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June 4, 2000
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Arizona, USA
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23 years old
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Skylar Mae
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Skylar Mae (born 4 June 2000) is a girl who once used to be a teacher but went all out to achieve unprecedented popularity. This beauty is especially famous for her curves, body shapes, and pure smile, which you can see on her TikTok videos all the time.

She constantly surprises her viewers not only on her Instagram account but also on a private page. Skylar Mae OnlyFans profile is full of gorgeous selfie pictures of the model that she regularly posts.

Her reputation precedes the girl, so many want to get to know the famous influencer better. Uncover her personality with our real life biography and facts. Check out her net worth, height, weight, and physical appearance.

Below, you will also discover her mindblowing earnings from Skylar Mae Only Fans page and materials that the model provides on her account. Read on and open the incredible story of her success.

Skylar Mae's biography

The social media influencer was born in Arizona, USA. But her parents are of Australian and American descent, which gave the girl such a beautiful appearance. Since childhood, Skylar Mae was not afraid of difficulties since among her interests was climbing to the top as soon as possible.

However, her family tried to set her on the right path and helped Skylar to enter a local university, which the girl graduated from. After receiving a degree in the field of teaching, the blogger decided to try herself in one local school. Nevertheless, the Instagram star abandoned this idea less than a year later.

This beauty decided to go headlong into creating content. Skylar Mae leaked in one interview that she was always very liberated at that time and aware of possible earnings on the special resource, so she quickly decided to sell explicit content. By studying this topic thoroughly, she made a leap of faith into the social media industry.

Skylar knew that the best way to start her career was by opening a new account on the social media platform Twitter. She quickly uploaded several photos and tweets about interesting preferences. Then, she opened her social media accounts on TikTok and Instagram platforms and also a YouTube channel.

She constantly delighted followers with her dancing, lip-syncing, fashion, vlogs, and comedy videos, adding a touch of provocativeness. This was the key to her success, which helped her become one of the most famous influencers of our time.

Skylar Mae's profile

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Sky graduated from a local university in Arizona

Height, weight & physical appearance

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162 (5'4")
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52 kg (115 Ibs)
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4 (US)

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Skylar Mae OnlyFans career

Before becoming one of the most popular models on the platform, TikToker was a teacher. During the pandemic, she watched rising celebrities and realized that she could also become a real star. However, she decided to create a Skylar Mae OnlyFans account only in 2020.

She quickly set to work creating high-quality exclusive content and filling her TikTok with provocative videos to attract attention. The YouTuber posted more than one video with sexual images and subtexts that became her highlight.

After two years of hard work, the girl was able to receive an incredible 2 million positive ratings, and there were already 3 million of them a year later. The numbers and views continue to grow, and Skylar does not stop posting explicit content, expanding the boundaries of what is permitted.

Today, people continue to subscribe to her accounts massively, and her private page takes on a second life thanks to new exclusive materials. The girl is becoming more and more beautiful in the eyes of her audience, thanks to whom her account has become one of the top ones.

How much does Skylar Mae make on OnlyFans?

TikToker breaks all earnings records despite the fact that the subscription price of her private page reaches $30. Skylar Mae leaked in the podcast that she earns around $150,000 per month thanks to her great body and curves.

Her PPV content, which is always sent to all subscribers for a fee, is in particular demand. Frequent push massages easily lead her to sales of candid materials, making the model and her lifestyle richer every day.

Also, the social media personality has collaborations with sponsors lots and famous brands. The star has countless swim and costume-wearing outfits from different companies, as you can see from her numerous videos in different images.

Based on sources, her net worth is estimated at $1,500,000, which is a great indicator of her dedication to the work. At the moment, she is not in a relationship, as the celeb devotes a huge amount of time to her career. Therefore, her fortune will continue to grow.

Skylar Mae OnlyFans activity

The model has been working hard to create content since the inception of the Skylar Mae OnlyFans profile. She expanded the video and photo categories, allowing her to post over a stunning 2,600 posts and a breathtaking 2,800 media.

The celeb also pays a lot of attention to private messages. You can comment on her photo and get a quick response. Moreover, she began to communicate with her subscribers live. At the moment, the streamer has staged broadcasts 30 times.

Today, this celebrity offers a lot of videos in DMS. She constantly proposes fresh material at a separate price to each of her subscribers. And her ranking among other content creators on the website makes her one of the most successful models in the world.

Is Skylar Mae OnlyFans worth it?

Skylar Mae Only Fans deservedly received a remarkable number of likes, which indicates a decent quality of materials on the girl’s page. Plus, the blogger has a fairly rich amount of content that can cover the needs of almost any user.

Frequent discounts allow users to save big money and get the most out of her content. Explicit videos and exciting streams show Sky from a wide variety of angles. That is why if you want to get to know her better, the private channel of this TikToker is definitely for you.

Skylar Mae's photos

Skylar Mae facts

  • Skylar Mae OnlyFans page is considered one of the most popular, after the model’s Instagram account, where she has 3.4 million followers.
  • There are rumors that Sky has a boyfriend, Nick Griffit. However, it is not known how long they have been in a relationship and when they started dating.
  • Due to some online bullying and fear, there is no information about her family. And still, there are rumors that her parents are Mindy and Jamie Miller, while her brother and best friend is Taylor Miller.
  • This YouTuber is a true cosplay lover. She adores spending time with friends and doing sports to maintain her well-shaped figure.
  • Skylar is already 23 years old, but many people think that she is 18 years old because of her too young appearance.

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