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September 18, 1978
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Madison Heights, Michigan
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45 years old
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Kendra Lust
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Kendra Lust (born 18 September 1978), or Michelle Ann Mason, is a well-known American film performer, model, and that one hot nurse that many can only dream about. This amazing actress has millions of followers on social media accounts, where the celeb tries to keep in touch with fans.

Only one account of her on a social media platform like Instagram has about 8.7 million subscribers, which indicates her fantastic popularity since 0.59% of total users have more than 1 million audiences. Stunning numbers also overtook the private channel.

Among the achievements and awards from AVN, this beautiful actress got: Best Performer of the Year (2016), Hottest Performer (Fan Award) (2016), and others. But who is this actress in real life, and what kind of person is hiding behind the image of this pretty girl with outstanding Kendra Lust OnlyFans?

Check out the celeb’s info, bio, and life story of success. Discover her selfie photos, true love relationships, and important dates for the actress.

Kendra Lust's biography

Her real name is Michelle Ann Mason. She spent her childhood and youth in a small settlement. After school graduation, the celebrity decided to complete The University of Michigan, USA. According to her comment for one magazine, she danced a striptease to end her studies, but the question is, “Who is Kendra Lust?”.

After she received the coveted bachelor’s degree in nursing, she worked hard for more than seven years but soon realized that the profession did not give her any pleasure. Kendra quit her job and started working as a web model with friends. People can still find those pictures and videos on the net. In March 2012, she appeared on the screens as an actress in adult films.

Literally, from her first appearance in the frame, producers made a forecast for her success. Kendra Lust shared that she did not need to be in search of work for years, as the offers simply began to pour in on the actress. In the three years, she has managed to show herself in hundreds of films, and today, there are more than 400 of them.

The Instagram star made her own production company called Lust Army Productions and released her debut film in the spring of 2016. Her first YouTube appearance was in 2015, and now the blogger continues to make vlogs for her YouTube channel. In addition to filming, the star also had an agency activity, organizing the company Society 15 in 2015.

In the same year, Kendra received a contract offer from Zero Tolerance Entertainment for the production of toys. We can see that this YouTuber will not stop there and can be sure that she will soon conquer new heights in her career, like becoming a TikToker or creating a new business.

Kendra Lust's profile

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Kendra has a bachelor's degree in Nursing from The University of Michigan, USA

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163 cm (5’4”)
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54 kg (119 lbs)
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8 (US)

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Kendra Lust OnlyFans career

Her followers went crazy when was created Kendra Lust OnlyFans account. Users of this and other platforms easily noticed her incredible beauty and sexuality in creating content. Discouraging photos, daring thoughts, and seductive images quickly stole audience attention from other accounts.

As this beauty herself explained, Kendra got into the film industry cause she was just very tired of the monotony and wanted to do something new to change her life radically. However, the opening of her private channel was due to high earnings at that time.

Thousands of users rushed to pay her for exclusive content despite the fact that hundreds of Lust’s video posts are scattered throughout the network in the public domain. And when she turned on live streams, Kendra created a second wave of hype around her person.

The streamer decided to conquer all the platforms one by one, and she easily succeeded with the help of a stunning image of a seductive mom. Adored by many, Kendra quickly got to the top of the best celebrities and deservedly stays there to this day.

How much does Kendra Lust make on OnlyFans?

By looking at Kendra’s lifestyle, you might think that this one of the most famous influencers lives to the fullest. And you really can’t go wrong cause the fashion model’s net worth is an incredible $5 million. The celeb shared that Kendra Lust OF private page had a key role in her income, as the actress earns about $100,000 monthly there.

Also, she starred in more than 400 videos that brought her big money and, more importantly, great fame. It gave her a great audience that adores her posts on her Instagram account, Facebook, and Twitter. That is why the social media personality often collaborates with various brands and sponsors lots, including Entice Her, Power Slap, Magic Spoon, and more.

In addition, the hot and insatiable Kendra opened her own agency and obtained a company called Lust Army Productions. Also, she made a series of toys from casts of her body, and Kendra still earns successful sales, demonstrating the girl’s success as an actress and a business lady.

Moreover, this astonishing girl is a smart investor who analyzes crypto exchanges and successfully invests in various currencies. Undoubtedly, Kendra’s net worth is a well-deserved result of her meticulous work.

Kendra Lust OnlyFans activity

Kendra Lust OnlyFans account is a profile that is a content production conveyor. It has over fascinating 5400 posts and a breathtaking 3400 media. The actress pays special attention to videos, there are already more than 1000 of them on her page.

The social media influencer is distinguished by good diligence, and she is very engaged in her work. She is especially good at promoting, due to which she gets tremendous views on her account and keeps posting content.

A girl can often be seen in public appearances, live shows, and in many podcasts, which only expands her account’s world fame. There is also not only one interview with the star. In addition, the model gained popularity as the head of her own studio, which also specializes in films. This shows that each post is unique in quality.

Is Kendra Lust OnlyFans worth it?

Kendra Lust Only Fans page is one of the cheapest profiles that are available on the website. For just $8, users get access to the actress’ stunning, gorgeous posts and media. Such unique offers are very profitable and highly valued on this platform.

Along with a great price, you also get high quality that can tempt even the most demanding user. Furthermore, this famous influencer often creates limited proposals to recruit new viewers for her account easily.

Kendra Lust's photos

Kendra Lust facts

  • Kendra has a hidden tattoo on the left inner side of the wrist. In addition, she has a piercing in her navel, as you can see in some photos on Kendra Lust OnlyFans.
  • Kendra had a relationship with her boyfriend and best friend, police officer Charles Cleve Mason Jr. The couple has been dating for a long time, and now they are married. The family raises a daughter.
  • In 2018, this celebrity challenged mixed martial arts fighter Angela Magagna to a duel, but the fight never took place.
  • Lust is a big fan and lover of animals and even has one dog.
    Kendra notes that among her interests is reading. Her favorite books are The Glass Castle and Proof of Heaven.

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