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Putri Cinta

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March 26, 1996
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27 years old
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Putri Cinta
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Putri Cinta (born March 26, 1996) is an Indonesian rising star, model and media personality. She has stirred up the media space with her candid photos that have left no one indifferent, including her audience of millions. She is admired not only in her native Indonesia, but also by fans around the world.

For the first time, the world saw her photos on Instagram, where she uploaded quite racy content. And since then, she has been noticed by paparazzi, famous brands and other bloggers who wanted to collaborate only with her. This reaction of the public speaks brightly of her success and hard work, which paid off well.

Over time, Instagram began to block explicit content, so the model created the Putri Cinta OnlyFans page. There she was able to fully showcase her skills, modeling talents and her touching nature. Her photos still leave many fans speechless to this day. All because she has created her own style and generates ideas that she hasn’t seen from anyone else.

So, at this point, we have only introduced you a little bit to the personality of this stunning model. If you are interested in how much she earns, how she lives, where she vacations and what she is into – continue reading our article. Here, you will find all the information you need and more. Enjoy reading, and don’t forget to share the most stunning facts with her fans.

Putri Cinta’s biography

Many celebs rose to prominence because they are passionate about what they do. However, for Putri, doing what you want is more important than just fame. But who is Putri Cinta in real life? Briefly, she is a DJ, fashion model, and social media influencer. Her birthplace is Java, Indonesia. However, she moved to Bali to pursue her career. So, let’s move on to other intriguing information.

Her modeling career began in 2017 when a photographer approached her and asked for a photo. At that point, she realized that she wanted to be a model since she loved being in front of the camera. This blogger often shares her stunning Instagram images and accepts lots of partnership invites to promote businesses for a fee. Her modeling career took off after she was hired as a bear model for the Playboy agency in 2018.

Putri Cinta adores riding bikes and showcasing her talent and how her athletic figure benefits from it. She also has other accounts for her cycling activities, where she is connecting with her Indonesian friends. Her second habit is blending music and performing at clubs, festivals, and parties using her musical ability. She enjoys DJing and acting in a bikini to create a unique experience for her social media fans and supporters as well.

As a result of exposure to various platforms, this influencer gained a huge base of fans. She has four Instagram accounts: personal, cycling, modeling, and also for DJing. Her most popular account has 642K followers who admire her poses and nude modeling style. This TikToker also has 125.6K TikTok fans who enjoy her vacation and swimsuit images. If you didn’t know, she is the face of the well-known company Fashion Nova.

This well-known influencer never entertained blowback or other negative attention as well. Instead, she pursues her strong passion and perseveres in the face of any type of criticism. Because she really values her body so much, this YouTuber never undergoes surgery or treatments, and working out and cycling are her tactics for developing and perfecting her figure.

Putri Cinta's profile

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Graduate from the University of Indonesia

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5’3” (1.6 m)
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48 kg (105 lbs)
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Putri Cinta OnlyFans career

This Putri Cinta OnlyFans page is the talk of the town and most of her fans are happy with what she published on the platform. Many people are pleased with her as she showcased her voluptuous personality on the platform.

This model did not hesitate to create her personal page, because her subscribers literally threw her compliments and requests to create a private page. For the most part, this is due to the fact that the girl already shows explicit content, but her audience wants more. And she is ready to show everything she is capable of on the created private page.

Her career path on the private platform fully satisfies the model herself and motivates her to work on her reputation further. She is loved for her openness to communication, erotic content and willingness to transform into any heroine for the pleasure of her audience.

Overall, she is quite a successful platform model when compared to other models in her age group. She is immensely happy with her lifestyle and is grateful to the platform creators for the opportunity to create beautiful things and make money from it.

How much does Putri Cinta make on OnlyFans?

The Putri Cinta OF page has become a real money-maker for the model. Thanks to her earnings, she can save for the future, cover today’s needs, and invest in stocks. Where do these opportunities come from? Considering that she earns $110,000 a month, this is still the smallest of her expenses. Let’s find out in detail her income.

Her primary income includes shooting photos and videos, hosting live shows, and taking orders for exclusive content from fans. Secondary earnings are her social media activities. This includes advertising and sponsored posts, as well as a bit of modeling projects.

If her business continues to be as successful as it is, by the end, her net profit will be $4,000,000. And possibly more, given her employment in many projects. It’s probably going to be a productive year for her.

And now let’s analyze the expenses of the model who owns a million dollars. No kidding, she can afford anything. She has already acquired real estate, and an expensive car and surrounds herself with luxury items that give her self-confidence. She really enjoys emphasizing her celeb status. And she does it pretty well.

Putri Cinta OnlyFans activity

Now we will tell you more about the model’s activities and what exactly she does on her page. Of course, her Putri Cinta OnlyFans page is associated with racy content and nude photos of the model in the most unimaginable poses. In this way, she has already managed to gather more than 215K positive reactions from her fans.

It’s important for her to stay focused on her audience. So, she shoots nude photos of herself, short videos with erotic scenes, and also takes orders to shoot exclusive materials from fans.

To date, the girl has managed to build a positive reputation among the users of the platform, which is already working for her and bringing in a lot of income. She is delighted with her work and regards it as a creative process and a favorite business. We hope that she will please her fans as usual in the most spicy way.

Is Putri Cinta OnlyFans worth it?

The Putri Cinta Only Fans page is causing a sensation on the internet, with fans profiting from the platform. However, only some were entertained by all of her stuff. Her personalized media files, according to critics, take longer to send.

Most of her fans thought that her page was worthwhile and beneficial. They are really pleased with each release and intend to renew their subscription immediately. Her page charged a monthly subscription fee of $12.90 and also offered a variety of subscription bundles to fans. She gave 75% off for 31 days, 20% off for three months, 35% off for six months, and 50% off for a year. Quite a reasonable suggestion.

If you’re looking for an explicit page like hers, subscribe to her website to see if it’s worth it.

Putri Cinta’s photos

Putri Cinta facts

  • The Putri Cinta OnlyFans page has gone viral and has delighted many fans of all ages, culminating in 215.5 thousand fan reactions.
  • Her modeling career began in 2017 when a random photographer contacted her and requested a photo.
  • Her modeling career took off in 2018 after being hired as a bear model for the well-known “Playboy” agency.
  • She has four Instagram accounts: one for herself, one for cycling, one for modeling, and one for DJing.
  • She has a total of 642 thousand Instagram followers.

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