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October 11, 1987
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Copenhagen, Denmark
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36 years old
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Missmiafit (born 11 October 1987) is a Danish fitness fan and model who gained popularity online with her incredible content on her profile. Many people adore this fitness woman’s distinctive and curvaceous figure. She has 3 million Instagram followers and earned a large following on other social media accounts. But the star has no Twitch and podcast profiles.

She is a supervised professional fitness instructor and trainer who teaches people how to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. Aside from that, her Missmiafit OnlyFans page has garnered the attention of online users. It generates headlines all over the Internet and leaves admirers speechless with her surprising sensual content.

Despite being well-known in the sports field, only some are aware of the star’s activity and how she obtained her fortune, among other things. We created this post to showcase the celebrity’s secrets, which you can only find here.

Discover the famous influencer’s activities on the Missmiafit Only Fans page, which makes her controversial. Learn more about her family, facts, and other topics.

Missmiafit's biography

Who is Missmiafit? The future star was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. However, the star did not reveal much about her family, but it is known that she had her first child, Sean, in her twenties. The star married fellow bodybuilder Rune Jacobsen and welcomed their son, Norr, on 20 July 2018.

The blogger has always dreamed of becoming a model. Since childhood, she has curiously watched fashion shows and read about models in magazines. After graduating high school, the TikToker refused to get a higher education and dropped out. Instead, she decided to realize her dream of becoming a model and went to social networks to earn money on her own.

Missmiafit informed that she worked multiple jobs to support herself, then was pregnant in her early twenties and was busy raising her son. It’s insane how many challenges she had to go through. She began working out at the gym after her son was 4, got her desired body shape, and started her Instagram account in 2015.

After numerous daily postings, a talent scout noticed her and invited the star to a photo session; moreover, there, she caught the attention of many famous people and created a fanbase that led her to stardom. In a few months, the girl gathered an audience of millions of fans. She decided to add a new format to her social networks and made a bet on fitness training for subscribers for a fee.

Over time, she became known as a model in a private account, a fitness model, and a blogger. Brands and lingerie companies became interested in her. The girl transferred her recognition as a fitness blogger to her YouTube channel. She runs the Sand Fitness program and teaches free training and nutrition there.

Missmiafit's profile

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Completed High School in her hometown

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170 cm (5’7’’)
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80 kg (176 lbs)
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Missmiafit OnlyFans career

The Missmiafit OnlyFans page has helped the celebrity gain a large following and income, and her sensual content on the page differed from what the artist usually posts on Instagram and other social media platforms. As a result, many followers got intrigued by what her profile might offer them, and they admired the celeb.

The platform elicited a strong positive response from fans, garnering 233.3K views, as you can imagine this number. Such statistics motivate the blogger to create more enticing content highlighting her abilities and alluring figure, along with her charming personality.

The fitness blogger stated that her content does not fall under the vulgar or explicit format. All she is trying to show is the proper lifestyle, the aesthetics of a healthy body, and maintaining health. That’s why she has gained so many subscribers.

The private account has boosted her popularity and helped her gather an audience of like-minded people. Here, she generates content according to her taste and sometimes listens to fans’ wishes. She also allows them to order customized content for photos or videos according to a prescribed script. Therefore, it earns much more on this platform than other social media platforms.

How much does Missmiafit make on OnlyFans?

The model shared that most of her profits come from her fitness business, while the private page contributes a second large part of her income. According to sources, the famous influencer’s anticipated monthly revenue from her $9.95 monthly charge on the Missmiafit OF is approximately $100,000, excluding fan donations.

The YouTuber has income from several streams, for example, including Instagram and other social media. As our trusted source informed us, one post from sponsors with advertising costs $4,000, and we can truly say it’s an amazing price. Another additional source of income is TikTok, although we can’t precisely say the amount of money she makes within her sensual content.

All the incomes as one makes from $1,000,000 to $1,500,000, and today, she is more financially stable and can afford to travel around the world and help her family with their spending.

Indeed, the blogger has an upscale lifestyle and can get a high-end car and a mansion for her family; moreover, she can afford all the luxurious staff she can even imagine.

Missmiafit OnlyFans activity

The Missmiafit OnlyFans page is gradually gaining popularity and is the most visited page on the platform. The star activity on the page is so rewarding. She ensures that she controls her page account, so if a fan messages her, only the star will respond.

The page has 359 posts and 793 media files, including 782 photographs and 11 videos. Even though the actress has no streams, she has received 233.3K excellent replies from her followers.

The good responses inspire the star to be more active on the site and more willing to interact with her admirers. However, the celeb stated that fans are not permitted to request entirely naked, explicit, or private media from her. The Mia’s page is completely for sensual, not sexual content.

Is Missmiafit OnlyFans worth it?

The Missmiafit Only Fans account offers a $9.95 monthly subscription charge, with fans donating for content requests. It also provides discounted bundles for fans to save a lot of money.

The star gives 15% off for three months and 25% off for six months, implying that the price to access the star on the platform is reasonable. With hundreds of thousands of favorable reviews from subscribers, the page is definitely worth your subscription.

Missmiafit's photos

Missmiafit facts

  • On the Missmiafit OnlyFans page, users might find less nudity content than on other accounts. The fitness expert shares sensuality rather than sexuality.
  • The YouTuber enjoys cooking healthy meals and experimenting with new recipes that she shares with her social media fans.
  • Mia enjoys spending time with her family or participating in outdoor activities such as biking and visiting the beach.
  • She likes sports such as basketball, soccer, and tennis.
  • During her spare time, the celebrity enjoys watching movies.
  • She did not attend college and instead chose to work for a living.
  • Her first child’s name is Sean, and her second child’s name is Norr.

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