Karely Ruiz

Karely Ruiz

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October 28, 2000
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Monterrey, Mexico
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23 years old
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Karely Ruiz
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Karely Ruiz was born on October 28, 2000, and now, the model is well-known as a brilliant Mexican model content creator on Instagram. The blogger is also a TikTok sensation who has taken the world of social media by storm with her remarkable looks and unusual skills.

Karely is highly recommended as an influencer and has gained enormous popularity, creating engaging content. Moreover, the blogger has worked with the world-famous brands and has appeared in numerous magazines. Karely’s unusual talents gave the model opportunities and the possibility to reach the top of the entertainment industry by appearing in movies and TV shows.

Another way to raise awareness that the star chose is creating exclusive content, which also helped her to become a significant figure on various platforms, presenting her beauty and inventiveness. Having a charming personality and passion for everything the model does, she wins a large number of fans within Karely Ruiz OnlyFans, simultaneously making the blogger a rising star in the world of social media.

Whether you’re a fan of her modeling, acting, or social media content, there’s no denying that this celeb is a rising TikToker worth following. Discover more with information that we collected from different podcasts and interview videos with her and from her private account. Find out who she is in real life.

Karely Ruiz's biography

Who is Karely Ruiz? She is a Scorpio who was born in 2000 in Monterrey, Mexico, and the model is a powerful water sign. Since early childhood, she attended a private school and was fascinated with the fashion industry as well as makeup, but there’s no such thing as a surprise for someone born in the era of social media.

At first, becoming an impactful influencer and a model was just a hobby, which, however, became a career for the blogger. With more and more attention on Instagram, Karely made it her profession, which she started in March 2016, posting a debut photo on Instagram. Since then, the star has gained enormous popularity and a lot of fans.

Karely Ruiz received over 200,000 followers in March, and simultaneously, the model started a YouTube channel, cooperating with numerous small and mid-sized local brands, primarily in the clothing, beauty, and electronics industries.

Wanting to reach the top as a professional model and actress, Karely gained support from her solid fanbase. The blogger is more than just a social media influencer, she become a fitness trainer as well, presenting her profession to a large audience, or, to be more precise, Instagram and TikTok accounts, which count 410,000+ followers.

Karely leverages all the talent and beauty, along with the passion she invested in social media. By creating sought-after content, the model becomes financially independent and gains the possibility to have a luxurious lifestyle.

Karely Ruiz's profile

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Completed primary and secondary education in a private school in Monterrey.

Height, weight & physical appearance

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165 cm (5’5”)
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55 kg (121 lbs)
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Hair Color
Dark Brown
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5 (US)

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Karely Ruiz OnlyFans career

Karely is well-known for her extraordinary talents and beauty; moreover, every project she does is filled with passion and charisma. Therefore, the model gained a lot of fans, and industry professionals paid attention to her content. Being a rising star in social media, the blogger decided to go further and create a Karely OnlyFans page.

For the first time, she appeared on the December 2019 website. Like most celebrities of that time, she quickly realized that it was time to move her activities even deeper online. At that moment, a new analog of Patreon was gaining particular fame.

This girl has a very sexy shape and a slim figure, so she quickly attracted the attention of her new subscribers. To increase the number of audiences, the model created more and more provocative photos, and it worked as well as it was supposed to do.

How much does Karely Ruiz make on OnlyFans?

The model easily earns big money with her beauty within Karely Ruiz OF – about $160,000 per month. Today, her net worth is estimated to be around $4 million for now. Many outstanding popular models have earned significant income from the private platform, with some reportedly earning six-figure incomes per month.

First of all, being a popular and impactful influencer, the model makes a noteworthy income. Secondly, the star also stated in one of her interviews that she receives profit from other sources.

The model is active on various social media platforms in addition to the private account so that she can capture more audiences and monetize partnerships with brands. Karely built a significant career as an influencer and content creator by providing users with exclusive and engaging content.

Karely Ruiz OnlyFans activity

Karely Ruiz OnlyFans private account boasts over 600k impressions, where she frequently uploads provocative and attractive photo and video posts. The girl uploads very spicy personal photos in new outfits for her private account, even with a minimum of clothes.

As a model, Karely prefers posting lingerie and bikinis, which she flaunts in her pictures. But also on her page, you can find backstage from her shooting for YouTube and more fascinating material about her personal life.

Moreover, she often hosts live streams where her viewers are given the opportunity to get to know her better. The streamer often shares news and fresh ideas with her followers, which maintains an interest in her person.

Is Karely Ruiz OnlyFans worth it?

Karely’s account is definitely worth your attention. Her captivating content on Karely Ruiz Only Fans page, showcasing her curvy figure and body in her favorite casual clothing and mirror selfie pictures, has earned her a massive following of loyal fans.

Today, you can find a massive following on all of her social media accounts, which only underlines her success as a recognized model. Moreover, the price tag of this celebrity is only $16 for her exclusive content.

Karely Ruiz's photos

Karely Ruiz facts

  • One of the most famous influencers prefers lingerie and bikinis when modeling for Karely Ruiz OnlyFans, which she flaunts in her pictures.
  • The social media personality initially pursued modeling on social media platforms as one of her interests, which soon became her profession, as she said in one of the podcasts.
  • She has more than 13 million fans on her TikTok channel and over 9 million followers on her main Instagram account, where she frequently uploads provocative and attractive photos and videos.
  • Karely completed her primary and secondary education in a private school in Monterrey, where she developed a fascination with fashion and the makeup industry.
  • Karely’s social media accounts include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, OnlyFans, TikTok, and Tumblr, and she also has a YouTube channel where she posts vlogs.
  • There is no info about her boyfriend, best friend, lover, family, or past relationship and dating. She is very private about her personal life.

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