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Sexythangyang is a mystery model who keeps all of her personal information hidden. This P-hub actress continues to astound her admirers with her original content and hot pose. With all of her fans stalking her social media sites, it creates a buzz online and increases followers’ curiosity.

Her fans eagerly await her new pieces and are thrilled with every one of her site uploads. But what draws people in is her sensuous demeanor, which contrasts with what she generally publishes on social media networks.

Her Sexythangyang OnlyFans became widely recognized when her leaked videos went viral. It received 758.4 fan reactions, propelling her page to the top 0.01% of all creators.

However, not all of her fans are aware of her humble beginnings. This piece delves into the enigma around her celebrity, why she is so private, and how she makes money online. Learn about her net worth, facts, and more.

Sexythangyang’s biography

In this section, you’ll find the answers to the question: Who is Sexythangyang? She is better known as “Kimberly Yang,” an AV actress, social media influencer, and erotica model. Her educational history, family, birthdate, and birthplace remain unknown. She refuses to share them to retain her anonymity in the erotica industry.

She was starting as an Asian model in the erotica market, which is challenging due to Asian culture’s strict beliefs and customs. She was a novice to a private channel till many other countries appreciated her chubby form, gorgeous face, and facial emotions in making sensual flicks. It spurred her to become an overnight superstar in this field, developing social skills to earn more money from her lifestyle and other activities.

This Instagram celebrity is a dual-linguist; she speaks Korean and English, which she may exploit to advance her career. Sexythangyang enjoys uploading dance and lip-sync videos to her social media channels to excite her followers and generate sales on her website. Her collaborations with her erotica model friends also bring them a lot of praise, likes, and followers eagerly awaiting their work.

Her greatest accomplishment as a social media influencer has been gaining many followers through her social media accounts. Her Instagram, which featured dancing challenges, tease flicks, and swimwear photos, has 425K followers. She earned 158.2K Twitter followers by uploading nude photographs of herself, creative shots, and discounts for her private account.

Her dedication to her work is the crucial cause for her success as a raunchy model. Her lack of a supporting family does not discourage her; instead, it pushes her to become a successful person who can make her family proud. She is a hard worker and a determined and motivated individual, so she will quickly become one of the top-ranked AV actresses in the erotica industry.

Sexythangyang's profile

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5’3” (160 cm)
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52 kg (114 lbs)
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Sexythangyang OnlyFans career

The Sexythangyang OnlyFans page increased her popularity, money, and fan base. Her hard work creating this page has paid off, with 754K fan reactions.

This YouTuber is having fun and assisting her in reaching the pinnacle of her career by creating noise and making headlines across social media platforms. It’s the buzz of the town, and it drives all of her fans wild.

This weblog works hard in the first three months to gain viewers and money. She’s making a lot of money from it, which surprised her.

The page was designed to highlight her Dionysian side, which features her thin physique and gorgeous stance. All of her Asian and other fans come to her website, anxious to subscribe and gain access to all of the platform’s filthy videos.

How much does Sexythangyang make on OnlyFans?

The Sexythangyang OF page is profitable, which allows her to save more for the future. In an interview, she stated that she earns six figures from it.

Some skeptics say she earns $105,000 monthly from fan donations since she has numerous big tippers. Every time she streams, she makes money.

Her social media networks also pay her for sponsored postings. Her Instagram reels are also making her money. When all her financial assets are included, she has a net worth of approximately $2,000,000 as of 2023.

This Korean approach is gaining not only money but also international reputation. She lives a lovely life with access to expensive items. This TikToker also frequently goes to Asian countries such as China and other exotic locations.

Sexythangyang OnlyFans activity

The Sexythangyang OnlyFans page is the talk of the town, bringing joy and pleasure to all followers. Her page had 3194 posts and 6869 media, including 5.7K videos, 1.2K streams, and 758.4K fan reactions.

Fans are drawn to this TikToker because of her fantastic physique and attractive looks. As a result, whenever she produces filthy content, they are undoubtedly entertained and happy.

She charges $30 for a naked video, $60 for a lengthier nude film, and $100 for a naked video with personal depictions. She shared stuff such as solo, B/G, G/G, and so on three times per day.

Is Sexythangyang OnlyFans worth it?

The Sexythangyang Only Fans website is quickly becoming a hot topic on all news websites. Her page is valuable for her admirers, and they rate it 4.9 stars. However, she is slower than others when delivering customized photos and videos.

When it comes to subscription cuts, however, she provides several different options. Her offer is as follows: sixty-five percent off for the next thirty-one days, ten percent off for the next three months, twenty percent off for the next six months, and thirty percent off for the following year.

If you are looking for a source of entertainment that contains graphic material, most admirers recommend the star’s page.

Sexythangyang’s photos

Sexythangyang facts

  • Kimberly Yang is the actual name of the streamer. She is a well-known influencer, P-hub model, and social media influencer.
  • She has 426 thousand Instagram followers.
  • This influencer enjoys traveling to exotic areas to experience beaches and various cultures.
  • She rose to popularity in the AV industry.
  • She has no Twitch channel and has never appeared on a podcast.
  • She kept her birthdate, educational background, place of birth, and location private.

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