Aida Cortes

Aida Cortes

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February 4, 1996
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Bucaramanga, Santander Colombia
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28 years old
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Aida Cortes
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Aida Cortes (born February 4, 1996) is a famous Colombian YouTube celebrity, singer, and social media influencer. She is the most-followed model; music fans and admirers adore her. This Colombian icon rose to prominence after covering “Becky G’s” song “Sin Pijama.”

The model is private about her family and never discusses her dating history or previous relationships. Despite posting TikTok content of herself having a beautiful moment with a girl, she did not reveal her personality or whether she is a lesbian or not. Above all, this singer is nailing the music industry and on social media.

The Aida Cortes OnlyFans page serves as a platform for her to earn money and publish erotic content. She has gathered an audience of loyal fans who support her and are willing to pay a lot for her content.

As requested by fans, we have gathered information on how she got into the entertainment industry and how she makes money online. Find her net worth, facts, bio, profile, and other information.

Aida Cortes's biography

Let’s delve deeper into the question, “Who is Aida Cortes?”. She was born in Bucaramanga, Santander, to loving parents. She finished primary and secondary school in her hometown but must be distinguished by sound studies. All her thoughts were occupied with creativity, singing, and dancing.

Her parents have always supported the girl in her endeavors. She was very good at singing, so they took her to singing lessons, where she developed her talent. In a recent interview, she shared that the support of her family means a lot to her and has helped her in many situations.

Aida Cortez gained popularity after singing Becky G’s song “Sin Pijama” on YouTube. After that, she performed a few more covers, which her followers liked. As time passed, she also decided to share her content on Instagram. There, she shows more of her modeling talents and beautiful body.

She attracts much attention due to her appearances on MTV and considers music her main passion. Many big brands collaborated with her because she had a beautiful face, many fans, and long, beautiful hair.

The girl conquered the media space with her vocal and dancing skills. The famous performer has 518 thousand followers on Instagram and 29.2 thousand subscribers on YouTube. She is a streamer on Twitch and participated in several podcasts.

Aida Cortes's profile

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5’6” (1.68 m)
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60 kg (132 lbs)
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Aida Cortes OnlyFans career

The Aida Cortes OnlyFans page became prominent after one of her leaked videos went viral, garnering 654.6 thousand positive fan reactions. It drew much attention; some criticized her, while others adored her.

Her popularity surged after she launched her online campaign. She had no idea that all her hot content could earn a massive profit and add to her bankroll.

The girl tries to create content that is unlike others. Thanks to this approach, she has gathered an audience of like-minded people who inspire her with new ideas.

Since there is a demand for her content – she continues to work just as hard. She often gets requests to shoot customized content, which she is happy to create. The work process takes time – image selection, makeup, location. But the girl loves her work and does her best for her fans.

How much does Aida Cortes make on OnlyFans?

Aida Cortes OF is putting money in the star’s pocket. Critics say her first year’s earnings are enough to buy a nice car. According to a reliable source, she earns $50,000 monthly from fan tips, live streams, and tailored content.

This influential musician brings in significant money from her page, music videos, and television appearances. Her social media platforms, such as YouTube and Instagram, are estimated to bring in $1,000 monthly.

Like all Influencers, she has started collaborating with many companies. The model advertises goods, clothes, and much more for good commissions. She has enough sources of income to live comfortably for several years. In 2023 alone, her net worth is $3,000,000.

The girl is used to the life of a celebrity and uses all her financial opportunities. She rests at expensive resorts and buys real estate and penthouses. By the way, she plans to open a business in Colombia soon.

Aida Cortes OnlyFans activity

The Aida Cortes OnlyFans page captivates the online world with sensual material. The actress shared exclusive films, raunchy live streaming, and intimate interactions with her fans. The singer is happy if fans will donate while she’s streaming and prioritize them in chat.

Her filthy media files bring joy and entertainment to her followers, and the content she posts makes them feel less alone in the world. Many fans are overjoyed with her products because they help them bring their fantasies to life.

Her page featured 1277 posts and 1302 pieces of content, which included 1,200 photos, 119 videos, and 58 streams as a direct result of the tireless effort and dedication of the singer. The website achieved success with 654,600 positive reactions from dedicated followers.

Is Aida Cortes OnlyFans worth it?

Aida Cortes Only Fans subscription is only $29.99. For this money, you get quality content and unique materials unavailable on other social networks. You can also communicate with the model directly and order custom content shoots.

Her website also has a lot of subscription offers. She offers 60% off for the first 30 days, 10% off for the next three months, and 15% off for the next six months.

Are you still in doubt? Check out her page to see if she’s right for you. Discover a world of pleasure and enjoyment.

Aida Cortes’s photos

Aida Cortes facts

  • The Aida Cortes OnlyFans page is making waves around the internet, with 654.6 enthusiastic fan reactions.
  • She became famous after singing “Becky G’s” song “Sin Pijama” on YouTube.
  • The model worked with well-known artists like Ryan Roy and others.
  • She has 518 followers on Instagram.
  • The model joined Twitter in April 2021 and has amassed 213 thousand followers.
  • She enjoys swimming and going to the beach.
  • The celeb was chastised for being a lesbian, although she never confirmed it.
  • Cortes is an animal lover with a cat and a dog.

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