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May 10, 1999
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Queensland, Australia
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24 years old
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Anna Paul
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Anna Paul (born on 10 May 1999) is a social media influencer of today’s world who is famous for her vlogs and profoundly well-known for her private account. The main feature of this model is her sincerity. She never makes her fans feel less than or unable, poor. It’s a talent to ride on Rolls Royce and get fancy, expensive things without making people feel bad about themselves.

Today, her Instagram account is full of a loyal fanbase of 2.3 million people. Her everyday video vlogs about her daily luxury life in 60 seconds are gaining an incredible number of views. Day after day, the blogger efficiently spends and, at the same time, replenishes her net worth, thanks to which she easily travels around the world and lives to the fullest.

She also has many brand deals and a powerful YouTube account. Her YouTube videos have more than 20 million views, while the channel has almost 400 thousand subscribers. Her Twitch account, on which the streamer sometimes plays Fortnite, has 40 thousand fans. Over 500 thousand people follow her on Twitter to get her opinion on current events. But the most popular profile is Anna Paul OnlyFans.

We have collected a lot of information that Anna revealed about herself in many videos or occasionally. Find out more about her boyfriend, family, and other important loved ones. Uncover her earnings and net worth that allows her to be 0.01% of content creators in Australia. Discover the path of her success from welfare to the top influencer: facts, bio, parameters, and more.

Anna Paul's biography

To get an answer to your question, “Who is Anna Paul?” read more about her biography. The popular influencer was born on 10 May 1999 in a poor family that lived in Queensland, Australia. The first years of her life were hard since her family got on welfare. According to her stories, the girl could live on only $30 a week. She also admitted that her family had an old van with ‘milk crates’, which they used as seats.

Therefore, at the age of 14, this young social media personality even thought about going to work. She applied for a position at Woolworths just to buy her mother a pair of shoes. Her tough life situation continued until she came of age. As soon as the blogger turned 18, she registered on a new analog of Patreon and started to make money. Despite being on the network, she didn’t get much fame at that time.

Before, in 2016, Anna Paul finished high school but could not decide on a profession. By that time, she had already started her TikTok account and was trying to join the society of famous media people. And already in 2018, the celeb won colossal attention to her persona.

It all started with her video of the laundry chute in her bedroom, which helped her boost an account on the social media platform TikTok and other platforms. In the same year, she created another profile and made her first YouTube appearance. After she monetized it, she forgot about the range of government programs. In December 2014, she registered a Twitter account and began posting on Instagram.

And finally, subscribers found her channel, which caused quite a bit of noise around this model. Daring outfits, amazing videos with her boyfriend, and hot captions under posts made her account one of the top ones in Australia. Paul does not brag about her achievements, saying that her success was accidental and everyone can reach the same level.

Anna Paul's profile

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Graduate from the Australian university

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5’6” (168 cm)
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123 lbs (56 kg)
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Dark Brown
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6 (US)

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Anna Paul OnlyFans career

Talking about Anna Paul OnlyFans career, the girl always emphasizes that it is accidental fame. Initially, she did not intend to do it seriously but just shared personal things with her subscribers. So, how did the girl gather such a huge fanbase and become the highest-paid model on this platform? “Randomness,” Anna cheerfully explains. She draws attention to herself by constantly posting photo and video content.

But not always her content generate positive responses. In addition to fans, the girl has acquired haters who constantly advise her to find a real job. The model’s reaction is as delightful as her photo: “If it’s not a real job, where does the money come from? The money is real, so the job is real,” she replies.

In addition to earning money, the model also pays taxes and does bookkeeping with the help of specialists. Although she works for herself, it is still a big job that requires attention, investment, and, of course, accounting.

As of today, Anna is among the top 0.2% of OF users worldwide. She can maintain her luxurious lifestyle through a subscription that costs $19.48 for three months, $35.96 for six, or $59.94 for one year.

How much does Anna Paul make on OnlyFans?

There are no specific figures on Anna Paul OF earnings. However, she revealed that she became a millionaire thanks to this platform and also the top 0.01 model on the site.

According to today’s data, her net worth is estimated at $7 million. Frequent travel, filming in Rolls Royce, and an outstanding mansion in Queensland only confirms her fortune. And it’s all thanks to her hard work on her private profile.

The model is trendy on this platform thanks to her candid images and daring videos with her boyfriend. For just $10, people get exclusive content that should cost a lot more. On her page, there are 785 posts and 779 media that TikToker has been improving since the beginning of her 18 years.

This beauty also still earns big money from sponsors lots and YouTube. One of the most popular videos on the girl’s channel is “Zaful bikini try on haul!” it has over 3 million views. Moreover, this media person collaborates with various brands and makes ads for them. In the future, this blogger plans to release her personal fashion brand.

Anna Paul OnlyFans activity

Anna Paul OnlyFans private account incredibly easily attracted attention to her personality thanks to glamour and candid shots from her personal life. Her followers can see unique behind-the-scenes photos and videos of her body. That is why her media are too popular nowadays. Exclusive content is just a part of it cause Anna also responds to messages on this platform and tells information few people know about.

Today, she comes up with new ideas on her private account and tries to make this world a better place. She shares her experience on social media accounts and recommends various ideas to her followers. Anna is also preparing a new clothing brand and is going to continue there.

We can confidently say that the purpose of a girl in social networks is not only to attract attention to her body but also to be helpful to others. Among her fans, she is known for her sincerity and diligence.

Is Anna Paul OnlyFans worth it?

For a $59.94 a year subscription to the Anna Paul Only Fans channel, you’ll get unique content through which the model introduces her subscribers to her life. Revealing photos, aesthetic videos, and an introduction to her brand.

Since the girl’s account consists not only of candid content but also shows her work on developing her personal brand, it will be attractive to a larger audience.

Get to know the world of a rich and promising model through her account. You may become her fan and follower, as well as millions of other subscribers.

Anna Paul’s photos

Anna Paul facts

  • Not all of the celebrity followers are loyal fans. On Anna Paul OnlyFans account, some people are writing to tell her to get a real job. But still, her earnings are more than they could be at any job.
  • Her TikTok account was “permanently banned” on Thursday, 25 February 2021. Now, this model has a new account with 6.8 million viewers.
  • She is one of the celebrities who are known for their sincerity with the public. As she honestly said on Twitter, “I reply to DMs on my OnlyFans,” and it really is.
  • In August 2022, the meet-and-greet at a Stax pop-up in Perth’s CBD had to be canceled due to the influx of people, as many of Anna’s fans became crazy when they saw this celebrity.
  • Anna had a difficult childhood. Her family had to get welfare to live in Australia. Often, she had to live on $30 a week.
  • This model is a big fan of cats and other animals. Among her pets are three sphinx cats and one cute dog. One of the most famous influencers even donated to the “World Wildlife Foundation.”
  • Before popularity, one of the most famous influencers got her fame on YouTube channel. After five years of activity on it, she managed to get more than 20 million views on her videos.
  • Anna is going to launch her personal clothing brand, which she expects will meet all the indicators of quality clothing.

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