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Mila Volker

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September 30, 1999
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24 years old
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Mila Volker
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Mila Volker (born September 30, 1999) is an Italian actress, model, and social media influencer. She showcases plus-size photo and video content and has a decent audience of fans. She tries to generate creative ideas for photos and videos on the private site to fulfill fans’ desires.

Her family and followers’ support is the foundation of her stardom, which catapulted her into the spotlight. Many critics, however, believe she is not as attractive as other models today who have the fashion standard physique, such as thin with a showing collar bone.

Despite being the polar opposite of the typical “Supermodel,” she accepted herself and exhibited her seductive personality on the Mila Volker OnlyFans website. The fans are overjoyed and pleased with what she has released. Her page ranked first among 0.086% of all creators, with 31.2K fan reactions.

But who exactly is she? Since she doesn’t appear in any podcasts, this piece will provide essential facts about her. We will uncover her darkest secrets, how she handles criticism, her life before stardom, and how she earned confidence by embracing her flaws.

Mila Volker’s biography

The girl very quickly gained popularity online thanks to her lush forms. After the first photos and videos on Instagram, her fans became more interested in the celebrity’s personality. In this section, we will answer the main question of her audience, “Who is Mila Volker?” She was born in Italy to a loving family. After graduating from high school in her hometown, she studied fashion design in college.

Despite the lush forms, she always had fans who looked after the girl. But she was more interested in modeling then and lived only her dream. Despite many strange things happening around her, the girl did not give up on her dream of being a model.

Despite her lush body, Mila Walker succeeded wildly in the modeling industry. She was not embarrassed by the camera and was never ashamed of her body. On the contrary, she was proud of her shapes and lush breasts. The next step in her career was to move into the adult industry.

In her social networks, Mila broadcasts her love for her body, whatever it may be. As she said in a recent interview, beauty has no defined standards. It exists in all shapes and sizes.

Today, she is at the top of the list of most sought-after actresses and online models. Her genre has a lot of fans, so she is included in their attention. The girl earns a decent income and can afford expensive vacations, exotic travel, and housing.

Mila Volker's profile

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Graduate from College in her hometown

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5′ 6″ (167 cm)
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60kg (132 lbs)
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18 (US)

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Mila Volker OnlyFans career

The Mila Volker OnlyFans page is the buzz of the town, with her ranking 0.086 out of all creators and 31.2 thousand fan reactions. The TikToker’s private page is the most visited on the network, with people interested in the exclusive obscene things she has shared.

Others regard her as ambitious, and she has received criticism for displaying her plus-size image. The girl has not once faced such an attitude in her youth, so she knows how to fight with negativity. She prefers to focus on the attitude with her fans rather than on the showdown with haters.

The well-known social media influencer is pleased with what she receives from the page. The girl likes managing her page and responding to incoming messages. Through communication with her fans, she gets new ideas for shooting content.

Fans support the model’s creativity and help her with their donations or just words of encouragement. This attitude is essential for the model because her earnings depend on her audience.

How much does Mila Volker make on OnlyFans?

The Mila Volker OF page is the influencer’s most profitable social media asset. She’s generating so much money from it that followers claim she’s made $56,000 in her first two months on the platform. The model is pleased because it significantly contributes to her financial situation.

Her web pages and other brand collaborations are another sources of income for the actress. She attracts the attention of plus-size clothing companies, so she always has a lot of offers for cooperation.

When all her assets are added together, she will have a net worth of around $1,000,000 by 2023. Her hard work has paid off, providing her comfort and financial security.

The celeb, who rose from humble beginnings to become a famous model, has served as an inspiration to many plus-size women seeking acceptance from the environment in which they live.

Mila Volker OnlyFans activity

The Mila Volker OnlyFans page provides lovers satisfaction, pleasure, and fun. It’s their way of dealing with stress and loneliness.

It featured 584 posts, 864 media files comprising 615 images, 248 videos, and 13 broadcasts due to her regularity and dedication to the platform, garnering 31.2 thousand fan reactions and 1.2 thousand followers.

Fans are pleased with her service, such as rapid responses to their messages and tailored movies delivered on time.

Is Mila Volker OnlyFans worth it?

According to a review site, the star’s Mila Volker Only Fans page satisfies all admirers and lifts their moods via entertainment and fun. This gorgeous model provides them with the pleasure they require. Every time they log in to the page, it tickles their solitary hearts and gives them energy and excitement.

The girl often makes gifts and discounts to her subscribers. Now, there are discounts on her page – 40% for 31 days, 20% for three months, and 30% for six months. With such conditions, fans get a lot of benefits – all the model’s media files and the opportunity to order unique content.

If you like the creativity of this stunning model, subscribe to her channel and grab your discounts. Discover the world of unlimited pleasure in just a couple of clicks.

Mila Volker’s photos

Mila Volker facts

  • The Mila Volker OnlyFans page is among the most sought-after and popular online models.
  • The model uses her fame and glory to improve the world. She helps charitable organizations and animal shelters.
  • The girl loves to cook and always tries to discover new recipes.
  • The blogger loves traveling with her friends. Her travel vlogs can be found on her Instagram channel.
  • The girl has international roots and a considerable baggage of traveling. That’s why she speaks English, Spanish, and Italian.
  • The model has always loved to play musical instruments. Her main love is the piano. She loves to practice playing but does not do it before others.
  • The girl has always been supported by her family, and she tries to help them financially.

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