Malu Trevejo

Malu Trevejo

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October 15, 2002
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Havana, Cuba
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21 years old
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Malu Trevejo
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Malu Trevejo (born 15 October 2002) is a Cuban-American Internet sensation with a large social media following all around the world. The young teenager has 11.5 million followers on Instagram, 24.7 million on TikTok, 1.58 million on YouTube, and 758K on Facebook in total. Although this young celebrity has a massive fan base, she does not have a Twitch or podcast account. Let’s move on to her other info.

Her page is highly popular online due to this young star’s alluring videos hitting the web so much. Despite her youth, the star shares exclusive videos for her followers of all ages and tastes. However, not everyone knows what this young celebrity has gone through. But still, she looks like everything is great in her life and always shows a positive attitude toward it.

We created this article to provide additional information about the famous influencer and her Malu Trevejo OnlyFans profile as well. Why she decided to start her page and how she dealt with criticism despite her young age. All of these and even more info you’ll find in the further sections.

Discover how her private page has ruled the Internet today, her biography, net worth, secrets, and even more. Check out the true personality of the blogger below. Dive into reading, and don’t forget to share the most intriguing facts with other celeb’s fans.

Malu Trevejo's biography

It makes sense to start this section with the question: Who is Malu Trevejo? She was born to a Cuban mother and a Spanish father in Havana, Cuba. First, her family relocated to Madrid, Spain, when she was a baby. Then, they moved to Miami, Florida, when the girl was fourteen years old. There is no additional information from the influencer about her family or educational background. So, let’s move on.

It is known that the model is destined to be a star because of her extreme love of dancing and acting from childhood. The blogger was first noticed by the public when she started to post dancing videos on TikTok. She amassed millions of followers all around the world and became one of her generation’s most beautiful celebs. It was a pretty good result. According to her words, she planned more projects to spread her popularity. Good point.

Malu Trevejo also shared that she launched her private page in October 2020. Within seven days, she had around 37K subscribers and made a massive profit from it. However, it also created criticisms and negative feedback. Some commented that she was too young to enter the website. And yet, the star ignored them and continued posting desirable content. It’s her life rule – don’t even mention bad things and focus on good ones.

And a little bit about her talents. Multiple celeb skills made her famous in the music industry as well. She first signed a contract with In-Tu Linea when the blogger was just 14 years old. The celeb released her debut single, “Luna Llena,” in September 2017, which received nearly 131 million views on YouTube. It was her first tremendous success that motivated her to go on in her art. Yes, she did a lot for her today’s fame as a pro.

After a year, she signed another contract with Travis Scott and released the song “Complicado.” Today, the young influencer has worked hard on her page and other platforms to get income. She earns money from brand collaborations, music videos, and other projects. So, she’s famous, rich, loved by her fans, and totally satisfied with her lifestyle. It’s a great success, we assume. Hope that she’ll continue her creative career.

Malu Trevejo's profile

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163 cm (5’3”)
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50 kg (110 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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Dark Brown
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Malu Trevejo OnlyFans career

Malu Trevejo OnlyFans had 37,000 subscribers all around the world and received a lot of positive reviews from her fans within the first seven days of the page’s launch. That day, she made a lot of money and also gained millions of followers. But let’s talk about everything in order.

The TikToker has been inspired to create unique content for her page further because the launch provoked a huge success. She even became more creative and versatile in portraying her sensual side. She knows how to do it in the best way and basically does it.

Today, the singer uses the page to interact with her fans, allowing them to get to know her better. She can create more genuine content that users can see only on her page for a reasonable monthly fee and fan donations.

After the star’s account went viral on social media, it greatly aided the young influencer in earning a significant profit and gaining followers. Now, she has been involved in more profitable projects and brand collaborations.

How much does Malu Trevejo make on OnlyFans?

Malu Trevejo OF helps her earn a fine portion of revenue, which helps her to live to the fullest that she always wanted. According to our source, critics believe the star earns $200,000-$300,000 per month from her activity since she had the most profitable from the first days after the launch of the page.

Let’s talk about concrete numbers. Her YouTube channel earns her around $138,720 every month, and she has a yearly income of more than $1,000,000. Aside from her YouTube channel, the young YouTuber has numerous financial sources that make her wealthy enough. All of them were created in case she left her business. She earns $19,990 monthly on TikTok, while her total annual income from the platform is $243,250.

Her music videos and sponsored posts are making her a fortune, too. It makes her the youngest millionaire of her generation, with a net worth of $3,000,000 to $5,000,000 as of 2024. Maybe this sum will be multiplied by the end of a year.

Today, the young blogger is affluent. She has purchased a mansion worth millions and owns a Lamborghini worth $225,500 and a Mercedes worth $111,000.

Malu Trevejo OnlyFans activity

The Malu Trevejo OnlyFans page has 1.74M positive reactions from followers, which gave a significant profit to the celeb. Her page is doing really well since it became the top 0.01% of all accounts on the website.

There are 1246 posts and 1911 media files, including 1.5K images, 422 videos, and 74 streams on the page as well. These statistics have gained the star so much recognition that all her fans eagerly await the release of the latest unique content. Another thing that fans highly appreciate in her work is that the actress is always active in engaging with them, letting her followers communicate and get to know her better.

Any fans can subscribe to her page since she has free and paid accounts. And yet, users can have exclusive materials and motivate the celeb to create more by sending her donations.

Is Malu Trevejo OnlyFans worth it?

One of the Malu Trevejo Only Fans profiles has no subscription fees, so it is definitely worth a subscription. Fans remarked that her page benefits people of all ages and has content that is unavailable elsewhere.

Another feature that makes her subscribers so delighted is the quick responses of the celebrity. Overall, Malu generates high-quality, authentic, and sensual content all in one that pleases all enthusiasts.

If you are fond of such a format of content, you totally should subscribe to her page. Open a world of boundless possibilities and pleasure just in a few clicks.

Malu Trevejo’s photos

Malu Trevejo facts

  • The Malu Trevejo OnlyFans has 1.74M good reactions as of this writing.
  • This TikToker rose to prominence at an early age by producing lip-sync videos and other creative stuff.
  • The social media influencer has one sister that she considers her best friend. They are really close to each other.
  • In 2017, she dated NBA YoungBoy, a well-known American rapper.
  • Her song “Luna Llena” has 130 million views on YouTube.
  • In 2018, she was dating Jaden Rosa; in 2019, she was in a relationship with Danny Alfonso.
  • She confirmed her love for both men and women on Instagram, writing, “Girls entice me more.”

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