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Key Alves

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January 8, 2000
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State of Sao Paulo, Brazil
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24 years old
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Key Alves
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Key Alves (born January 8, 2000) is a famous Brazilian volleyball player, BBB participant, social media influencer, fashion model, and entrepreneur who has made a name for herself in the entertainment and sports worlds. This influencer has 12.1 million Instagram followers, 2 million TikTok followers, and 240K Facebook followers. Let’s move on.

The most interesting for her fans is her private page, where she shares exclusive photoshootings. She flaunts her curves and athletic physique on this page, attracting more fans around the world to subscribe. The most impressive thing is that she doesn’t produce erotic content. Instead, she creates aesthetic materials that catch attention even better.

Her fame has grown because of the thousands of subscribers to the Key Alves OnlyFans page. If you’re one of her fans, you might be interested to learn more about this celebrity. And we are here to give you this opportunity. Don’t forget to share this article with other model’s fans.

Learn more about the celeb to decide if it is worthwhile to subscribe to her channel and know how this young star succeeds in creating content. Read more about this star, her biography, fun facts, family, and other things.

Key Alves’s biography

In this section, you’ll find out all the celeb’s secrets and even more. But first, let’s start with the question: Who is Key Alves? She was born into a middle-class family in Sao Paulo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. The girl attended school in her hometown. She also has a twin sister named Keyt Alves. Her father is a businessman, and her mother is a full-time housewife, both devout Catholics. That’s all. Let’s find out the details.

The blogger has been interested in sports since she was a child. Her volleyball career began when the future famous influencer joined the Associação Vôlei Bauru team but was a little bit dissatisfied with playing in the lower division. The TikToker agreed to a one-year contract with Esporte Clube Pinheiros to compete in the first division championship in 2021, and she later signed with Osasco club for the next three seasons.

After she gained popularity, she created an account on the special resource. Key Alves shared that her private page is just for business and light sessions as well. She also stated that the page had no nudity videos or photos, and anyone looking for bareness would not find it. It’s her special feature, as you can see.

The celebrity continuously rose to prominence after appearing on BBB 23 in Mexico, where she was eliminated eighth with 56.76% of people voting. The star’s talent and charisma won the show’s viewers with her beauty.

Felipe Franco, a Brazilian fitness enthusiast and bodybuilder, is the boyfriend of this YouTuber. The couple has been informing their fans about their relationship by publishing pictures together on social media. In general, she is greatly happy with her life and the fame that her page brought her.

Key Alves’s profile

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165 cm (5’5’’)
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51 kg (112 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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Key Alves OnlyFans career

The Key Alves OnlyFans made the influencer more authentic in the eyes of her subscribers around the world. She openly states that there is no nudity on her page and that it is just for business and professionalism. The model also admits that she earned more money from it and other socials than from volleyball. That’s why she dives deep into this industry. Let’s find out more about this.

She earned even fifty times more from her private channel than from other financial streams, allowing her to travel and do whatever she wanted. Her greatly successful endorsements and other brand collaborations generate enough profit to purchase expensive cars and support her family in total.

Her athletic abilities and talent in combine have earned her a large fan base in the entertainment industry. Her fans adore the girl even outside of BBB, and she finds true friends and romance inside the reality show.

Fans and supporters of the stunning model look forward to her next step toward success as she spreads her wings in different industries as well. Her Instagram page has a 7.18% engagement rate, and her private page has received 76.4 K positive reviews.

How much does Key Alves make on OnlyFans?

Key Alves OF definitely helps her earn big money in the entertainment industry, which she described as being fifty times more than her volleyball game, most of which came from her private website. According to the source, a monthly subscription fee of $13.99 earns her approximately $200,000 every month, even though she has no streams on her page.

It basically allows the star to afford to rent a mansion house for her parents for BRL 15,000 per month, and she plans to buy a house soon for BRL 3 million. The Bauru mansion has five suites, a gourmet kitchen, a whirlpool, and a four-car garage as well.

Another thing that this Instagram star has gained from the entertainment industry is the desire to purchase her own home in São Paulo. She also acquired a car collection worth R$500,000, which she flaunted on her social media platforms.

With all of her assets, the media estimated her net worth at $1.5 million, making her one of the wealthiest celebrities of her generation. The celebrity turned her talents and beauty into a pure and huge success.

Key Alves OnlyFans activity

Key Alves OnlyFans has provided her subscribers with 462 posts and 753 media pieces through usual posting. But there are even more exclusive photos in private chatting. You can see that most of the star’s posts are in Portuguese and are of high and professional quality at the same time.

Aside from the private pages, YouTubers connect with their supporters through social media platforms, and Key is no exception of it. She actively engages with her fans on Instagram and Twitter about her new updates, matches, training, and personal life. This helps her create a circle of like-minded people and be in the center of it.

The model also shared exclusive photos and videos but without nudity or other erotic forms. It’s only with more sincere and clean motives in general. During her interview, she publicly admitted it and clarified that her page is purely sensual, not obscene. But still, she assured her fans that all her materials bring them great joy as well.

Is Key Alves OnlyFans worth it?

Her pure image was preserved when she created the Key Alves Only Fans page. So, her fan page is not for you if you opt for full-fledged adult and highly obscene content. She explicitly stated that her page is for exclusive business photo shoot content and that no erotic content is available. But still, she is in great demand among all users of a private platform.

The model’s account has a monthly subscription fee of just $13.99, with a 15% discount for the first three months. In this way, you can save your money and enjoy the highly aesthetic content at the same time.

You may subscribe and pay for the three months to take advantage of the discount that she offers. Her channel is worthwhile for fans who want to support the model and may donate to her. Let it be your best investment in 2024.

Key Alves’s photos

Key Alves facts

  • The Key Alves OnlyFans page provides her with more earnings, which makes her earn fifty times more than volleyball games.
  • Keyt Alves is her twin sister and best friend, who enjoys volleyball as well.
  • She was awarded the title of reality star in Brazil.
  • Felipe Franco, a fitness trainer and body enthusiast, is the celebrity’s boyfriend. The couple has been together for a long time and literally enjoys sharing photos with her fans around the world.
  • She was able to rent a luxurious mansion for her family and hopes to purchase it soon.
  • She has worked with ADR Plus and Betinho and endorses lots of fashion and sports products.

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