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Kiki Passo

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May 19, 1997
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26 years old
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Kiki Passo
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Kiki Passo (born May 19, 1997) is a rising Instagram star, media personality and stunning-looking model. Her fame caught up with the girl after publishing several photos of herself in a bikini. It was hard to leave without attention. And in a few months, her subscribers numbered more than 1.6 million people. But first things first.

She seems to leave you with a look from her photos and beckons you with her charm. At least, that’s what her fans say. The model has expanded her sphere of influence not only on Instagram, but also on TikTok, where she likes to mess around with candid videos. She knows that her audience is turned on by this, so she skillfully uses this trick.

An unpleasant discovery for the girl was the fact that she could not realize her creative potential in any of the social networks. All because the platforms banned explicit media files and deleted such profiles. So she created the Kiki Passo OnlyFans page. There she was finally able to show herself to the fullest and realize herself as an online model.

But have you ever wondered who this girl is outside of social media? What are her life, hobbies, dreams? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our article. We have collected information about her income, biography, activities on the site, and much more.

Kiki Passo’s biography

In this section, we will tell you about the girl’s life before her fame and maybe reveal some facts you didn’t know before. But first of all let’s answer the question: Who is Kiki Passo? She was born in Brazil but grew up in Miami, Florida, where she moved with her parents. Unfortunately, that and all the facts about her family. She doesn’t want to expose them to intrusive media attention and we respect her privacy.

What was it like to become a model as a person and a professional in her industry? Personally, she decided at a young age that she was going to become a model and she didn’t change her dream until the last. Her first attempts to attract attention to herself were Instagram posts. She closed herself in a room, and photographed herself in bikinis and revealing outfits. And it gave its fruits. And what exactly, we will tell further.

The first success of the girl after social networks was her cooperation with the clothing brand Ignite. They offered her a modeling job in their company, where she advertised their products. Did she like this kind of work? Definitely, yes. Moreover, Kiki Passo was noticed by other brands as well. Such as Acacia, Inamorata, Bookit Sports and One One Swimwear. It was her lucky ticket to a rich and chic life.

We also got to know a little bit about her personal life and relationships. The girl was dating footballer Tathan Martell. As he himself shared on social media, she hooked him with the fact that she wrote to him first. In 2019, they started living together but soon broke up. Why this happened – they both did not explain. After that, the model started dating tennis player Tommy Paul and is in a relationship with him to this day.

To summarize her life story, she has had a long but productive path to her fame. She has faced hardships, breakups, poverty, ups and downs. But none of this has broken her spirit. She still strives to please her subscribers and is determined to build on her reputation in the future.

Kiki Passo's profile

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Completed High School in her hometown

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5’7” (170 cm)
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52 kg (114.6 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Kiki Passo OnlyFans career

It is impossible to argue with the fact that the girl captivated her audience with her beauty and unrivaled charisma. And as a result, her Kiki Passo OnlyFans page became the epicenter of her popularity and creative realization. The main advantage of the platform for the girl is the ability to publish quite explicit content, which other social networks do not miss.

What is it that the girl attracts so much attention to herself? It is worth saying that her creativity is worthy of the highest praise. It takes a good imagination to shoot material that is either not on the platform, or to give it a new shell. She constantly follows trends, transforms herself into different characters and always achieves top marks from her audience.

Yes, she has been incredibly successful and has become quite popular in the media space. And of course, she got good dividends from her work. All creative work should be well paid. And fortunately, the girl was able to find such a place.

And of course, how without criticism. Analyzing the creative path of online model gives the impression that criticism is subjected to the best of them. What happened to our heroine? Some people find her content too explicit, some are not satisfied with her appearance. But the model is satisfied with absolutely everything in her life and she focuses on fan support and always looks at life with optimism.

How much does Kiki Passo make on OnlyFans?

The Kiki Passo OF page brings her a million dollar fortune and over time the amount of her income only increases. Her constant presence on the platform and displaying her creative nature to achieve her goals are worth noting here.

Her main activity on the platform is naturally creating content for her fans. If this is not enough – she accepts orders to shoot more racy and seductive content. Often she has to transform into different characters or change roles to meet the needs of her audience. She also gets pretty good donations on live shows. In total, her monthly earnings amount to about $45,000.

If you add up all her income and assets, her net income will be $ 5,000,000. Like many online models, she has created several sources of passive income to have spare money. She gets them from social media, for advertising and for participating in modeling projects.

Kiki spends her millions on cars, travel, luxury homes and branded items. It’s not to say that she’s addicted to brands and stuff, but this way she emphasizes her star status.

Kiki Passo OnlyFans activity

You will find a lot of things on the Kiki Passo OnlyFans page. The girl is quite creative in her choice of content, so everyone finds something different here that they haven’t seen before. Here are a few numbers to give you an example. Now her content base consists of 489 publications, 294 photos, 12 videos and more than 110K positive fan reactions. You’d think a girl would be working around the clock for these results.

According to the statistics, the first photos do not gain a lot of likes or reactions, due to the fact that it is new content for the platform. But despite this, the model managed to immediately attract attention to her persona. Some say that this is due to the uniqueness of her content, because she thinks everything through. And others say that it’s all about her exotic looks.

Users also note that she fully realizes their fantasies and secret desires. These files are absolutely private and are sent personally to each subscriber, so we can only rely on the feedback of the content consumers themselves. The girl reached the peak of her popularity and earned a million-dollar fortune on the creation of erotic materials. This pleases both her and her fans.

Is Kiki Passo OnlyFans worth it?

The Kiki Passo Only Fans page never ceases to amaze with its content and still excites the imagination of its subscribers. According to the most modest estimates of the model’s fans, her page is worth every penny, because everything pays off with the emotions they feel when viewing her materials.

It is worth noting that access to her page is absolutely free. It seems to her that this way she will gain subscribers faster and familiarize the audience of the platform with her content. It is likely that this strategy played into the girl’s hands. For her, it does not bear any financial losses, as the main sums she receives from donations from fans and for the filming of exclusive materials.

The only disadvantage of her page, according to subscribers, is that the girl takes a long time to respond to messages. Given her active employment, you can understand this situation. She tries her best, and at the same time manages to shoot content to please her fans. If you are in any way interested in the format of her work – it is worth subscribing to her page. Discover the world of pleasure and aesthetics in a few clicks.

Kiki Passo’s photos

Kiki Passo facts

  • The Kiki Passo OnlyFans page received 110.7 thousand positive replies from fans.
  • The full name of Christina Almeida is “Christina Almeida.”
  • She started posting bikini images to her Instagram account in February 2013.
  • She became the face of the sportswear company “Ignite” in 2018.
  • Kiki dated “Tathan Martell,” a football star, and became his live-in partner, but they split up after a year of dating.
  • She later began seeing her current boyfriend, tennis player Tommy Paul.

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