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March 2, 1995
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New York, USA
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28 years old
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Mstriggahappy (born March 2, 1995) is an American media personality widely recognized on TikTok and Facebook. The model gained much popularity on the internet after posting sketch videos. One of the videos went viral on TikTok and quickly earned her popularity. Her hobby brings her fun and a circle of fans who support the model in her occupation.

Unexpectedly for her subscribers, the girl began to release ASMR videos on her YouTube channel, which allowed her to attract a new audience. Another talent of the girl is modeling. This hobby has also made her recognizable in the modeling business. Apart from her talent, the girl has attracted everyone’s attention due to her authenticity and ability to create content that matches the desires of her subscribers.

Because of her fame, she was not afraid to try new things. So, she created the Mstriggahappy OnlyFans for her devoted followers. The website received 285.7 thousand positive responses from fans and was the site’s most visited page. The platform gives her the confidence to show off her curvy body and talent while providing a decent income compared to other platforms.

Her explicit videos have left a lot of people baffled. As a direct result, we decided to write this piece to discuss what we found with you. We will delve into her deepest, darkest secrets and investigate how she makes a living and what her life was like before she became famous. Find out about her social media activity, biography, and net worth.

Mstriggahappy’s biography

So, “Who is Mstriggahappy?” before her worldwide fame and model career? She is a renowned TikToker and YouTuber with a large online following. The future celebrity was born in New York, USA. Her college life has been filled with extracurricular activities, dancing competitions, modeling, and more. Creative nature determined the future occupation of the model.

She gained first popularity with her TikTok account. She posted one of her videos, which picked millions of views and became viral. Her plain life changed dramatically at this stage: fantastic career, demand for her creativity, new fans, and responsibilities. The model intensively studied social networks and began to create media files, giving enjoyment to her fans and getting considerable dividends to this day.

According to insider information, Mstriggahappy is married and has two children. The star tries to keep secret information about her family and personal life, as she clearly distinguishes between business and personal. Despite marriage and substantial employment, the celebrity has perfect physical health, adheres to a strict diet, and attends the gym.

On her Twitch channel, she has 10,600 subscribers, whom she also pleases with spicy content. The girl loves traveling because that’s where she gets inspiration and generates new ideas. In one of the interviews, she shared that the quality of her content depends on the quality of her vacation, so she pays a lot of attention to it.

The model is no less popular in other social networks. She has 85,000 subscribers on Facebook, 89,300 on Instagram, and 672,900 on Twitter. She collaborates with famous cosmetic and lingerie brands, participates in modeling shows and photoshoots. She has skillfully built a collaborative relationship with her audience and enjoys her activities.

Mstriggahappy's profile

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Graduate from College in her hometown

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5’3” (169 cm)
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50 kg (110 lbs)
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Mstriggahappy OnlyFans career

Mstriggahappy OnlyFans’ career surged after one of her leaked videos went viral. It generated widespread criticism and backlash, and it was the talk of the town. During the few months the video went viral, the star was anxious about where it came from and who was responsible for it.

Family and friends helped her cope with it and supported the young model in her endeavor. She continues to maintain her social networks, supplementing them with new high-level materials and pleasing her subscribers.

For her unique content, the model received 285.7 thousand positive feedback from fans. Her private account opens up new opportunities for personal and career growth for the model. Already, fashion clothing brands and other influencers want to cooperate with her.

Fans are happy with what the model shows on her page. In addition, they ask her to create this or that material, which becomes viral and popular among other subscribers.

How much does Mstriggahappy make on OnlyFans?

The Mstriggahappy OF page pays her while she interacts with her followers. She earns an estimated $50,000 monthly from a $20 monthly subscription and fan donations.

Aside from her page, she earned money from social media platforms such as Facebook, where she made $1,000 per month from Facebook reels and page videos. On her YouTube channel, the model also exhibits explicit content, and this, in turn, brings her additional income.

As of today, in 2023, the model has a financial wealth of $1,000,000. This includes earnings for sponsored posts, content on TikTok, and collaborations with bloggers. Her stardom provides her with a rich life and luxury.

It is known that the girl can afford to travel all year round, buy luxury cars, and get any facial and body treatments. Recently, she converted the penthouse she had been dreaming of for so long. And in general, she achieves everything she wants because this is how she provides a wealthy life for herself and her family.

Mstriggahappy OnlyFans activity

The Mstriggahappy OnlyFans page has 285.7 thousand fan reactions and is the platform’s most visited page. Because she is active online, she frequently publishes high-quality materials sufficient for her followers. Her page currently has 1530 posts and 2546 media, which includes 1.7 thousand photos, 813 videos, and 30 streams.

She encourages subscribers not to be afraid to ask her anything. The blogger is eager to connect with her audience and will provide what they require as long as it makes them happy. Their fantastic reactions motivate her to create exclusive content that satisfies fans, feeding their fantasy into reality.

The buffs are happy and satisfied every time she sends them material. When they receive or have access to exclusive videos from the influencer, it satisfies their desires and pleases them.

Is Mstriggahappy OnlyFans worth it?

According to our survey, the Mstriggahappy Only Fans website makes fans happy while ensuring their fantasies come true. According to fans, the page is worth the money and provides pleasure and satisfaction.

Since its inception, the streamer has provided subscribers the option to purchase bundled subscriptions at a discounted rate. In addition, she is providing a discount of 30% for the next month, 10% for the following three months, and 20% for six months.

Check out her page and subscribe to learn more about the influencer.

Mstriggahappy’s photos

Mstriggahappy facts

  • The Mstriggahappy OnlyFans are causing a stir online, with 285.7 thousand fan reactions.
  • The famous influencer loves Mariah Carey and Steven Tyler.
  • She enjoys watching movies; her favorite actors include Christa B. Allen and Ashanti.
  • Her ideal vacation destination is London.
  • She is married and has two children, a son and a daughter.
  • The social media influencer adores pets.
  • She has 672.9K followers on Twitter.
  • The celebrity enjoys cooking and outdoor activities with her family.

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