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December 2, 1993
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Houston, Texas, U.S
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30 years old
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Kaitlyn Siragusa (born 2 December 1993), also known as Amouranth, is one of the most famous influencers on the net. An American costume designer quickly went viral as a model on social media accounts and became one of the big star personalities on the social media platform Twitch of all time.

Now there is also Amouranth OnlyFans page, where she’s recognized for her highly detailed cosplay outfits and bikini selfies. The star has rare green eyes, a well-shaped body, and charisma that many will envy.

A cosplay skill led her from the hollowed hulls to sitting in the comfort of her jacuzzi, collecting paychecks that most of us could only ever dream of. But how did she turn herself into one of the most influential streamers ever?

Here is a story of her success and earning rates from all her accounts on different platforms that you should really learn. Discover her Amouranth Only Fans page, reveal dark secrets of her real life, and check out her true personality.

Amouranth's biography

This beauty was born in Houston, Texas, U.S., and rose up in a middle-class family. Since turning into one of the most high-profile streamers in the world, Caitlyn has kept her personal life and childhood memories on the down low, so answering who is Amouranth is a challenging task. However, it is known that her success story began after the future model taught herself how to design costumes with friends in 2010.

She caught the attention of The Houston Grand Opera House and Houston Ballet thanks in large part to this direction that the blogger created for herself. They hired her to make original pieces for their productions, during which she also attended endless entertainment conventions.

Then, Amouranth kick-started her first company in 2015, called Charmed Affair. One of her interests was creating Disney princess outfits, so the streamer attended parties and charity events dressed as some of the most iconic characters in the world. In one of the interviews, the model informed that her social media exploded after posting charming content, and she became one of the fastest-growing streamers on the net.

The celeb essentially played games like Just Dance and Pokemon within her Twitch account, made in 2016, showing her beautiful side of personality and engaging more users. But she also found a way to keep attention to her persona with ASMR videos, lifestyle vlogs, and other videos on her YouTube channel, and so far, the streamer gained 400,000 followers within a week.

Within the Twitch channel, the model doesn’t slow down, especially after this beauty became a pioneer of The Hot Tub Meta. Therefore, she became one of the most popular streamers globally, spreading her activities around the net.

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Kaitlyn ended a local high school in her hometown.

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163 cm (5’4″)
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52 kg (115 lbs)
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6 (US)

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Amouranth OnlyFans career

The social media influencer didn’t post nudity or anything of an overtly sexual manner to her stream because she knew this would get her banned pretty quickly. So that was the moment when the idea of the Amouranth OnlyFans page came up to this girl.

The Instagram star particularly gained a massive following for her page by creating The Hot Tub Meta. While advertisers and sponsors lots refused to collaborate with the girl on Twitch due to overly explicit content, the famous influencer became an increasingly popular model.

Her outstanding fame grew thanks to a carefully thought-out strategy. The number of viewers still increases every day despite the price of $14.99. Moreover, she has created an unprecedented social media presence by constantly reminding the audience of her private page on her Instagram account, Twitter profile, TikTok page, and YouTube channel.

Today, she also successfully receives positive reviews in the comment section, big money, and a decent amount of views. But the celebrity is more focused on PPV content that expands her income to unbelievable sizes.

How much does Amouranth make on OnlyFans?

Her private page is reportedly making bank. The model informed that there were months when she earned up to $1.5 million on the Amouranth OF. That is all thanks to frequent donations and a good price for the subscription.

On top of this, she also landed an exclusive deal with Playboy, and she’s now part of their new platform known as Centerfolds. She is also a big player for many brands and sponsors lots.

She earns $100,000 per month via Twitch and $85,000 a year from gas station investments she has made. Among her other business activities are 7-Eleven, an animal rescue shelter, an inflatable pool toy company, and others. Therefore, her net worth is around $20,000,000.

The time goes by, but TikToker still thinks about new plans and strategies on how to increase her fortune. We can be sure that this star will surprise us more than once in the near future.

Amouranth OnlyFans activity

She makes some truly unique images that capture the essence of some of the world’s most widespread fictional characters but in more sexual forms. You can find 1840 posts and 3241 media on Amouranth OnlyFans page, which is quite impressive numbers.

Besides, she tries to start streams on her channel, where users can chat with her. The model also answers most DMs within an hour, but tipped messages get priority. And yet, she puts a lot of emphasis on creating PPV content that is in great demand.

Although the model announced that she was quitting her private page to focus on Twitch in April 2022, the star still regularly uploads her pictures on the website. She will continue to pay attention to the platform as long as she sees a response to her activities.

Is Amouranth OnlyFans worth it?

Amouranth Only Fans is a place where you can find out new things about the model. There is a bunch of candid video content, but of course, the most interesting one hides behind PPV with high prices.

However, streamers put descriptions of her posts in a free access. The star also spends a lot of time creating high-quality content. Last but not least, by supporting this YouTuber, her fans can push her to make new posts in unseen formats, so give it a try.

Amouranth's photos

Amouranth facts

  • Before Amouranth OnlyFans’ popularity, Kaitlyn was a cosplayer. You can still find her costumes on old local news reports and even on the TLC series The Little Couple.
  • She is a dog lover and has two named Nox and Bear, which you’ve probably already seen on her streams.
  • After one well-known controversy, Twitch found out what happened, and she lost her channel for three days due to a ban.
  • According to the podcast with Anthony Padilla, she had only one boyfriend. Her relationship status changed into marriage, but it turned out that she was dating a real abuser.
  • Kaitlyn started posting her own cosplay costumes from scratch and went viral thanks to her hard work in fashion design while studying at her school.

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