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March 24, 2000
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Pennsylvania, United States
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23 years old
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BigTittyGothEgg (born on 24 March 2000) is a beautiful entrepreneur, YouTuber, actress, and content maker. Today, her videos and pictures on the private account are more than popular. They engage, provoke, discourage, and make you want to see more and more.

There are over 200 thousand views there, and that is only on one site since the total number is tens of millions. The highly favored actress is also an experienced TikTok content creator. The social media influencer has over 3 million viewers and 28 million likes on her video posts.

Leah’s fanbase also loves her Twitter. Today, there are 600,000 readers and 600 tweets that people truly believe and admire. Moreover, TikToker is popular on YouTube and Instagram. She believes that her videos and stories on the BigTittyGothEgg OnlyFans account open the eyes of many to the truth about models and actresses.

Discover the biography of the famous Instagram star. Learn about her hidden past and current luxurious life. Read on and uncover fascinating facts, alluring photos, career path, net worth, and more.

BigTittyGothEgg's biography

Let’s find out “Who is BigTittyGothEgg” before her fame, content, and media recognition. Leah was born in Pennsylvania, the USA. She graduated from the school and had grandiose plans to become a doctor in the future.

The first years of her working life were at Target, just like Sky Bri. She worked to earn big money to cover payments for her studies in college, where she should go to learn oncology. However, the Covid pandemic came, and she had to take some days off.

While spending quiet time on vacation, BigTittyGothEgg decided to create a couple of funny TikTok videos in May 2020. The sudden likes and views inspired her to keep going. Therefore, she made every effort to create entertaining content that her audience would appreciate.

Later she revealed that her nickname was a play on “Big Titty Goth GF.” But she had to shorten it due to site restrictions to “Goth Egg.” By the way, the top model doesn’t put any special meaning into the word “Egg.” Lee’s fans asked about extra content and her OnlyFans page after a few videos. As a result of multiple requests, she created a Patreon analog page as another platform to expand her activities.

Later, she started her activity on world-famous adult sites. At that moment, she devised a great way to connect with her audience and give them free content. This helped prevent the first leaks and made her content more accessible to the public, which increased her fame. Then, she started to engage with her audience in the comment section. In July 2020, she launched a YouTube channel to help people get to know her.

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Graduate from school in her hometown

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4’10” (147 cm)
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100 lbs (45 kg)
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Dark Brown
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2 (US)

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BigTittyGothEgg OnlyFans career

Young Influencer BigTittyGothEgg OnlyFans account is viral among the users of this platform today. She has become famous and widely known thanks to her numerous accounts on different social media platforms. The girl started a private account exclusively for her fans, which she managed to find on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram.

Thus, she decided to expand her field of activity and increase the number of subscribers. Currently, she is more active on her private account, where she shows photo and video content for all tastes and ages. The monthly subscription to her account is only $10 per month.

What is it that the girl attracts her fans so much? Mainly because of the explicit content she posts on social media every day. Her singular content excites with its fantasy and ingenuity. In addition, subscribers can contact the girl through messages and order the content they want to see. The model creates unique material according to the wishes of her fans. She believes that her creativity is actively rising thanks to her fans.

She reached the pinnacle of success thanks to her talents and determination. The desire to become famous and rich drives the model forward and gives motivation to her work. Thanks to her unconventional personality and approach to communication, fans go crazy about the content she creates. Does she consider this result a success? Absolutely.

How much does BigTittyGothEgg make on OnlyFans?

Significant net worth, thanks to BigTittyGothEgg OF earnings, is about $2.5 million. A $10 subscription makes it easy for her to compete on this platform. The model gets the most through creating engaging content on her private channel.

Today, the social media personality lives to the fullest. She forgot about any problems with money and helps each of her close people. Frequent vacations at luxurious pools, resort beaches, and an exquisite wardrobe with good-looking outfits are just a tiny part of what her audience sees.

Her TikTok account is also of great popularity, where she has an average engagement rate of 2.31%. So, she easily receives profitable offers for advertising various brands. Based on the statistics, $2,000 is the usual payment for a regular sponsored post on her page.

In addition, she has an Instagram account with almost 1 million followers. Here, the engagement rate is 13%, which means sponsors lots will need to pay $2,000 or more per post. And last but not least is her store, where you can find brand stuff from €4 to €40.

BigTittyGothEgg OnlyFans activity

Leah is always trying to please her fans in every possible way by communicating with them on this platform as well as posting exclusive seductive media and behind-the-scenes content. That is why her fans found celebrity’s posts at BigTittyGothEgg OnlyFans profile are so popular.

In addition to creating content, she is known for her openness in communication with her subscribers. Celebrity also pleases them not only with single content but also with candid videos with the participation of third parties without revealing their identity.

The actress is already thinking about improving her videos by including a partner in the future. Leah also wants to create a Twitch account and make live streams to talk with her fans.

Is BigTittyGothEgg OnlyFans worth it?

If you are impressed by beautiful outfits and unusual places of shooting in them, you should definitely subscribe to the BigTittyGothEgg Only Fans channel and enjoy the content.

A monthly fee of $10 will open to you a world of pleasures and aesthetics that the girl shows daily without repeating her images.

Her unusual feline looks and lush forms add a unique spice to her images, as noted by her fans. And if you want something special, just write to her personally. She welcomes new ideas and fantasies.

BigTittyGothEgg’s photos

BigTittyGothEgg facts

  • Big Titty Goth Egg loves to add colors to her real life by changing her body. She has a nose piercing and a couple of cool tattoos.
  • Leah is a very creative person. Her interests include painting, as well as listening to good music, and eating food.
  • She likes to listen to different genres of music. Her favorites include rap, EDM, metal, alternative, and indie.
  • There was a time when her Instagram account got deleted, so she made another new one on 16 June 2020.
  • The model loves all animals but still considers herself a cat person. She has two amazing kitties named Egg Roll and Napkin, who also have an Instagram page.
  • TikToker loves variety. Therefore, she often dyes her hair in a lot of colors. She was blonde, brunette, green, and pink.
  • Not so long ago, the blogger launched her store. There, you can buy branded stickers, phone cases, T-shirts, hoodies, and joggers.
  • Content creator is not just a regular model – she loves to learn new things on her own. For example, she is an excellent self-taught piano player.

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