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April 9, 1995
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Jacksonville, Florida
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28 years old
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Natalie Roush
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Natalie Roush (born April 9, 1995) is a top online model who is famous not only for her stunning body but also for the incredible number of expensive cars that she shows on her YouTube channel. The celeb amazes viewers with her professional opinion, driving skills, and insane beauty.

Therefore, the sharp increase in her audience on her private channel is not surprising. The model was often asked to show more than she could on her TikTok and Instagram videos. And it finally happened in 2020.

In May, the online community saw for the first time the paid Natalie Roush OnlyFans account, and then almost immediately she launched the second one. The public did not believe that this could happen, so rumors began to spread around her person, and the entire Internet was filled with news about her new work.

Today, they do not cease, so we are here to debunk all the myths about this star. Find out who she is, where she came from, and all the other necessary information below in our article.

Natalie Roush's biography

Many subscribers know who is Natalie Roush only from her photos. But behind her biography, there is a whole story of hard work. When she was a child and living in Jacksonville, her family didn’t like to buy her dolls since their young girl adored only toy cars. After school, she got involved with a car enthusiasts club. She didn’t even realize that ordinary interest would lead her to success as a top blogger.

Natalie took her first steps into modeling on her Instagram account, which she created in December 2014. She carefully and gradually promoted her posts, showing off her charming figure in the most exquisite outfits. However, all these posts were deleted, and now the first post is her photo in a bikini on February 18, 2019.

At that time, Natalie Roush had already received half 200,000 subscribers. However, the number of followers did not continue to increase even though she was also involved in her own YouTube channel, which she launched in 2017 by posting a video with Mk4. So, all she had to do was move in a new direction.

Therefore, she created her private channels in 2020, which launched a new wave of hype around her person. To her incredible earnings were added new unique offers from cloth brands and collaborations on YouTube. At the same time, her new fans couldn’t stop subscribing to her social media accounts.

As a result, she became one of the most famous influencers among female car enthusiasts. Her private profile is known worldwide, and Natalie continues her career on YouTube, buying more and more exclusive cars in LA.

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Graduated from the local school

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163 cm (5'4'')
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52 kg (114 lbs)
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Natalie Roush OnlyFans career

The model decided to start her career on a special platform in the summer of 2020 with the creation of not only one Natalie Roush OnlyFans but two accounts. A sudden and sensational success was guaranteed. Subscribers could not refuse the free opportunity to reveal the dirty secrets of this star.

But it wasn’t enough for them. Sooner or later, they switch to paid content on the second page. As a result, traffic grew steadily along with her incredible earnings from the website.

Her Instagram-like content and previews of her exclusive content worked perfectly, launching her career as a top celebrity on the website. Today, the price for a subscription to her private channel is $15, but this does not stop loyal fans.

On her page, you can still find behind-the-scenes materials and even more explicit content that shocks many followers. Roush has no plans to leave the platform and carefully distributes her time and energy to work in several areas of her life.

How much does Natalie Roush make on OnlyFans?

Before starting a successful career on Natalie Roush OF, this beauty was a certified barista until 2018. As a girl once said in an interview, “I was barely making enough to cover my bills and was working outrageous hours every week.”

Today, the situation is completely different because she makes up to $100,000 monthly using her private profile. Since the beginning of her modeling career, the blogger has already had several great collaborations with swimwear brands, traveling to different cities for shooting, such as Miami and Tulum.

This YouTuber also receives $5,000 for every sponsored post and sold photo of her gorgeous body. Plus, TikToker has a merchandise line, which she started selling online in 2015.

Automotive products are the second most important income for the model. All financial sources allowed her to buy a house with a garage full of the most exquisite cars, such as the new light blue G87 BMW M2 and silver S2000 AP2, each of which cost more than $30,000.

Natalie Roush OnlyFans activity

The model pays the most attention to the paid Natalie Roush OnlyFans page. However, even the free one can surprise the star’s viewers with quite provocative content. Each of them deserves special attention.

The first paid account has 1.3K posts and 51 videos, which amazes users with their quality and variety of scenes. For her activity, Natalie received a mindblowing 425.5K likes on the page.

As for the free one, there are 717 posts and even 22 videos, but they are not very candid. And yet, the profile was able to receive 273.4K positive ratings. Moreover, the number of subscribers of the model reaches 119.6K.

Is Natalie Roush OnlyFans worth it?

Natalie Roush Only Fans is definitely worth a subscription since only her two accounts have materials that fully show this model from all possible angles. The regular subscription price for a paid account is $15, but this star often offers discounts of up to $7.

Moreover, you have the option to try a free account first in order to check out the content and see if it really suits you. Try it now and see the new side of Roush.

Natalie Roush's photos

Natalie Roush facts

  • This YouTuber never graduated from the college she entered because the famous influencer wanted to make a career in the online industry, and Natalie Roush OnlyFans’ account.
  • The celebrity appeared in front of the camera for the first time when she was taking her senior pictures in high school.
  • Roush often visits Jacksonville, Florida, where lives her family and three cats.
  • Among the social media influencer’s closest relatives and friends are a brother, mother, and two sisters.
  • The star’s Instagram account is her most popular page. Today, there are 1.4M followers.
  • Natalie is also a professional streamer on Twitch. She is well-known for her excellent gaming skills in Valorant and Call of Duty.

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