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June 23, 1996
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United States
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27 years old
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Peachjars (born June 23, 1996) is an American model and social media influencer. Fans love the girl for her openness and positive attitude to life, no matter what.

Her photos appeared on Instagram for the first time, which she started for fun. Over time, this platform began to bring her money and fame. The girl shared candid photos and videos, which enticed subscribers to order more erotic content.

Over time, she moved to another platform and created the Peachjars OnlyFans page. Here, she could fully unleash her creativity and double her income. The first months of work were very productive and successful for the model. More than 6 million people and fans of her creativity subscribed to her.

She traveled a long road to success and coped with all the obstacles. In this article, you will learn what her childhood was like, how she achieved fame, and how much she earned from her private account.

Peachjars’s biography

Let’s dive deeper into the question, “Who is Peachjars?” This stunning YouTuber was born in the United States and resides in Texas. She never mentioned her family and sought to keep them private. She graduated from a prominent university in the United States after finishing high school in her hometown. The celebrity became prominent after one of her TikTok videos went viral, garnering millions of views quickly.

She has enjoyed playing video games since she was nine years old and has continued to do so even now, as she frequently streams on Twitch, where she has 127 thousands followers. This well-known Twitch streamer broadcasts video games such as Minecraft, Runescape, GaiaOnline, Club Penguin, and many others. She’s also using VRChat to communicate with her Twitch followers.

Peachjars also cosplays many anime characters, such as characters from “Star Wars.” She appeared alongside her lover, Moxification, every time Moxi filmed his YouTube material. However, speculations circulated that these two were no longer together and split up in 2022.

The model published lip-sync, skits, dance, and cosplayed content to TikTok, garnering 608.3 thousand followers and 9 million likes. She has published lifestyle, hauling, fashion, and other videos on her self-titled YouTube channel, which has 216 thousand subscribers. The famous social media influencer uses Twitter to advertise changes and new postings on her private sites.

Many admirers support her in all her endeavors because of her distinct and authentic personality. She started her private account and offers hot content unavailable on social media. The streamer made the page for free; however, fans can access the media by fan tips. She also promotes products on her social media networks and has gone on various podcasts to share her story.

Peachjars's profile

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Graduate from College in the US

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5’3” (160 cm)
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51 kg (112.4 lbs)
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Peachjars OnlyFans career

Because of the seductive photographs and videos uploaded by the influencer, Peachjars OnlyFans page has received 6.41 million enthusiastic fan reactions. Her page has brought her fame, relevance, freedom, and money.

Since she has no expertise in building an erotic website, it is a significant decision for her to create a website as a Twitch streamer. It is her first adult page, and she is entirely new. However, since she launched the site, her fan following has grown, increasing monthly income and popularity.

Through fan donations, the celebrity is providing PPV content and graphic images. She creates stuff to gratify fans and ensures that she can offer high-quality content that fanatics would like.

Buffs are pleased with what she publishes on her page, which has 430.6 thousand followers, thanks to her unique and great material. Fans can join her web page for free, and if they want to see exclusive stuff, they can send her tips or donations.

How much does Peachjars make on OnlyFans?

The Peachjars OF website is the talk of the town, with 6.41 million favorable fan reactions and 430.6 followers. With a significant following and excellent feedback, the star page earns a substantial monthly income. According to investigations, this charming celebrity makes around $85,000 monthly via fan donations and customized media fees.

She has to work hard and create a lot of content to keep her earnings level up. She mainly works in video format. This earns her an extra $1,200 monthly, which the model spends on her current needs.

The more popular she gets – the more famous companies approach her for cooperation. In this way, she gets profitable connections and develops as a model. She was pretty productive this year, so her net profit from all activities is $2,500,000.

She has come a long way to the fame she has today. The girl can afford a car, real estate, and any branded item. She keeps working on her image and saving money for the future.

Peachjars OnlyFans activity

The Peachjars OnlyFans website is always active; fans eagerly await the latest post. The blogger also enjoys the platform, which has 1611 posts and 3104 media, including 2.7 photos, 358 videos, and 18 streams. Many fans are pleased with all of her exclusive materials. The website received 6.41 million fan reactions and 430 thousand followers.

She posts PPV weekly and streams in which subscribers send her tips. Fan donations allow users to gain access to exclusive content. She interacted with her followers and responded to their direct messages.

Many of her followers are thrilled with her media files. It brings them joy and fun by bringing their fantasies to life.

Is Peachjars OnlyFans worth it?

Many bashers criticized the Peachjars Only Fans because of the provocative leaked videos circulating online, but to the loyal subscribers, it is beneficial for them.

As per buffs, they are entertained whenever they check the page. It is full of sensual materials, and it brightens their day. Additionally, it is free of charge, and any followers can join the platform.

If you want to donate and help the star in her endeavor, join the page now.

Peachjars's photos

Peachjars facts

  • The Peachjars OnlyFans page has 430.6 followers and 6.41 million fan reactions.
  • She streams video games like Minecraft, Runescape, GaiaOnline, Club Penguin, and many more on Twitch.
  • The actress dresses as several anime characters, including characters from “Star Wars.”
  • She was dating YouTuber Moxification.
  • The influencer enjoys spending time with friends and traveling to new regions.
  • Her teacher nicknamed her “Peachjars,” which means “beautiful.”
  • Her TikTok account currently has 608.3K followers and 9 million likes.
  • She started using Twitter in July 2010 and now has 711.3 thousand followers.

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