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Xxraeted is a famous online model, blogger and car enthusiast all in one. The girl has achieved today’s fame thanks to her candid photos on social networks and her charming charisma. Surprising fact, but she repairs cars herself, while remaining a gentle and fragile girl with brown eyes. So, let’s move on.

Her additional fame was brought by her vlogs from traveling and videos where she repairs cars in revealing outfits. Men really liked this format. Girls and cars are the two main triggers for them. Therefore, she has been very favorable with her content and has zapped a large chunk of the audience on the platform. She did a lot of work for this.

Her Xxraeted OnlyFans page has brought her even more fame and money due to the specific content and artistry of the model. Just look at her level of engagement – the page has already garnered more than 1.3 million followers. So she is not only successful as an auto mechanic, but also as an online model with her own unique style of work.

So, in this section we have only slightly opened the veil of the personality of this stunning model. Then you will find out how much she earns from her work, where she vacations and some other personal facts about her life. Dive into reading and don’t forget to share this article with her fans.

Xxraeted’s biography

This section will help you get to know more about the life of the model and answer the main question: Who is Xxraeted? The future model was born and raised in the United States. Like many models, she keeps information about her family and her education secret. But this did not prevent us from finding other interesting facts about her life. Let’s move on.

The girl started her career on Instagram with pretty spicy content. After gathering an audience of almost 400K, she decided to increase her zone of influence with her content. That’s how she created her page on a private platform. She combined her passion for cars with her ability to pose for the camera. Success synergy, as a result.

Xxraeted is a lover not only of car repairs but of vacations abroad as well. She often travels and in her vlogs, shares interesting information about different countries. But she does not travel alone. On every trip she is accompanied by her favorite husband, who supports his wife and helps her to develop in her art. They’re really happy together, despite the model’s profession.

The girl also manages to successfully combine work as a car mechanic and modeling activity on the platform. And sometimes she does the work at the same time, creating content and working in the garage. She chooses interesting images and tries to pose while working on the car. The audience loves it, and she’s ready to work even harder. She definitely can do it at all.

As a result of all of the above, we can say that she successfully combines her two favorite activities and is endlessly happy with this way of life. You bet, she is loved by her audience, she is loved and accepted by her husband, the money goes to her bank account, and she enjoys her fame and a measured rhythm of life.

Xxraeted's profile

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Height, weight & physical appearance

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5’5” (165 cm)
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56.6 kg (125 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Xxraeted OnlyFans career

At this point in time, the model is immensely happy that she decided to start a business through the Xxraeted OnlyFans website. She has a huge fan base, fame and creative development through the creation of racy content. Let’s move on.

She loves being complimented, admiring her body and enjoying the photos she shares every day. This synergy gives a sense of joy to her fans and financial benefits to the model herself.

In addition, she benefits a lot from the support of her young man. He totally accepts her lifestyle and the profession she loves so much. Therefore, the girl does not overstep the boundaries of permissible and does not shoot content in pairs, respecting the feelings of her partner.

How does she evaluate her career on the private platform? The model is happy with the opportunity to earn with her creativity. She has her own social circle and a good relationship with her audience. And for that she earns millions of dollars. It’s a life she clearly enjoys.

How much does Xxraeted make on OnlyFans?

In this section, we will reveal a little bit of the secret of her earnings. Because the girl herself comments on her financial gains as “the big money she managed to earn with the help of the Xxraeted OF page.” And that’s it. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

According to our reliable sources, the model earns $89,000 every month with the help of her page. The main part of this amount is payment for filming exclusive content, which the girl shoots to order and according to the individual scenario of the customer. It is also donations from fans and payment for subscription to her channel. Little by little, but in the end the amount comes out quite decent.

To be able to put money away, she has created several other sources of passive income for herself. These are modeling projects, advertising, and sponsored posts on social networks. The amounts there are small, but if you add them together with the income from the page, you end up with a $3,000,000 net profit at the moment. Who knows, maybe by the end of 2024, this amount will increase many times over.

So, the most interesting question is, what does the girl spend her million-dollar capital on? She is crazy about cars, so the main part of the expenses is the purchase of expensive cars. Her biggest pride and most expensive pre-acquisition is a 2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS and a Ford. She likes to drive them around the States and on vacations. She is even thinking of opening her own auto repair shop in the near future.

Xxraeted OnlyFans activity

Many of her fans are highly pleased and satisfied with her media files on the Xxraeted OnlyFans page. She is concentrating on the website and actively managing the page by her own. She is also the one who responds to admirers via chat.

The page received 1.39 million positive reactions from her fans due to her dedication and effort in keeping her admirers. It motivates and inspires her at the same time to create more high-quality content to inspire and gratify followers of all ages.

The influencer enjoys creating unique material for all of her admirers. Her platform includes 3017 posts and 4336 media items, including 4.2 pictures and 158 videos. She did a really big work on a platform. We hope that she’ll continue bringing joy to her fans in the future.

Is Xxraeted OnlyFans worth it?

On the Xxraeted Only Fans website, the celebrity is making all of her subscribers totally happy. Her page is highly valuable to her followers because it provides joy, entertainment, and comfort all in one. It also raises fans’ vitality and warms their frigid nights, bringing their imaginations to life.

While some of her subscribers reported that this YouTuber charges exorbitant monthly subscription costs. However, 75% of her fans say that her page is valuable compared to other pages. Additionally, she shows off sensual content that literally catches the attention of everyone on a platform. Like nudity, solo scenes, and much more.

If you’re looking for a sensual platform like hers, now is the moment to subscribe to her page.

Xxraeted’s photos

Xxraeted facts

  • Subscribers absolutely love her Xxraeted OnlyFans site and highly recommend it to everyone. It received 1.39 million positive responses and is the site’s most frequented page.
  • She goes by the name “Rae” and uses it on her social media sites.
  • Rae has a German Shepherd canine.
  • She became a brand ambassador for the clothing line “Brooch Boutiques,” which she routinely promotes.
  • This influencer has 284 thousand Instagram followers who are greatly pleased with her attractive photographs and videos as well.

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