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April 16, 2002
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Georgia, Tbilisi
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21 years old
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Zoeyuso (born April 16, 2002) is a popular Georgian Instagram model and social media influencer who became popular in America and other countries. Because of her seductive content, she has a massive fan-base on different platforms. Currently, she has more than 222k followers on Twitter and over 35k on Instagram.

Spicy photos and videos of this model on her social platforms caused her to become one of the most famous influencers online at the end of 2021. She knows how to properly show off the voluptuous charms that drive her fans crazy. Her cute appearance and strong passion attract many people on the Internet and in real life.

In addition, she spoils her followers at Zoeyuso OnlyFans where they can get to know more about her. On the online platform, she posts more risque and candid content than on her socials. Her page, with more than 200k positive reactions, allows subscribers to chat and have calls with her. Under her photos and videos, you can find many questions from subscribers about new materials.

But what exactly is hidden behind beautiful photos? In this article, you will learn about her life before her online popularity, how Zoey made money in the entertainment industry, and why she attracted so many fans. Find out her biography, interesting facts, net worth, and additional information.

Zoeyuso's biography

The most loyal fans want to know more personal information about their online idol, and there’s no wonder of a question, “Who is Zoeyuso?”. In this section, we gave everything we found. She was born and raised in Georgia. She keeps private information about her family due to a number of reasons. It is only known that she is single.

She decided not to enter college after graduating from a local high school. She moved to Tbilisi to start her path as an Instagram model. Wanting more success and fans, she took part in creating erotic content. Her large booty attracted the right audience and brought her popularity in a short period of time.

A reasonably large audience has formed in TikTok, namely more than 290 thousand subscribers. Her seductive viral videos hit 8 million views. Zoeyuso knows her best sides and how to captivate the audience. She develops it without the help of producers or other influencers. Various online magazines are interviewing her because it will be really interesting for their readers to read about the celebrity’s life.

Later, she created her YouTube channel where she flaunts her outfits, just chats with her followers and shows a little of her private life. As soon as her fame gained momentum, she received numerous invitations for interviews and various collaborations. In this way, she increases her presence on the Internet and enriches the fan base with new followers.

In addition, she began to capture Twitch, where you can hear her life stories and admire her beauty in live mode. She reads viewers’ comments and pieces of advice on new online models. At the same time, the social media personality continues to please her fans with new playful photos and videos.

Zoeyuso's profile

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Completed High School

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5’4” (163cm)
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75 kg (165 lbs)
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Zoeyuso OnlyFans career

She always dreamed of becoming famous on the Internet and began to look for ways to become an Internet celeb. Zoe started running Zoeyuso OnlyFans page in 2020, gaining 5,000 followers in a month. Later, she began to think about creating a gaming channel on YouTube.

In her profile, an online model noted that she creates candid photos and videos with both boys and girls. It is important for her new admirers to know that she is open to risky collaborations with other bloggers. In addition, she uses various toys to spoil her followers. Besides, Zoe has many themed revealing outfits for every taste, which adds to her popularity among fans.

Zoe made friends with a lot of hot media stars, so her subscribers can see 2 or 3 of their favorite models in one video. She posts new material every day so as not to leave her followers sad for a long time. Her subscribers have the opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with her in a private online room, where she will show what she can do for each subscriber.

She often polls her fans about her candid outfits and wishes for the next photos and videos that admirers can’t get enough of. Zoe also gives discounts to her new lucky subscribers who have no idea what incredible pictures are waiting for them.

How much does Zoeyuso make on OnlyFans?

The Zoeyuso OF page is very popular among women and men who admire the beautiful body of this famous blogger. Zoe does not disclose her income from all platforms, but she is able to travel, attend parties and buy designer clothes. She knows her audience so well that she receives thousands of compliments from fans every time she posts new materials.

Despite a large amount of money, she continues to work for her fans. Thanks to monthly subscriptions that cost $15, with more than 200 thousand positive reactions, she has the life she dreamed of. Each of her posts receives hundreds of positive responses from fans in a few minutes.

Another integral part of her work and good earnings is taking orders for exclusive photos and videos for extra money. She is a very open person who can fulfill many of her followers’ wishes. In addition, she receives her share of the fee from collaborations with other models, which happen pretty often.

Every day, she receives thousands of comments with words of delight and thanks from her subscribers. Their most ardent fans give Zoe jewelry, special toys, and branded items. She does not save money on herself because she always looks stunning on online platforms with good hair and full makeup.

Is Zoeyuso Onlyfans worth it?

The Zoeyuso Only Fans has over 1450 posts, 2290 media and 30 streams that keep her followers wanting more and more. She often surprises her fans with private videos and text chats for extra money. Many of her subscribers do not spare money and remain satisfied with her content, claiming it’s all worth it.

The celebrity is also giving discounts on subscriptions for fans for the holidays. Throughout January, fans will have the opportunity to subscribe with a 50% discount, but you have to hurry because she made a limited number of discounts. Zoe also promised to make a New Year’s calendar with her spicy pictures for the favorite admirers.

She runs her own page and does her promotion. This can be easily determined because you can see how much effort and love Zoe invests in this matter. The famous influencer does everything not to disappoint her followers, so it’s actually worth trying.

Zoeyuso's photos

Zoeyuso facts

  • Zoey Uso plans to open a gaming YouTube channel to get more feedback from fans. Even as a child, she was interested in games and famous bloggers who could earn money with it.
  • She assures followers that her butt is natural and she doesn’t have any implants. Zoe is for natural beauty and is not ashamed to show her body.
  • The actress is open to different types of collaborations with other male and female models. She is very popular in this field and many social media celebs want to collaborate with her.
  • Before her popularity on the Internet, she worked two jobs to support herself and her ex-boyfriend. She does not disclose the place of work but said that it was a very difficult time for her.
  • For a long time, her family did not know how she works in the Internet sphere, but now they support her in everything. It is known that she pays the bills of her parents and younger sisters.
  • The famous influencer loves playing video games and dreams of developing her gaming Twitch and YouTube channel.
  • In her spare time, the blogger plays games, cooks home-cooked meals, travels the world and loves to sing.
  • Currently, she is single and wants to devote herself completely to her career. The popular influencer had several ex-boyfriends but broke up with the last one 8 months ago.

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