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Shantal Monique

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April 2, 1989
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Seattle, Washington
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34 years old
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Shantal Monique
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Shantal Monique (born 2 April 1989) is an American sensual model, podcaster, social media influencer, and media star who began her career in the erotica industry. This celebrity is the most sought-after star today, with hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world.

Her education and lovely appearance in addition to her glitz, leaving her followers speechless. This podcaster made headlines when she disclosed her life story and challenges before becoming who she is today. Many people admired her not only for her beauty but also for her brain and life experience. It made her whole and resilient over time.

Notoriety provided her with numerous opportunities for career, which led to the creation of the Shantal Monique OnlyFans website. She is among the most well-known online stars on the platform, with 481.4K positive fan reactions.

We created this article to share what we’ve discovered because her numerous admirers are hunting for Shantal’s bio. Let’s look at her path to prominence, how she managed her time as a celebrity and achiever, and her financial status. Learn about her net worth, stats, profile, biography, and more.

Shantal Monique’s biography

The popularity of stars is accompanied by constant attention from the public. The same fate has befallen our model. So, we have collected the most provocative info to answer the top question from her fans: Who is Shantal Monique? She was born in Seattle, Washington, but moved to Arizona to fulfill her modeling ambitions. The girl earned an associate’s degree in science, biochemistry and arts from Arizona State University.

To retain privacy in her personal life, she was very discreet with her family and didn’t divulge too much about their identities. Shantal’s parents pushed her to follow her dream of becoming a model since she was a child. Her peers mocked and discouraged her about her possibilities of success in the modeling industry, but this did not deter her, and she did not listen to them.

Shantal Monique was discovered by “Playboy” magazine after years of working as a model. In an interview, she stated that she was both happy and surprised to be invited by the well-known modeling agency, given that she was a student while pursuing her dream profession as a model. Many adore her because, despite possessing a degree, she followed and maintained her dream.

She traveled to Los Angeles every week for lingerie shoots, nude modeling, and magazine photoshoots. In 2014, she was crowned “Playmate of the Month” by Playboy South Africa. She was also featured twice in the “Playboy Cyber Girl” series for her accomplishments and discoveries at the agency she works for. In January to February 2016, this gorgeous TikToker appeared on several magazine covers and won numerous awards.

Her fame in the industry opened many opportunities for her. She also co-hosted a podcast with her colleague “Lynnie Marie” about their sensual encounters and questions and how they gave back to their fans who had supported them along the road. Her family has encouraged her throughout her career journey and supported and guided her in making good career decisions.

Shantal Monique's profile

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Graduate from Arizona State University in the US

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5’4” (162.5 cm)
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54 kg (119 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Shantal Monique OnlyFans career

This streamer became popular after rising to notoriety in the erotica industry. The Shantal Monique OnlyFans page makes all her fans starving and untamed with her sumptuous media files.

This famous social media influencer expressed gratitude for discovering the site. She saw many opportunities on the site, including flexibility, relevance, popularity, and lots of money. Additionally, she has control over her income, which has increased her creativity.

This blogger can create explicit content dependent on her availability and time. She may charge whatever she wants for tailored content and direct her film without feeling rushed. All of this she makes to provide her fans with only high-quality materials.

Adult film fans are pleased with what she has put on the platform, as evidenced by 481.4K her an reactions. They are delighted to be on the platform and excel at her sensual depictions.

How much does Shantal Monique make on OnlyFans?

The Shantal Monique OF page is the talk of the town, and many of her fans are blown away by what she has created. She earned a good living from the site, making her one of the most sought-after model today.

Critics claim she earns roughly $80,000 monthly thanks to subscription fees option and generous fan donations. This celebrity also makes money from live streaming and personalized media files. As you can see, she’s really busy with her businesses.

Another source of income for her – modeling activities that includes photoshoots and calendar contracts. Furthermore, she profits from the revenue from her platforms and sponsored postings on social media platforms.

She also built a podcasting business. When all her assets are included, she has a net worth of around $5,000,000 as of 2023. Popularity has brought celebrities money and power. She may now travel the world and visit beautiful locations. According to reports, this actress owns a physical business in Los Angeles, real estate, and fancy cars.

Shantal Monique OnlyFans activity

This Shantal Monique OnlyFans page is always active, and the celebrity is eager to engage with her fans. Her page consists of 1,228 posts and 2,741 media files, including 2.4 pictures, 314 videos, and 133 streams. It received 481.4K far reactions and 254.2K subscriptions to her channel.

Many subscribers are pleased and greatly satisfied with her unique media files. She provides truly hot and spicy stuff that keeps all users fully happy and entertained. The influencer used her abilities and aptitude to entice many fans and attempt to provide high-quality media files.

She stated that she provides limited personalized content and welcome and birthday presents to all of her members. This TikToker also gives VIP treatment to her significant tippers and assembles them.

Is Shantal Monique OnlyFans worth it?

Shantal Monique Only Fans is making news on review sites and other website portals. Some fans believe it is worth the money, while others disagree. But still her page is popular on the Internet and gain a lot of new subscribers.

Overall, most of her fans are highly pleased and satisfied with hte content. They thank the influencer for providing them with enjoyment and pleasure amid stress and loneliness. Most of her followers regarded her page as useful and valuable to them. And also worth of subscription.

If you want to know if the platform is worth it, join the page and find out for yourself. It will take a few minutes for the next unlimited access.

Shantal Monique’s photos

Shantal Monique facts

  • The Shantal Monique OnlyFans page is becoming increasingly popular and the most visited page. It received 481.4 thousand fan reactions and 254.2 thousand subscribers.
  • She attended Arizona State University and got associate degrees in science, biochemistry, and also arts before entering the modeling industry.
  • At the age of 19, Shantal continued to audition for numerous modeling agencies.
  • She was named “Playmate of the Month” by Playboy South Africa in 2014.
  • She was also featured twice in the “Playboy Cyber Girl” series for her achievements and discoveries.
  • She also co-hosted a podcast with her coworker “Lynnie Marie” about their erotic encounters on the “Coffee and Cleavage” program.

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