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November 1, 1995
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Boca Raton, Florida
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28 years old
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Naomi Ross
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Naomi Ross (born 1 November 1995) is an Instagram star, TikToker, and social media influencer who surprises fans with each of her appearances on streams of the famous YouTuber Adin. The well-known sister keeps up with her brother, and today, she is gaining new popularity on the Internet as a model.

Her private page is one of the reasons why many people talk about this beauty. Indecent selfie photos and videos of her body even became a source of contention among Adin fans. Some adore her, while others hate this social media star.

But who is this girl without one of the most famous influencers, and what is she like in real life aside from Naomi Ross OnlyFans? Unfortunately, there is no podcast or interview with this TikToker on the net, but we have solved this problem. Our article contains all the facts you need to know about this model.

Find out what is behind the idea of the celeb’s private account and why her channel is on the verge of closing. Check out the amazing biography of this YouTuber and other facts about her career, best friend, and brother. Continue to read and learn her secrets, physical data, and other information.

Naomi Ross's biography

The model, called Yumi by some of her fans, was born in a wealthy part of Boca Raton, Florida. Her family quickly moved to New York City since her parents had resources and money for that. At the moment, the names of them are unknown, but her father is not afraid of any YouTube appearance on her brother’s channel. Further in this part of the article, we will answer the question, “Who is Naomi Ross?”

Being 5 years older than Adin, she always raised and took care of him, which is why they have a very strong bond. The stars even began their careers together on the social media platform YouTube. They quickly started to gain popularity by shooting co-op pranks.

Naomi Ross informed that while she was earning more followers on her Instagram account, her brother was becoming the top streamer on Twitch with a decent amount of views. Subsequently, she often appeared on his streams, which aroused phenomenal interest in her personality among the Adin audience.

But what generated the most hype was a video about a possible relationship between Naomi and Zias, one of Adin’s friends. The story about the sister’s boyfriend quickly went viral, causing a wide range of emotions among viewers and glorifying both of the siblings on their social media accounts.

Today, Naomi still amazes her audience by posting provocative content. The social media personality also continues to participate in pranks, challenges, live streams, and vlogs with her brother. Together, they expand the fame of the Ross name and share new experiences with their subscribers.

Naomi Ross's profile

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Ended a local school in Florida

Height, weight & physical appearance

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168 cm (5'6")
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58 kg (128 Ibs)
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Dark Brown
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10 (US)

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Naomi Ross OnlyFans career

The girl never saw herself on the platform. But Naomi Ross OnlyFans page was created anyway due to the high incomes of other fashion models at that time. The star published her first post on 5 November 2021.

In 2022, the Instagram star had a boyfriend. They had a strong relationship, but things went wrong. Naomi had a period when she got tired of the private channel, so her boyfriend decided to continue her activity without her consent and posted pictures with a top part of her body.

He wanted to get 5% of the general revenue, but they broke up after that situation. The streamer continued her activities despite insults and negative statements addressed to her, although she was even threatened with death.

Today, this beauty tries not to go beyond what is permitted in creating content, paying more attention to communication through private messages. She also earns big money not only through paid subscriptions but also through PPV content.

How much does Naomi Ross make on OnlyFans?

The model shared in one video with her brother on the model’s YouTube channel that she earned up to $60,000 in her most successful months. However, statistics show that she makes up to $20,000 per month, most often from Naomi Ross OF.

A $15 subscription to her channel guarantees a good income for the model, even if there are only one thousand viewers on the page. Plus, Naomi, like other well-known celebrities on such platforms, puts more effort into getting donations.

Therefore, the celeb significantly improved her lifestyle after registering on the website. In addition, she began to receive lucrative offers with big money after appearing in more than one of her brother’s posts.

Projects related to promotion, sponsors, and music videos still appear in private messages of famous influencers. At the same time, her net worth of $800,000 continues to get bigger and bigger.

Naomi Ross OnlyFans activity

Despite numerous threats, Naomi Ross OnlyFans account continues to provide fans with quality content regularly. Today, you can find there 48 posts and 6 videos in which the girl presents herself in all her glory.

The blogger makes a huge effort to post materials that can only be obtained by paying an additional fee. The creative teasers that can be found on her profile suggest that her posts are for adult eyes only, but in fact, users won’t find content that is too candid.

For her activities, Naomi received 8,200 likes and many positive video reviews. In the future, this celebrity may show more of herself, but for now, this is impossible due to the hate of Adin’s fans.

Is Naomi Ross OnlyFans worth it?

The Naomi Ross Only Fans account succeeds in creating content with a provocative context. And there are always PPV and donation options if some users want to get more. They will allow you to get the most out of communication with this model.

It is also worth considering that the model is still online, although there are reasons why she may end her career. Therefore, users have a great chance to support the girl in difficult times to keep her active on the platform.

Naomi Ross's photos

Naomi Ross facts

  • After one too-explicit post on Naomi Ross OnlyFans, her brother hired private security to protect the girl from angry fans.
  • Naomi is Adin Ross’s older sister and very often appears in his videos.
  • There are rumors that Zias is dating Naomi, but both of them don’t confirm that fact.
  • Among her interests is yoga. The model is licensed to work as a trainer.
  • After one statement, the audience in the comment section of Adin Ross went crazy and started writing countless messages to his sister, which is why she made her TikTok account private.

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