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Rubi Rose

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October 2, 1997
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Lexington, Kentucky, USA
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26 years old
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Rubi Rose
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Rubi Rose (born October 2, 1997) is a widely known model, rapper, blogger, and social media influencer all in one. She has attracted public attention with her stunning singing and modeling talents at the same time. The girl also takes full advantage of every opportunity to make herself known to the world. Sounds cool, right? Yep, you’ll be surprised a lot after reading. So, let’s discover more.

If we describe her as a person, she is really energetic and always looking for ways to get attention. She is constantly generating new ideas, working hard, and paying attention to her subscribers. In parallel, she is a good friend and a daughter who always remembers her family. In a nutshell, she’s pretty busy but also attentive to people in her close circle. It’s quite important for her, by the way. We know it for sure.

The peak of her popularity can be attributed to the period when she created the Rubi Rose OnlyFans page. There, she finally can show the sensual nature and seduction that she possesses. Fans literally go crazy about her material and always ask for more and more spicy. Wow, she’s really a pro in this, we would say. And, of course, all her fans. So, what else?

But that’s only part of her story. We have many more interesting facts about her life, which you will learn about in the following sections. In particular, about her career path, how much she earns and her future plans. Interested? You betcha! Enjoy reading and come back to read about other beauties from the private platform as well.

Rubi Rose’s biography

It makes sense to start this section with the question: Who is Rubi Rose? She was born and grew up in Lexington, Kentucky, but moved to Atlanta in her teens. It is known that her mother is an Ethiopian dentist, and her father is a lawyer. The model went to Brookwood High School and majored in politics at Georgia State University. That’s all the info. So, let’s discover more.

The social media influencer received her baptism in the Mormon Church. It was the brightest memory from her childhood. So, let’s talk about her career path. We discovered that the model rose to fame in 2016 in a music video, “Bad and Boujee.” It was her first success and experience in the media field. And quite successful, we would say. You should see it, for real.

There is also quite a bit of information about her personal life. Rubi Rose dated fellow rapper Playboi Carti and contributed to his song “On Top.” Unfortunately, it was her first bittersweet experience in the relationship. The young man mistreated the model and even put a gun to her head. And then he cheated on her with other girls. How can you stay in a relationship after that? So they broke up. It was obvious, you know.

But all the previous events in her life did not break her spirit and her desire to win. The celeb signed a contract with Hitco Entertainment and released several songs, including “Trickin.” Aside from her musical career, the star keeps busy with her private account and other social media platforms. She’s a pretty busy chick, huh? And what else?

So, let’s summarise everything the above. She is rich and famous and is loved by her numerous fans around the world. She also planned to change her content format in order to please all her admirers as well as she could. We hope that she’ll show lots of her new projects in the near future. Well, let’s wait for it!

Rubi Rose's profile

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Graduate from Georgia State University

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163 cm (5’4”)
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54 kg (119 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Rubi Rose OnlyFans career

She started her career in a stunning way. The girl did not take a long time to promote her Rubi Rose OnlyFans account but immediately uploaded the most seductive and candid shots. And this hook really worked. A crowd of subscribers lined up to gawk at the gorgeous curves of the model and were ready to pay any money for another portion of pleasure. But let’s talk about everything in order.

The model created the page to become more visible in media circles. She needed two things – money and fame. Which she basically got as a creator of erotic content. At first, she set up a paid subscription to make more money, but after a while, she made access to the Rubi Rose nudes material completely free. So her fans can enjoy her content without any additional investment.

However, they should pay extra money in order to see more engaging content and talk to the star personally. But this does not reduce the number of subscribers; it only increases it. After all, users of the platform know that everything she creates is of the highest quality.

Aside from her page, the celeb makes millions of dollars from music videos, sponsorships, and brand collaborations. She has been able to develop all sources of income to get the most out of each of them. We’re definitely sure that we’ll see more seductive stuff from this chick in the near future.

How much does Rubi Rose make on OnlyFans?

It is an obvious fact that her Rubi Rose OF page brought the girl complete financial freedom and opportunities that she did not have before. An interesting fact is that within the first few days of creating the page, the model earned $100K. It’s totally something incredible, guys. Did you hear something like that about the other models? That’s right. But wait, let’s talk about everything in order.

She scrutinizes her content and will never put up something mediocre or something that many other models have shown. This is the key to her success – working to be unique among her competitors. This is how she attracted attention and got really big money for subscribing to the channel, live broadcasts, shooting exclusive photos, and even more.

Naturally, lots of famous bloggers could not pass by such a prominent personality in the media circles. They ask her to make marks in stories and exhibit sponsored posts on their social network pages as well. Such activities also bring the model extra money. It’s pretty good money, we would say.

The girl has built her online empire and now enjoys the fruits of her tour. She travels abroad a lot, buys real estate for herself and relatives, invests in stocks, and buys only branded things. She’s pretty good at this. Her life is successful, which she is extremely happy about. She really deserves all that she has today. So, why not?

Rubi Rose OnlyFans activity

To date, the content base of her Rubi Rose OnlyFans page consists of 1,142 posts and 3,210 media, which includes 2.4K photos and 809 videos as well. It also received 1.20M positive reactions, but no streams were recorded. Well, let’s discover more about it.

A girl’s working day consists of a constant generation of new ideas for content. She shoots all the materials in advance in order to have time to think about the next ones. She communicates with her fans and takes into account all their wishes regarding the content. I guess that’s why they love her so much. And for her seductive body, of course.

Among her subscribers, you can find people of all ages, genders, and nationalities. She is to the taste of each of them and leaves an unforgettable impression after watching her gorgeous photos and videos. Want to check it out? Subscribe now!

Is Rubi Rose OnlyFans worth it?

Subscribing to the celeb’s Rubi Rose Only Fans page is definitely worth it. That’s what her fans say. Especially considering the fact that the girl has removed the payment for the subscription, and today, her materials can be viewed by everyone who is interested in her format. Let’s discover more here.

At your disposal will be photos, videos, and access to live broadcasts. You can also download all the files at any time convenient for you. Moreover, if you want something spicier or to see the model in a new image, you can write her in private messages. She will gladly realize all your fantasies. Hey, maybe yours will be the next.

Get to know her page and dive into the world of seductive content. Let her brighten your loneliness tonight. Have fun.

Rubi Rose's photos

Rubi Rose facts

  • The Rubi Rose OnlyFans page captures the interest of more followers around the world than any other star.
  • The TikToker is multi-ethnic if you didn’t know. Her father is Japanese, and her mother is Eritrean. Unexpected, right?
  • Carti, her ex-boyfriend, assaulted her and has been arrested so far.
  • The celebrity had a colorful adolescence — she was a high school cheerleader.
  • The model collaborates with well-known brands such as Princess Polly.
  • Aside from the music industry, the star has dabbled in modeling, collaborating with numerous fashion brands, and appearing in magazines.
  • The title of the YouTuber’s first album is “For the Streets.”
  • Rubi appeared in the music video “WAP” with Cardi B. in August 2020.

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