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Zoie Burgher

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November 29, 1995
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Miami, Florida
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28 years old
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Zoie Burgher
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Zoie Burgher (born November 29, 1995) is a model, Twitch gamer, and social media influencer from Miami, Florida. She is the talk of the town, and her spicy content has hit the internet world. This TikToker is well-known not only on Twitch but also on the private website.

On her career path she had to face criticism and misunderstanding of people close to her. But such situations only made her stronger and made her realize that she should value herself and do what she loves. And not to fight off unpleasant words on the Internet.

Her story began when she created the Zoie Burgher OnlyFans page, where she can finally express her sensitive personality and creativity. She generates fantastic ideas and sometimes shocking poses for her numerous photos. She realizes that somewhere might be scared off by such materials, but she wants to show her real self to her followers. Whatever she may be.

In this article, we have gathered the most intriguing materials about her tremendous career, personal life and future plans. You’ll find out how much she earns from content creation, where she lives and what she does for a living. Enjoy reading.

Zoie Burgher’s biography

The girl was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She graduated from elementary and high school in her hometown. There she also entered the university, where she received a degree in political science. But let’s delve into her biography to answer the big question: Who is Zoie Burgher? Let’s find it out.

She started broadcasting on Twitch and sharing her experiences with games. But that wasn’t the only thing that was her highlight. Every stream the girl dressed up in revealing outfits, and sometimes even too revealing from which all her subscribers went crazy. She got known on this platform after reviewing “Call of Duty.”

But not always everything was so perfect. Because of the fact that she overstepped the bounds of what is allowed on her streams – she was blocked and banned to put her videos on YouTube and Twitch. But Zoie Burgher did not want to stop her creativity and soon found a way out of the situation. She created a page on a private platform and there she could show anything she wanted without any restrictions.

Her business developed rapidly and successfully. Her fans loved her content, and she was happy that she had found her audience of like-minded people. Therefore, over time, she had the idea to create her own project “Luxe Gaming” in the format of a reality show. Now it is in a frozen state, but she will probably resume it someday.

What has she achieved through years of hard work? She is rich, famous, loved by her fans and infinitely happy with her current status. She recently shared that she has some crazy ideas for projects and her own brand, but she will tell us all about them later.

Zoie Burgher's profile

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Graduate from a Florida State University

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5’5” (1.65 m)
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55 kg (121 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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6 (US)

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Zoie Burgher OnlyFans career

The girl’s career on the platform started with the creation of Zoie Burgher OnlyFans page. She brings pleasure to her audience with her content and gets high in the process.

The first month on the platform was very profitable for the model. She didn’t expect it to be possible, but her earnings started to grow and so did her fame among the users of the platform.

She maintains her reputation through interacting with her fans. This is the best way to get to know better her fans and their desires. So she has created her own style based on the needs of her audience.

She enjoys her work, interacting with her audience, hosting live shows and working on her online empire. Is she happy with this life? Definitely yes, as she shared before.

How much does Zoie Burgher make on OnlyFans?

It should be noted that Zoie Burgher OF page has become for the model not only a working platform, but also an opportunity to earn and promote her image. According to our calculations, she earns about $59,000 per month. This amount includes donations from fans and the amount she receives for filming exclusive footage.

But it’s not only this platform that has become a money maker for the girl. In the past, she made good money on her Twitch channel until she was blocked for overtly erotic live footage.

If you add up all the sums of her earnings, you get a double decent amount of net income of $5,000,000. This is not a final figure, because by the end of 2024, a lot can change. We understand that she has big plans for the privacy platform, maybe even creating another page.

Her fascinating journey from amateur gamer to professional online model is really impressive. But all her efforts have led the girl to financial independence and the ability to buy whatever she wants. Cars, real estate, travel? Easy, you just have to want it.

Zoie Burgher OnlyFans activity

There are 1360 postings and 1573 media files on the Zoie Burgher OnlyFans private website, including 1.2 pictures, 412 videos, and 58 live streams. It received 381.1K reactions from fans and 1.1K subscribers on her private channel.

This celeb is posting graphic and spicy content that has left fans dumbfounded. She drives people crazy and makes them want more since she has created pleasant and high-quality stuff.

Through fan donations and subscription fees, her admirers can gain access to unique media files. The superstar is building not only an empire but also a fortune.

Is Zoie Burgher OnlyFans worth it?

The Zoie Burgher Only Fans page is worth it to devotees who enjoy her page but to subscribers that are dissatisfied, they have reasons. Some claimed that they are dissatisfied with her content but the majority of fanatics are content.

According to our poll, all are worth it, as all her explicit media files are unique and top-notch. If you are looking for explicit files like hers, subscribe to her page and see if it’s worth it.

Zoie Burgher’s photos

Zoie Burgher facts

  • The Zoie Burgher OnlyFans website drives all her fans up the wall, with 381.1 thousand fan reactions. She is the buzz of the town, and all of her private media files are distinct and appealing.
  • She is also known as “Luxe Zoie” among her fans.
  • The model spent one summer at Arizona College before transferring to Florida State University to study international affairs and politics.
  • She shared a home with her brother, Robin Oliver, and her family in her early years.
  • She rose to prominence by rushing the popular game “Call of Duty” with a twist of the enticing outfits she offers in her streams, which her fans enjoy since they differ from other streamers.

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