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May 27, 1997
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Ayyyejae (born 27 May 1997) is an American model, Instagram star, and social media influencer who has captured many admirers worldwide. Her captivating photos and remarkable images entice many followers to subscribe to her website.

This celebrity is the talk of the town because of her revealing announcement that she had a daughter whom she never knew was the biological father—but later, she suspected that maybe one of the NBA players in Phoenix is the father of her child. It amassed massive criticisms, and some critics laughed at her.

Because of her goals to succeed, she wanted to reach more followers and established the Ayyyejae OnlyFans page, which served as the star’s outlet for her Dionysian side. Recently, she has been at the headlines of forums, news media sites, and other social networks because of her explicit videos and photos that leaked. The star’s page gained a substantial following, generating 19 thousands of fan reactions.

But who is she? Let’s delve into the most profound details about her dating relationships, life before fame, and how she copes with life’s controversies. Discover her net worth, facts, online activity, and more.

Ayyyejae’s biography

To know the star better, it starts with a question: Who is Ayyyejae? Aliza, also known as “Aliza Jane,” is an Instagram sensation, stunning model, and well-known creator of obscene content. She was dubbed “The Greek Freak,” born and raised in Los Angeles, California—her drive and passion for creating the content makes her admirers love her.

This stunning YouTuber was raised in a devout Christian home; her sister “Alena” was briefly featured on her vlog. However, like other social media stars, she never divulged any further information to her parents. This charming blogger attended elementary, high school, and even college before being involved with obscene things.

Her relationships are in public, and there are reports that Kanye West invited her and danced passionately with his companion. Also, Ayyyejae met the great player from the Phoenix Suns team in the NBA, “Devin Booker ” and his colleagues. After she shared about the NBA player’s affair in a podcast, “Sofia with an F,” it stirred the internet world and garnered the attention of many people; a slew of opportunities came her way.

Collaboration with well-known celebrities, involvement in the adult video sector, lifestyle vlogs, modeling swimwear, and fashionable ensembles are just a few of the things that have helped her earn notoriety and a large following. Due to her perfect figure, various companies are constantly calling and attempting to contact her to promote some of their products and become an ambassador for them.

On the other hand, she also had a cute daughter, and she believes one of the NBA guys she met is the girl’s biological father. She put up her social media profession for nine months when she became pregnant. Her pregnancy is not a burden for her because she adores her daughter and keeps a diary of her prenatal journey. Since she has her loving baby, she no longer struggles with not having a supportive family.

Ayyyejae's profile

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Graduate from a reputable University in the US

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1.6 m (5’5”)
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62 kg (136)
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Ayyyejae OnlyFans career

The Ayyyejae OnlyFans is the most visited page on a private platform. It makes a lot of noise online. It gives all followers pleasure, fulfillment, and contentment. The YouTuber worked hard to manage her site by creating high-quality media, interacting with fans, and live broadcasting.

The girl became a sensation after the first candid photos online. Fans support her in every possible way and motivate her to create more racy materials. But, of course, the best motivation option is donations from them.

The platform opens up numerous opportunities for both the model and her subscribers. She gets money and fame, and her loyal fans get relaxation and enjoyment from aesthetic photos and videos.

Fans can also view exclusive media, request bespoke content, and engage with her through fan donations. This TikToker guarantees that she will provide content that is pleasing to the viewers and is exclusively available on the web.

How much does Ayyyejae make on OnlyFans?

The prominent influencer has profited from the Ayyyejae OF website. She is making money from it but has never specified how much.

Fans claim she generates an estimated $30,000 monthly from subscribers’ donations, livestream tokens, and tailored customized media costs. It covers her monthly fees and assists her in dealing with monetary constraints.

The model earns a decent amount of money from her private channel. Most of the money comes from fans with their donations and payment for the filming of exclusives, which she does not have on her page. Additional sources of income for the celebrity are advertising, sponsored posts, and collaborations with clothing brands. Her net worth is $1,500,000.

As a result, the celeb earns significant sums on explicit content. Many people still do not understand her creativity, but she tries to avoid such people and ignores negative comments. Her goal is to secure a better future for herself and her daughter.

Ayyyejae OnlyFans activity

The Ayyyejae OnlyFans website is at the top among other online model accounts. The girl literally exploded the Internet with her explicit materials and erotic videos. She is actively developing her image in the network, and today, among her materials, there are 66 photos and 76 videos.

The model is frank not only in her photos but also in her communication with fans. She listens to their advice and creates materials that make them delighted and stunned by what they see. You will find materials of any genre and degree of seductiveness on her page.

Fans generously donate to her, making her more productive and inspiring her to create more.

Is Ayyyejae OnlyFans worth it?

According to forums and web review sites, the Ayyyejae Only Fans website is worth subscribing to. According to a fan, she actively administers the page and is always fast to address orders and respond to messages.

Another thing piques their interest is that the streamer offers a 50% discount for 31 days with a fair monthly subscription fee of $30.

The page is meriting all her nasty stuff that turned fanatics’ frigid evenings into pleasant nights. If you’re a fan wanting to learn more about her online activities, subscribe to the star’s page.

Ayyyejae’s photos

Ayyyejae facts

  • The Ayyyejae OnlyFans page keeps her devoted fans active, entertained, happy, and satisfied, resulting in 19 thousands of positive fan reactions.
  • She earned the moniker “The Greek Freak.”
  • The celebrity does not conceal her child, whom she calls “Noa Meadow.”
  • She believes Noa’s biological father is one of the NBA players she met.
  • Kanye West invited her to a party.
  • She met the great NBA player “Devin Booker” and his teammates from the Phoenix Suns.
  • She enjoys cooking and experimenting with new recipes.
  • The model has 58.2 thousand TikTok followers and received 1.2 million fan reactions.

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