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September 14, 1995
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Seoul, Korea
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28 years old
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Ssunbiki (born 14 September 1995) is a plus-size model and Instagram sensation from Korea. Approximately 704 thousand people have seen her candid photographs on Instagram. It’s hard to look away from her cute facial features and captivating shapes. As a model, she started working in 2019. She participated in modeling and starred in men’s magazines during this time. Different brands actively invited the girl for her modeling talent.

Without a single ounce of fat, she is widely recognized as one of South Korea’s most gorgeous models. She has lovely body curves that make her incredibly attractive. This model’s innate beauty and flawless form are on full display in the jaw-dropping images generating a sensation on the internet.

The Ssunbiki OnlyFans site is making prestige on social media by publishing sizzling stuff and driving admirers insane. It garnered 41,8 thousand likes and contained numerous media assets, both of which delighted the public.

However, not all of her supporters fully understand who she is. As a result, we decided to write this essay to expose her shady internet activities, her most tightly kept secrets, how she earns a living, and her life before and during her fame. Learn more about her, including her net worth, facts, biography, profile, and online activity.

Ssunbiki’s biography

Do you know “Who is Ssunbiki?” before her media popularity? She is the most famous model in Korea, where she has repeatedly appeared on the catwalks, showing branded clothes and other fashionable images. The girl was born in a traditional Korean family in Seoul. Already in 2019, she received offers to participate in several modeling projects. Since then, she has continued to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

The girl does not disclose information about her family, personal life, and education. Perhaps in this way, she wants to protect her relatives from intrusive attention. The model recalls her childhood with warmth. She participated actively in various competitions at school and had many friends. Even in childhood, she was a fashionista and often dressed in different outfits.

Ssunbiki loves to show herself on social media. She takes up to a hundred selfies daily, of which a small part is posted online. In the photos, she usually shows her forms, poses beautifully, and chooses unusual locations for photos. Also, on her accounts, there is video content of her perfect modeling walks around the city.

Today, the celebrity has 704k followers on Instagram and 9,662k followers on TikTok. She is not a fan of podcasts, so she has yet to participate or broadcast on Twitch. The girl created her private account to increase her recognition and popularity. As a result, this is a source of joy and inspiration for her subscribers. They spoke warmly about the model and thanked her in the comments for her hard work.

Her perfect facial features and modest image attract fans’ attention, especially with a minimum of clothes. Like any model, she received criticism for her address. But her self-esteem is higher than any comments, so she pays no attention to them. She has goals, plans, and dreams, which she confidently pursues. The model is already famous enough to receive unique cooperation offers from expensive brands.

Ssunbiki’s profile

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5’7” (170 cm)
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73 kg (160.9 lbs)
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36 (EU)

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Ssunbiki OnlyFans career

The Ssunbiki OnlyFans page has garnered the most traffic on the web, with 41.8 answers from devoted fans. The model was first apprehensive to launch the website since she came from an old-fashioned family that was relatively conventional and lived in a very conservative atmosphere. However, as part of her profession and career, she bravely joined up for it and developed the page via her commitment and drive.

The YouTuber is pleased with the website’s performance since it provided an outlet for her voluptuous personality and showcased her gorgeous and explicit media files, which are only available on the page.

It offers her greater confidence and provides her with a reasonable income, something she did not earn from any of the other private websites she used. The website generates her money and enhances her profile and fame.

She actively manages the page, earning money while connecting with her followers. Similarly, the celebrity’s effort on the site makes the devotees happy and satisfied.

How much does Ssunbiki make on OnlyFans?

She earned a portion of her revenues from the Ssunbiki OF website, generating an estimated $40,000 monthly. This income is gained via a $14.99 monthly subscription fee and fan tips. It allows her to make her own financial decisions while supporting her in paying her monthly obligations.

The actress’s fortunes grew significantly due to her modeling career’s stratospheric rise. She also made money through product company contracts and sponsored posts.

The blogger’s merchandise website demonstrates her success as an entrepreneur. Her TikTok content, for which she has 11.6 thousand TikTok followers, also produces revenue and contributes to her current net worth of $1,000,000 as of 2023.

The YouTuber lives a luxurious lifestyle, making her one of the most rich models in Korea today. She could go to far-flung locations such as China and Vietnam, where she slept in lavish hotels.

Ssunbiki OnlyFans activity

The Ssunbiki OnlyFans page received 41.8 thousand likes and featured many exclusive media downloads. The actress proudly declared she is in charge of the page and enjoys generating whole stuff for her fans.

She greeted her admirers as if they were her sunny loves. Also, ensure that all of her media files are tailored to their preferences and that they are satisfied. It pleases fans and motivates them to support the star via fan tips.

Every piece of content that she releases attracts a devoted fanbase. It shows her voluptuous shape that feeds the fan’s desire. Additionally, her followers express satisfaction with the work that she has done. It increases her following, making her more popular and well-recognized on social media.

Is Ssunbiki OnlyFans worth it?

The Ssunbiki Only Fans website is worth subscribing to since it makes fans’ desires come true. It also offers exclusive spicy content that is only available on the page.

Fans thought it was worthwhile since the celebrity provided unique, high-quality media that pleased and delighted them. With a low monthly subscription rate of $14.99, it is advantageous.

Furthermore, the actress offered a 5% discount for 12 months, saving her fans even more money. Subscribe to her page if you want Asian-exclusive media and hot content.

Ssunbiki’s photos

Ssunbiki facts

  • The Ssunbiki OnlyFans page is making waves online, with 41.8 thousand positive fan reactions.
  • Her favorite interests include outdoor adventures and visiting exotic locations such as China and Vietnam.
  • She enjoys cooking and wants to learn about different cultures.
  • Her personal life, family, and education are in private.
  • Her fame began when she started sharing breathtaking images on Instagram.
  • She has 704 thousand Instagram followers and 11.6 thousand TikTok followers.
  • She didn’t limit herself to being an entrepreneur. She launched her online store.
  • On her YouTube channel, the streamer typically uploaded hauling and modeling stuff.

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