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Texas Thighs

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May 7, 1983
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Texas, USA
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40 years old
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Texas Thighs
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Texas Thighs (born May 7, 1983) is a model, content creator, Instagram personality, and OnyFans celebrity from Texas, USA. Her Instagram account exploded after a snapshot of her squat posted on the platform went viral. This gorgeous mom charmed millions of people online with her bikini, lingerie, and modeling shoots.

She also earned a name for herself on her blogging channel, where she blogged about her fitness journey and developed a training system for her followers. People like her because of her inventiveness and sincerity as a mother and wife.

Texas Thighs OnlyFans has given her a considerable sum of money. The girl stirs the imagination of her subscribers by putting up intriguing content. She does not fully expose parts of her body but awakens interest in her content. After such photos, her fans want to undress the girl entirely and send her requests for more obscene pictures for a fee. For this money, the girl has collected good fortune.

But who is this sensual person beyond social networks and her popularity? We have collected answers to the hottest questions from her fans. You will learn intriguing facts about her personal life, income sources, and net profit amounts for online activities.

Texas Thighs’s biography

Let’s dive deeper into the question: “Who is Texas Thighs?” She is a model, an Instagram sensation, a mother of two girls, and a wife. The star’s real name is Courtney Ann. The influencer graduated from Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas. She has 1.2 million followers on Instagram, 98.3K on Twitter, 34.1K on YouTube, and 222K on TikTok. The stunning mom does not use Twitch but does have a podcast.

Before becoming famous, she worked as a house cleaner, cleaning houses as large as her house today. Her spouse, Nick, spent long hours as an account manager. Everything changed when her husband took a photo of her doing squats and uploaded it on Instagram. She quickly gained 15,000 Instagram followers in the first month and 100,000 in less than a year. Local celebrities, like Bryant, were also following her.

Texas Thighs stated that her life has changed, so they can afford to travel numerous times yearly. They can visit New York, Orlando, and Los Angeles. She currently lives in a 5-bedroom mansion in the suburbs with a swimming pool and a waterfall in the garden. The blogger is known as a model in the neighborhood.

They additionally have a Mexican restaurant and an in-home movie theater. Nick, the YouTuber’s husband, is the official photographer. She claimed she shares boudoir-style images and creates TikTok content based on trendy sounds. She described herself as a self-made entrepreneur who owns her own Maxim.

However, criticisms surround her fame, the most complex of which comes from her friends and relatives. One of her buddies questioned whether she had to do erotica. A family asked if she would allow her daughters to do the same thing. Despite everything, the TikToker maintains strong relations with family members and visits her children frequently.

Texas Thighs’s profile

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Graduate from Tarrant County College in Fort Worth, Texas

Height, weight & physical appearance

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5’7” (170 cm)
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54 kg (120 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Texas Thighs OnlyFans career

The Texas Thighs OnlyFans website has 277.7 thousand fan responses. The famous influencer is causing a stir online and leaving followers perplexed.

The girl followed the example of many online models and decided to create her private channel. She assessed her capabilities and realized she could earn good money thanks to her body. She did not achieve great success in social networks, so she decided to work on explicit content in the erotic sphere.

To work on the channel, she took responsibility. She came up with ideas for photos and chose outfits and locations. The most popular content on her page – naked parts of the body, but open not wholly. Thus, she entices subscribers to see the rest of the content on her page, as well as to order fully nude materials for a lot of money.

The actress is more than happy to fulfill the wishes of her fans and communicates with them in private messages or through comments on her photos and videos. The platform has given her a circle of like-minded people, an opportunity to earn and be herself without being blown away by it.

How much does Texas Thighs make on OnlyFans?

The Texas Thighs OF has given them a lot of money and fame.
In an interview, she stated that successful artists can earn hundreds of thousands monthly. According to estimates, she earns roughly $100,000 monthly from fan donations, live streaming, and a $10 monthly subscription fee.

Today, the model has multiple sources of income. She makes money on her main channel, where subscribers pay for subscribing to her channel and send donations. She also has channels with video content for viewing, which you must pay for.

A significant contribution to the model’s budget brings her and her husband Mexican restaurants and selling things online. After gaining fame, she began to develop social networks. There, she earns on advertising, cooperation with brands, and podcasts. We added up all of the model’s income; as of 2023, her net worth is $2,000,000.

This model’s story is an example for many and a motivation to always believe in yourself. She went from a cleaning lady to a top online model with millions of dollars. The girl owns a large house with a swimming pool, five bedrooms, and modern renovation. She has her own restaurant business and online fame. Her family travels to Orlando, New York, and Los Angeles several times a year for vacation and shopping.

Texas Thighs OnlyFans activity

The Texas Thighs OnlyFans have made the influencer delighted. She focuses on the site, where she has published 958 posts and 7,632 media items, including 7.1 thousand images, 523 videos, and 38 broadcasts, garnering 277.7 thousand fan reactions.

She posted nip slips, live broadcasts, and other erotic stuff, but no full nudity. The celebrity creates exclusive, high-quality material that fans can’t ignore. Her YouTube channel became famous after one of her videos, “Texas Thighs: 4 Months Breast Update“, had over 1.5 million views.

Every time she posts new stuff, her fans are overjoyed. The model’s material brings their imaginations to life, providing them pleasure and happiness.

Is Texas Thighs OnlyFans worth it?

According to admirers, the Texas Thighs Only Fans page is worth the money. They are pleased and satisfied with the supplies provided by the star. Furthermore, the monthly subscription charge is minimal, allowing many fans to afford it.

Additionally, the influencer provides various subscription packages. She offers 10% off for six months and 15% off for twelve months. Subscribe to her page if you want to support her and have access to exclusive videos and photographs.

Texas Thighs’s photos

Texas Thighs facts

  • Texasthighs soared to fame after an Instagram photo of her squat went viral.
  • She started a blog about her health and fitness experience and constructed an online workout program.
  • The model is married to Nick, with whom she has two daughters.
  • Her spouse was an account manager, and she had previously worked as a house cleaner.
  • The influencer has 1.2 million Instagram followers, 222 thousand TikTok followers, and 2.1 million TikTok likes.
  • Her private account received 277.7 thousand good responses from fans.
  • She lives in a five-bedroom mansion with a pool and a home theater.

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