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Sara Underwood

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March 26, 1984
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Portland, Oregon
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39 years old
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Sara Underwood
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Sara Underwood (born March 26, 1984) is synonymous with charisma and creativity since the star has captivated an online following and has emerged as a trailblazing social media sensation. She has a beautiful personality, thanks to which her roles in many films were one of the most memorable.

Today, the actress continues her career but in a different field. She has become one of the most famous online celebrities and has an incredible following.

At the same time, she conquered other types of platforms. Thus, now Sara Underwood OnlyFans is one of the most worthy free accounts on the website. But how does this star manage to achieve success again and again?

Find out about her background and how she got on the modeling career path that will lead her to millions of dollars on the special resource. Check out her biography, facts, net worth, and more.

Sara Underwood's biography

Who is Sara Underwood? The future star was born in Portland and graduated from school there. First, the girl studied for some time at the University of Oregon, and then she moved to the University of Portland. Later, the celeb worked as a sales assistant in a company that sold heavy construction equipment.

But she didn’t stay anywhere for long because everything led her to her dream job – modeling. People found out about Sara when her photos appeared on the cover of Playboy magazine. The blogger was declared as the girl of the month, and a year later, she became the girl of the year.

Despite the fact that Sara Underwood often changed jobs, trying to find a place in life, filming, photo shoots, and fashion shows always remained her favorite pastime. She also added films to her career life, in which she began acting in 2007. Her best roles were in movies like “The Telling,” “Epic Movie,” and “Two Million Stupid Women.”

Sara’s affair with television and radio host Ryan Seacrest continued for a long time. They constantly start dating and then separate again and again. Currently, Underwood is not acting in films. The last movie with her participation was released in 2012 and called “Zellwood.”

Today, she enthusiastically embraces the opportunities offered by social networks. Her Instagram subscriber count has long gone into the millions. The model regularly posts photos of herself from travel and from candid photo shoots. She also connected her private channel in which she shows her high-quality intimate photos.

Sara Underwood's profile

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She was a student at Oregon State University and Portland State University

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5’ 3” (160 cm)
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48 kg (106 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Sara Underwood OnlyFans career

The fact that Sara Underwood OnlyFans account appeared did not surprise users at all. The actress has always shown her delicate nature, from shooting for Playboy to riding almost naked on a bicycle in different cities to show a more environmentally friendly way of transportation.

Therefore, many were eager and waiting for the model to finally start her career on the world-famous site. Her first photos immediately showed the level of quality of professional photography.

The girl’s acting also helped create stunning videos that quickly began to spread across the Internet. The sharp buzz around her person helped to renew her faded popularity and attract a new audience to the channel.

As a result, her free private channel has become one of the most worthy of attention on the platform. Today, the number of likes on it exceeds one million.

How much does Sara Underwood make on OnlyFans?

The early days of the Sara Underwood OF account were some of the most profitable in the model’s life. However, gradually, the sudden noise began to subside, so she had to keep users with the quality of the content, which she did.

According to her private channel, the prices on every post can be very different. Costs range from $19 to more than $100 per post. It is also worth considering that today, there are about 70,000 subscribers on her page.

All this indicates that she earns between $150,000 and $200,000 per month. But this is not the limit since fans are especially generous on her birthdays and are ready to donate the actress up to $10,000.

In addition, she is a well-known influencer, which helps her to promote various brands. Today, on each of her social media accounts, she can make several million dollars a year thanks to advertising.

Sara Underwood OnlyFans activity

In a digital age where creators seek creative autonomy and a direct connection with their fans, the star decided to use the power of a private channel. Sara Underwood OnlyFans profile, often synonymous with personalization and authenticity, allowed her to break free from the constraints of traditional media.

Today, her account is filled with more than 1 thousand photographs, which she tries to upload almost every day. She also created 152 unique video files that tell more about her private life.

She received 1.67M likes for her work, which is an incredible result. In the future, the model is not going to leave the platform and wants to continue pampering her followers with content full of candid photo shoots.

Is Sara Underwood OnlyFans worth it?

Subscribing to Sara Underwood Only Fans account can be a good experience for fans who admire her unique blend of content, which includes behind-the-scenes videos, exclusive pictures, and a more intimate look at her daily life. It offers an opportunity to connect with a famous influencer on a personal level.

The 1.67M likes mark hints at the excellent quality of her content. Plus, she has a free account, which allows you to learn more about the model without any additional money.

Sara Underwood’s photos

Sara Underwood facts

  • Sara Jean Underwood started her career with Playboy in 2005 before being a social media influencer.
  • Aside from posting content on her private channel as a YouTuber, she also enjoys DIY cabin projects, business, photography, and exploring nature.
  • Sara supports charitable causes related to animal rights, conservation of the environment, and women’s empowerment.
  • She’s an Instagram star with 9 million followers on her Instagram account (as of writing).
  • Sara Underwood appeared in different movies, including “Epic Movie” in 2007, “House Bunny” in 2008, and “Deadly Weekend” in 2013.
  • She previously served as a host on G4’s “Attack of the Show!” and took part in the eighth edition of the Kunoichi competition held in Japan, which is recognized in the United States as “Women of Ninja Warrior.”

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