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March 5, 1999
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Essex, England
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24 years old
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Lauren Alexis
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Lauren Alexis (born on 5 March 1999) is an Instagram star and highly respected YouTuber from England. Lauren is considered to be one of the most famous bloggers on Instagram, as she has an impressive fan base – her profile is followed by more than 2 million devoted fans.

Her enticing and exotic figure was also appreciated by users on private profile. Moreover, she gains an incredible amount of views and big money for her pretty smile when she plays various games or just communicates with her loyal subscribers.

On TikTok, she often pleases her audience with videos about familiar everyday situations and juicy moments from her personal life. The social media personality regularly uploads videos for which she deservedly received 2.4 million viewers and 41.8 million likes. Now you can see her not only in one podcast and interview or Lauren Alexis OnlyFans.

Frequent collaborations with various YouTubers, unprecedented fame, and cooperation with famous worldwide brands and this is only a small part of what this star has achieved. But how could an ordinary girl from England reach these peaks? All this and more are in our article. Find out about the model’s private page, incredible facts, and various news regarding this celebrity. Check out her biography, pictures, net worth, and more below.

Lauren Alexis's biography

The first childhood dream of the future Internet icon was to become a surgeon. It’s reveal the most asked question, “Who is Lauren Alexis?” So, the celeb entered one of the English colleges to study medicine, like forensic science. At that period, she greatly admired YouTubers who seemed to make money out of thin air. Therefore, people could see her first YouTube appearance on her own channel on 13 June 2016.

From the first videos with her twerking, Lauren realized that working on YouTube is not as easy as it seems. Views on her vlogs were slowly accumulating, then Alexis revisited the strategy, thanks to one of her close friends whom she called Jay. Together with her best friend, they decided to rebuild her YouTube channel in 2017 based on past mistakes and add an Instagram profile to collect new followers.

Bold reaction videos and challenges with the spirit of excitement delighted and, at the same time, frightened audiences, and her lovely clothing hauls with chic outfits captivated new ones. Lauren Alexis shared that her fan base was built in a matter of days, and TikToker decided to move on.

Next, one of the most famous influencers decided to try to livestream since such a format was gaining huge popularity at that time. She is one of those celebrities who tried some platforms, like YouTube, but she got attention to her person only from users of the YouNow app. A few streams, and that’s it — she was at her peak.

Then, on 13 November 2019, she appeared on TikTok and quickly gained new popularity. Now Lauren is 24, and she is also working on new projects such as Peachy Religion. In the future, Louran and her manager, Jay, plan to increase her earnings and create new ideas.

Lauren Alexis's profile

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She dropped out when studied in college to become a surgeon

Height, weight & physical appearance

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165 cm (5’5”)
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50 kg (110 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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6 (US)

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Lauren Alexis OnlyFans career

Time went by, and her posts became more and more sexual in nature. That was the main reason why the star made the decision to create Lauren Alexis OnlyFans private account in 2020.

The first price was $15, so many fans started hunting for her leaks. Glamorous photos of the streamer were a special find because her images were already unique at that time. Her beautiful nature, gorgeous smile, and well-shaped figure made her a millionaire on this platform.

While this news may have damaged the model’s reputation, it actually helped her gain a lot of buzz around her person. People incredibly quickly flocked to her profile to discover even more candid photos from the famous influencer.

As a result, her private account gained huge fame on the platform. The influencer gives it maximum attention, posting only the best content and revealing the secrets that lurk behind the scenes. Thousands of subscriptions on it only confirm its popularity and profitability.

How much does Lauren Alexis make on OnlyFans?

The model shared that the main income she gets from her fans, who find an opportunity to donate to the model on Patreon and Lauren Alexis OF. Every fan can find something of their own on her account since prices start at $5.

For this money, a user receives exclusive high-quality premium content, where Lauren, at the level of professional modeling, poses in naughty poses and even more. At the same time, she receives enormous benefits from her activity, which is sometimes estimated at $500,000 every month.

The blogger chose a profitable strategy for developing her private accounts. You can find free material on one of them. On the second, subscribers get even more candid gold edition content. This YouTuber made a huge work to get her fame and success, her net worth is considered to be around $10 million now.

Since she is very famous, Lauren also earns lucrative brand deals and sponsors lots. In addition, she has received an unimaginable number of views on her YouTube twerk videos thanks to multiple collaborations with such well-known content creators as KSI, MiniMinter, and Callux.

Lauren Alexis OnlyFans activity

This beauty has not one Lauren Alexis OnlyFans account but two. The first one is free and has 128 posts, 13 videos, and it managed to get about 164.8K likes.

But the most worthy of attention profile of Alexis is her VIP account. It has 724 posts and 209 videos and has received over 1.13M positive ratings, which is an incredible result.

The girl pays the most attention to the second page, where the subscription price can vary from $7.50 to $15. There, each user can find complete nudity and the most provocative poses of the model.

Is Lauren Alexis OnlyFans worth it?

Lauren Alexis Only Fans pages provide users with free viewing options. You can easily subscribe to one of the accounts and find out if the content that the star provides is suitable for you.

Also, frequent discounts on a paid page make it easy to find out why it received more than a million likes. All this allows us to conclude that her profile is worth a subscription.

Lauren Alexis's photos

Lauren Alexis facts

  • Lauren Alexis OnlyFans accounts have over 800 posts and 800 media to please her subscribers.
  • At the moment, her most popular video on YouTube is “Ultimate short try on Haul“.
  • There is a story on the net that the social media influencer has an affair with Eathen Pain from Sideman. Eathen even paid for her $5,000 tier on Patreon.
  • Among her interests is football. Her favorite team is Manchester United.
  • Lauren is on a healthy diet that helps her to keep her body well-shaped. She also exercises to keep her weight at around 50 kg.

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