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Korina Kova

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October 14, 1987
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36 years old
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Korina Kova
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Korina Kova (born 14 October 1987) is a Canadian model and celebrity known for her vast chest, fantastic beauty, and genuine demeanor. Since 2017, this Canadian beauty has appeared in 50 films and worked as a stripper for six years.

On social media, the model calls herself “Mommy.” She likes the image she created for work and pleases her subscribers with relevant content. She actively works on developing her image and publishes candid photos and videos in the media space.

The model wanted to spread her fame on social media, the film industry, and private websites; thus, she established Korina Kova OnlyFans. Many fans visited her website, which received 209.9 excellent fan reactions.

Many people are interested in learning more about her, so we prepared this piece to share what we have. You’ll discover about her life, how she got into the profession, and how she gets money online. Learn about her net worth, facts, profile, biography, and other information.

Korina Kova's biography

In this section, we will reveal the secrets of the model and answer a frequent question from her fans: “Who is Korina Kova?”. The future celebrity was born in Canada in a family of loving parents. The girl does not reveal her education, achievements in studies, or family secrets to the public. We respect her desire to protect her family from intrusive attention.

The girl’s career began with work in a strip club. But she decided not to stop there and tried herself in acting and then in modeling. The girl’s figure and modeling talents helped her succeed in all her endeavors. Today, she is proud to have 40 thousand erotic toys in her collection and rich sexual experience.

Korina Kova continues to fight for life, combining her work as an actress and model. She started her journey on the private channel in 2017 and continues to work today. Her career list includes more than 50 videos and a movie she starred in when she was 30. She created the mommy image, which fully corresponds to her inner world and desire to show unique content.

The girl distributes her content on all online platforms and tries to generate more explicit materials every time. Her hard work has brought her an audience of millions and fan recognition. TikToker has 1.7 million followers on Instagram, 261.7K on Twitter, 108.3K on TikTok and 36.1K on YouTube. In addition to erotic content, she talks about lifestyle, cosplay, and sports.

Apart from social media, she is active in other fields. The model cooperates with clothing and lingerie brands, as well as with other bloggers. But most of all, she is proud of the fact that she has created her movie industry by shooting erotic movies. This woman has been seeking a better life and facing many adversities.

Korina Kova's profile

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5’3” (160 cm)
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71 kg (156 lbs)
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Korina Kova OnlyFans career

Korina Kova OnlyFans received 210 thousand of excellent responses from fans. It’s the talk of the town, making headlines on social media channels.

Her online career began after one of her peers told her about it. The model signed up on the website without hesitation and shared her sensuous photographs and videos on the platform. Since it is against the law to share inappropriate content on social media, she showcases her voluptuous personality on the site.

The celebrity is pleased with what she obtained from the platform. She never thought she might generate money from her offerings, including images. She progressively gathered fans and money throughout the first four months of its inception, which supported her monthly costs.

She is now delighted with what she acquired from the website. Fans are overjoyed and thrilled with what she has shared, giving them satisfaction and pleasure.

How much does Korina Kova make on OnlyFans?

In one of the recent interviews, the girl shared that her Korina Kova OF page brings her the most income. According to insider information, it became known that the model earned 20,000,000 dollars due to money for a subscription to her private channel. These incredible results were achieved with hard work for several years.

For live broadcasts and additional donations of subscribers, she earns about 50,000 dollars a month. After such a stunning success, she created several more private pages, but with a different format, from which she also receives a decent income.

But those aren’t the only sources of income for the famous model. She is invited to podcasts, offered advertisements, and invited to modeling shows. With such a gorgeous figure, everyone wants to get her as a model for lingerie ads. And she gladly takes any job to get more money. The result of such work is a net profit of $ 4,000,000.

The celebrity lives a luxurious lifestyle, which one can only dream of. She purchases real estate, including an expensive penthouse. The model travels to costly resorts several times yearly and visits elite restaurants.

Korina Kova OnlyFans activity

The website Korina Kova OnlyFans featured 1578 posts and 2081 media items, including 1.6 thousand photographs and 470 movies. The star has 3.5 thousand VIP subscribers and 209.9 thousand excellent fan reactions on the platform.

The social media influencer provides various explicit materials such as full nudity, JOIs, and so on. She assured me that all her files would offer them pleasure and happiness, and she said she enjoys teasing them and making fans stroke (joking aside).

Based on her numerous online actions, she enjoys providing content and making her admirers want more. Every time she posts graphic stuff, her fans are left dumbfounded. And she is willing to wait 14 days for her tailored media.

Is Korina Kova OnlyFans worth it?

According to admirers, the Korina Kova Only Fans site is worth the price. She charges a monthly subscription price of $10, which is reasonable. Many of her fans are pleased and content with all of her explicit files. They claim that they make them forget about their troubles and relieve stress.

The streamer provided a variety of subscription bundles, including a 50% discount for 30 days and 50% off for three months. If you want to see exclusive videos and photographs, subscribe now!

Korina Kova’s photos

Korina Kova facts

  • Korina Kova OnlyFans received 209.9 thousand fan reactions.
  • She has worked with well-known businesses such as Fashion Nova.
  • The actress is a solo performer who has over 40,000 erotica toys.
  • Korina had lost her virginity when she was 18 years old.
  • The actress spent six years as a stripper.
  • She has 415.2 thousand likes and 108.3 thousand TikTok followers.
  • The celebrity joined Instagram in 2016 and currently has 1.7 million followers.
  • The celebrity stated that her subscription-based websites earned her $20,000,000.

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