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November 25, 1997
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British Columbia, Canada
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26 years old
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Therealpinuppixie (born 25 November 1997), or Bianca Blakney, is a Canadian cosplayer and social media influencer who has become a real Internet sensation. This model is the modern-day Marilyn Monroe, and she enjoys impersonating the actress. But let’s talk about everything in order.

This model has 11.9 million TikTok viewers, 77.4 thousand Twitter fans, and 463 thousand Instagram subscribers around the world. Her account also has thousands of followers, where this pretty girl releases unique content that has left her audience more than delighted. This stunning model is in love with everything vintage and has a wide range of explicit content to share with her loyal fans.

Unfortunately, this TikToker does not have a podcast or a Twitch channel, but she has a Therealpinuppixie OnlyFans page and retail website. That is why many people do not know how the blogger climbed to prominence, what she has been through, and what adversity the star faced before fame.

Discover more about the real life of this stunning model. Check out the info about her posts that garnered large attention from her followers. Learn more about her mystery biography, facts, interests, and other information.

Therealpinuppixie's biography

Let’s start this section with the question: Who is Therealpinuppixie? She was born into a loving household of Canadian people in British Columbia. Although, there isn’t much information about her upbringing. It is just known that the star was molested in foster care. Also, she enjoyed playing, wearing makeup, and dancing as well. So, it’s no surprise that she became a famous cosplayer desired by many. Let’s find out more about it.

The star is married and has one child and two stepchildren, but her husband is far from the public eye. Since 2017, the cosplayer has been dressing in vintage attire disguised as actress Marilyn Monroe. Her impersonation content was warmly met by TikTok followers, who propelled her to popularity.

She is also a famous Instagram celebrity whose main type of content is steamy, provocative selfie pictures. Therealpinuppixie shared that before fame, she had no money in her pocket and spent all of her savings on her stepdaughter. She resolved to act and set up her camera at home to creatively videotape herself.

The YouTuber admires Marilyn Monroe, Doris Day, and other Hollywood icons. She enjoys antique ‘alternative fashion’ that made her distinct personality and content, which is so popular these days. It all started when she met Sarah Bowman, with whom she became friends when Sarah offered her a free photoshoot.

Since then, the cosplayer has been a Nanaimo-Ladysmith content provider for retro-inspired cosplays. When she’s not filming, she’s busy collecting and restoring vintage devices, furniture, and appliances. She also likes to spend time with her family and look for new opportunities to expand her activities. We hope that in the future, she will create the same obscene materials to please her admirers because she knows how to do so well.

Therealpinuppixie's profile

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Graduated from the local school

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172 cm (5’7″)
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56 kg (121 lbs)
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Therealpinuppixie OnlyFans career

Therealpinuppixie OnlyFans page has provided the celebrity with financial freedom and a massive following. The well-known influencer places various original content, including high-quality, alluring videos and images demonstrating the star’s originality. She creates her own style that differs from the others. So, let’s move on.

Unlike her TikTok account, where she published amusing lip-sync videos and vintage-style content, the celebrity’s private profile has a more varied range of content. It has a significant impact on her popularity, making her the talk of the town. In this way, she tries to attract as many people as possible. Plus, she just likes to work with different images.

On her private account, the blogger shows more of herself and uses her creativity to give viewers highly explicit stuff. It helped the star to get into the spotlight across multiple platforms, attracting a sizable fanbase. This approach always works, so the girl uses it all the time.

Today, thanks to her significant presence on the special website, her activity received 449.3K favorable replies from fans. That gives her page an unbelievable rate of 0.01% and makes it one of the most viewed pages on this platform.

How much does Therealpinuppixie make on OnlyFans?

Therealpinuppixie OF gives the celeb huge amounts of money — it is her primary source of income. Since the model works full-time, her monthly earnings range from $ 65,000 to $ 110,000. Incredible sums, right? Now, let’s move on.

The model earned more on her page than her TikTok account thanks to $13,99 monthly subscription fees and fan donations. It gives the star financial freedom, allowing her to live a luxurious life with her family. It greatly motivates her to work more and be as productive as she can. As we can see, she works around the clock for now.

Aside from social media, the star received money via cosplay jobs, modeling bookings, brand collaborations, and other sources as well. Today, her net worth is around $1,000,000 to $2,500,000. Maybe by the end of 2024, this sum will multiply. According to her previous results, she can do it without a doubt. Well, see.

The star’s wealth has highly grown from an empty wallet to incredible amounts of cash. Now, the blogger can travel the world and enjoy her life anywhere in the world. She also enjoys her Bugatti and mansion, where she lives with her family. So, what we have is that she’s rich, popular, loved by her audience, and fully happy with this.

Therealpinuppixie OnlyFans activity

Therealpinuppixie OnlyFans page is making noise all over the Internet. Her subscribers are able to find hundreds of her high-quality explicit films, extremely candid content, steamy boudoirs, and sensual cosplays. Users from the platform eagerly subscribe to her profile since she has so much exclusive content.

The platform has 769 posts and 1338 media files, including 1096 photographs and 242 videos, with 449.3K positive fan replies. Despite the lack of streams on the page, the actress remains active online and ready to interact with her viewers. With nearly half a million enthusiastic replies from fans, the star is eager to make her fanbase even bigger.

Her page is still expanding, and the fans are waiting for more content. The celebrity is active on the page, offering original content and unique videos that fans can’t get anywhere else. All of her content has been DMCA’d, meaning anyone who exploits it will face legal consequences.

Is Therealpinuppixie OnlyFans worth it?

Therealpinuppixie Only Fans charges a monthly subscription fee of $13.99 and allows fans to provide donations. As of this writing, the model is offering a variety of discounted options. Fans will receive 40% off for three months of subscription and can request the most desirable explicit video.

Aside from the many types of content that the stars provide, she prioritizes fans who are prepared to pay her for chatting. So, her page is worth subscribing to if you like sensual films in various candid formats.

See for yourself if it’s worthwhile to subscribe. Open a world of pleasure in a few clicks.

Therealpinuppixie’s photos

Therealpinuppixie facts

  • The celebrity presented a variety of content on the Therealpinuppixie OnlyFans page, including nudes, erotic cosplays, and more. The blogger’s page currently has 449.3K good reactions.
  • The celebrity became famous after she impersonated Marilyn Monroe on social media.
  • She confessed in an interview that she had been molested in foster care.
  • She has a 6-year-old child and two stepchildren, a daughter and a boy, both teenagers.
  • Her biological family is kept private, and her husband is out of the public eye.
  • Previously, the celebrity was chastised for charging $499 for an image of herself.

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