see if it’s worth it to continue your subscription and pay full price.

But rest assured, it’s worth it, especially considering such a great discount. She has great experience and still makes videos not only for work but also for joy, which makes her videos look natural and full of enthusiasm.

Jia Lissa’s photos

Jia Lissa facts

  • Jia Lissa OnlyFans account has garnered more than 61k likes in about 3 years of its operation.
  • During her career, which is still ongoing, the actress has starred in more than 140 films.
  • She has lived in Bali for almost the entire 2022.
  • Celeb began her activities straight after her eighteenth birthday.
  • She received four of the highest awards in the industry – Oscars.
  • The model´s red hair color is natural, and she has never dyed it.

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