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August 14, 1993
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30 years old
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Martina Smith
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Martina Smith (14 August, 1993) is an American influencer and model who gained marvelous fame in social media. As soon as she became famous in her field, she started getting support from fans all over the world. She creates the best possible content to please her fans and be the first in her field.

She has over 2.2M followers on TikTok, 367.2K followers on Twitter, 291K followers on Facebook, 48.7K followers on Instagram, and 4.91K subscribers on YouTube. Her substantial following on major social media sites is a testament to her rise on the scene of entertainment.

Martina Smith OnlyFans page has been on the rise consistently. More people are coming across such beauty as time goes by. The model’s page currently has 62K likes across all her posts and media. She expresses herself on this platform through jaw-dropping photos, videos, and the like.

It cannot be doubted that this celebrity is a woman full of talent, beauty, and charisma. The numbers shown all say one thing. It is that the model is someone capable of being the best at what she does as long as she continues her hard work.

Martina Smith’s biography

The future celebrity was born in Colombia on August 14, 1993. She is currently 30 years old, an age when most people strive and reach their peak in whatever they do. She continues to impress everyone with every passing day as she learns more about herself. Let’s dive deeper into the question, “Who is Martina Smith?”

Like any other star, she was just an ordinary girl living in Colombia, South America. She finished studying secondary education at her hometown’s local high school. After that, she tried to venture out and try her luck on social media. Thankfully, she experienced a rapid rise and recognition online. This opportunity paved the way for the life that she is living right now.

Martina Smith is a persevering woman. She first started experiencing fame through the application of TikTok. Currently, her most famous TikTok video has over 17.4M views.

She is excellent at looking her best during times of shoot, and all her posts are unique. Added to that are her social skills, which are crucial to her success. She can collaborate and bond with other actors, actresses, and content creators alike to create quality content for everyone.

The star is most comfortable being herself. Meaning she is unapologetic, humorous, and speaks in her mother tongue. She can fully express herself when speaking Spanish, which is evident in her other videos on YouTube. Specifically, she has a YouTube video titled “10 cosas que no sabias sobre mi” or ten things you didn’t know about me” in English. In this video, she bars herself from all filters and talks about who she is.

Martina Smith’s profile

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Completed High School in her hometown

Height, weight & physical appearance

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5’5” (165 cm)
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55 kg (121 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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Martina Smith’s OnlyFans career

The model started her career on this path back in 2021. She also started posting on TikTok from conventional social media sites like Instagram and Twitter. Martina Smith OnlyFans account has received a massive amount of support from her short-form videos and continues to post quality content to this date.

Moreover, her private account has seen success from the loyal supporters and fans of the star. It currently has over 62K likes across all her posts. She has over 670 posts and 829 media, comprising 462 photos and 366 videos.

The subscription to her page is priced at $9.99. The price of her subscription is relatively lower compared to that of others. Indeed, availing will not be challenging for those who would really want to show their support and love for the star.

Besides all of these perks, the model also streams on her private page. There are over 24 streams on her page right now, and we will only see this number rise. It can be said that her online career is growing and one that offers various forms of entertainment for all curious-minded people alike. We all cannot wait to see the eventual rise of this celebrity to the top of her game.

How much does Martina Smith make on OnlyFans?

Social media can truly offer people alternative ways to earn more. Right now, Martina Smith OF gives her a way to become more known and have more earnings as time goes by.

Considering all the numbers stated on her page, the star has been making quite a lot for herself. She is estimated to make over $6.5K to $16.2K+ per month. With a little less than 1,800 subscribers a month, she is receiving the paycheck she deserves for all the quality work she put out.

Her earnings on private account are only part of her total net worth as a star. This is estimated to be around $200K to $300K, which directly reflects the dedication of the star in the field. The celebrity has gained so much attention and fame by being charismatic and lovable.

She is rightfully earning from all her gigs on TikTok, Instagram, and other sites. She is a fantastic woman who shines the most by showing herself to the world.

Martina Smith’s OnlyFans activity

Martina Smith OnlyFans page contains posts with the most eye-catching content. From HD photos to voluptuous videos, she only puts out high-quality media that her subscribers can enjoy.

Her page has over 670 posts and 829 media. With this amount of content, one would surely be able to find what they prefer. She is able to voice out who she really is through her stunning visuals and hourglass physique.

Moreover, notice how her posts, media, and streams are pretty low in number. This keeps her loyal supporters wanting more from her. Hence, she can keep a relatively same amount of subscribers every time. She knows how to tease people enough for them to come back for more.

Is Martina Smith’s OnlyFans worth it?

The straightforward answer is yes. Martina Smith Only Fans page is worth it to purchase, experience, and enjoy. This is because she always makes sure to keep everyone satisfied and pleased with what she does.

It is difficult to find a star who is unafraid to be bare with the world. The model can do so if it means making the people who adore her happy. On her private page, you will be able to find the most accurate content that will leave you feeling contented.

Martina Smith’s photos

Martina Smith facts

  • Martina Smith OnlyFans bio says, “Quiero ser la chica de tus fantasías” which means “I want to be the girl of your fantasies” in English.
  • Her mother tongue is Spanish.
  • She is a private person and has not revealed much about her relationships.
  • She has an impeccable humor.
  • She promotes clothes and shoes on Amazon through her private page.

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