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November 8, 1996
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Vienna, Austria
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27 years old
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Militante Veganerin
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Raffaela Raab (born in 1996) made a splash on social media under the pseudonym Militante Veganerin. Some revere her as a brave animal rights activist. Others call her the world’s most annoying vegan. But her success is difficult to deny.

The girl, originally from Vienna, has already amassed over half a million followers online, not counting the model’s private page. Her provocative posts are gaining up to ten million clicks. She has over 31,000 followers on the social media platform Instagram, almost 91,000 on YouTube, and 49,000 on Twitch streams.

But who is Rafaela Raab in real life? And how did radical activism come to her permanent lifestyle? You will learn all this, her Militante Veganerin OnlyFans, and many other secrets about the activist and frank model in our short biographical article.

Discover how much this celeb earns on a private profile and what you can see there. Find out about the story that led her to the idea of going viral. Her relationship, family, facts, selfie photos, and other information await you below.

Militante Veganerin's biography

The 27-year-old activist was born into a family of doctors and spent her childhood in Vienna. Her parents encouraged the young girl to start studying medicine in Munich as soon as she finished school. The model easily completed her thesis at Ludwig Maximilian University in 2021. Still, this short information doesn’t reveal who is Militante Veganerin in real life, so let’s dive into details.

The key experience that led her to become a radical vegan activist happened with TikToker during a game night in December 2020. As the model said in the interview for Spiegel, “I had to answer the question of what law would I add if I were the dictator of Austria”.

Militante Veganerin shared that she chose to ban animal products after there was a huge controversy. In response to this case, this Instagram star turned to the ethical foundations of veganism, such as the classic books “Animal Treblinka” by Charles Patterson and “Animal Liberation” by Australian philosopher Peter Singer.

In order to fight with speciesism, Raab began to argue during dialogue with the most popular German celebrities. For example, the star talked with Leeroy Matata, a YouTuber with 2.2 million subscribers, and former professional bodybuilder Markus Ruhl in the conversation format video on the YouTube channel “Leeroy wills wissen”.

This activity helped her quickly achieve fame as a famous net activist. Today, the social media influencer can unexpectedly show up in any German city. She continues to try to convince people, sow doubt or at least silence, gaining incredible new views on her TikTok video posts and attracting new followers on her Instagram account and other social media accounts.

Militante Veganerin's profile

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Graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich with a degree in medicine

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160 cm (5' 3")
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51 kg (112 lbs)
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Militante Veganerin OnlyFans career

The Militante Veganerin OnlyFans page became a necessary measure as she became a lover of vegan activism and stopped being a doctor. This led her to look for new ways to earn money. This YouTuber has been posting her erotic photos on the related website since April 2023.

Sharp hype surrounded the girl with an unprecedented amount of audience in a very short time. Ten million views of a single video clip that can be seen on TikTok, a quick boost in messages under the comment section of her Instagram account, and also tens of thousands of interested subscribers on her private channel.

Until now, her page has helped this beauty to move freely around the country, contact new passers-by, participate in new interview debates, and expand the range of her activities. Therefore, Raffaela is clearly not going to stop there.

The streamer continues to spoil her viewers with spicy angles of her body and receives a good fee for her activities in return. Moreover, she is ready to go further and even participate in full-length adult videos in order to achieve her goal.

How much does Militante Veganerin make on OnlyFans?

The celeb shared that the Militante Veganerin OF page has had a significant financial impact on her independence as a radical activist. After all, equally successful influencers can usually afford a completely carefree life with as many clicks as Raab.

This celebrity poses in obscene images on her channel for $20 a month or $120 a year. At the same time, she earns about $200,000 a month without any sponsorships and brand deals. All thanks to the aggressive marketing that promotes her pseudonym.

She also began to receive big money due to the filming of full-length videos. One of the most famous influencers actively promotes the site on her link page, where you can see even more explicit content.

But most of all, she receives attention to her life’s work and veganism. More than a hundred thousand people around the world come across her page and learn about this movement through her videos. As the girl says, her main goal is not to earn money but to tell the whole world the truth.

Militante Veganerin OnlyFans activity

Militante Veganerin OnlyFans has become one of those accounts that can achieve success in a matter of days. This social media personality filled her profile with an incredible amount of quality material literally from the first days.

As of this writing, her page has 194 posts and 298 media, where can be found 53 interesting videos. Compared to many fashion models, Raab is very persistent in creating content that is not inferior in both quality and seductiveness.

She also added offers that are always in demand for such kinds of platforms. You will find a private chat, exclusive content in private messages, content with toys, ratings, and fetish pictures and videos on her page.

Is Militante Veganerin OnlyFans worth it?

Militante Veganerin Only Fans is excellent in terms of explicit content. The famous influencer really can do almost anything to achieve her goal since she is ready to tell her subscribers even the dirtiest secrets.

If you are a fan of veganism, then you also have a great way to support the activist with an additional tip or fee. Either way, this private channel is a great investment.

Militante Veganerin's photos

Militante Veganerin facts

  • When the Militante Veganerin OnlyFans first post was created, many users were sure that this was an April Fool’s joke. The announcement of the account’s launch was on 1st April.
  • Unlike many of her short and provocative street performances on TikTok, one of the most famous influencers calmly argues and allows everyone to speak their mind.
  • Raffaela doesn’t have a boyfriend and doesn’t plan on dating yet.
  • Due to high popularity, she does not reveal the names of her loved ones and her best friend, who travels with the celeb and films her vlogs.
  • The idea of going vegan came from her daily childhood interests — she was a true animal lover from 15 years old.
  • The famous influencer compares the Holocaust to industrial agriculture. So far, she has not been prosecuted for her statements under the law.

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