Celina Smith

Celina Smith

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February 22, 1999
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Los Angeles, California
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25 years old
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Celina Smith
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Celina Smith (born February 22, 1999) is a famous American model, blogger, and social media influencer all in one. To achieve the status of a top star on a private platform, the girl used the heaviest artillery – her mind, gorgeous body, and, of course, beauty. No one can resist such a cocktail. That’s totally true. So, let’s talk more about it.

To give you an immediate sense of her level of success, we’ve prepared some stats. She has 1.1 million followers on Instagram, 202.5K on Twitter, 231K on YouTube, and 20.8K on Twitch as well. She did a lot for this, guys. Pretty impressive numbers, huh? Yep, we assume the same. Well, what else?

She has built her online empire through the Celina Smith OnlyFans page. It was the best decision in her life to start her own business. And pretty successful, we would say. There, she shows off her gorgeous body, interacts with her followers, hosts live broadcasts, and accepts orders to shoot something unique and unusual. Oh, that’s what she likes to do best. She’s a pretty busy beauty, you know.

So, we’ve only revealed a little bit of facts about her stunning personality. You’ll find more details in the following sections. You will find out how much she earns, where she met the love of her life, and why fans think the subscription price for her channel is too low. Read about this and much more in our article.

Celina Smith’s biography

It makes sense to start this section with the question: Who is Celina Smith? She was born and grew up in Los Angeles, California. The celeb ended her studies at a local University in her hometown. We also don’t have additional info about her family members. That’s all that we have. Wanna know more? So, let’s move on.

Let’s start from here. The girl was always mesmerized by the girls who looked at her from the covers of magazines. She literally got it into her head that this was her purpose. Maybe that was true? Despite her education, she did not work in an office but decided to pursue her dream of being a top model. Cuz she was literally crazy about this. Ugh, she is so stubborn. So, she decided to open up the world of social media first.

Let’s move on. So, Celina Smith was taking her first career steps on Instagram. A bit obviously, isn’t it? She knew that many models started out on social media, so she decided to follow suit, too. And guess what? That’s right, she got noticed. It was in a really short period of time. Bloggers began to offer cooperation; fashion house owners invited her for photo shoots. Success? Yep, that’s it.

The romantic part of her life is here. In a recent podcast, the girl shared that she had lots of crushes, but her true love came to her through YouTube. She dated her friend, who was also a blogger there, for a long time, and they finally married on December 10, 2022. They are a really cool couple, we would say. She doesn’t speak a lot about this. Well, it’s okay. Cuz we have more interesting info about her. Here we go.

Let’s make some conclusions here. Her life is filled with joyful moments, ups and downs, and people who will always support her. If that’s what happiness is, she’s a perfectly happy person. What can be better than that? Dollar bills, maybe. Without doubt. But still, she really achieved a lot. Again, really, a lot. So, scroll down and find out more details about her life.

Celina Smith's profile

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Graduated from the local University in the United States

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162 cm (5’4’’)
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52 kg (114 lbs)
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Light Brown
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0 (US)

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Celina Smith OnlyFans career

A model’s career will amaze you with her story and the way she accomplished her goals. No, she didn’t follow her competitors and didn’t wish them harm. She just went for her goals, created racy stuff, and believed that her body and creativity could create something unimaginable. And the result? The Celina Smith OnlyFans ranked as 0.01% account among the most popular ones on the platform. So, go on.

The girl started creating erotic materials because she always wanted to show herself to the world. Moreover, she admitted that she gets incredible pleasure from the process of filming. From this, her working day has been filled only with her favorite activities and her life’s work. And the positive feedback from fans only motivates her more to develop and be the first on the platform.

In addition to her Celina Smith nudes materials, she impresses her fans with her low subscription price. It is only $12 per month. Also, she is always open to communication and takes into account the suggestions of her fans about the content. Sometimes they give really interesting ideas. And guess what? She uses literally all of them. Cool hook, huh?

So why does she love her job so much? The answer is simple. The model loves the feeling of freedom that her page gives her. She has no boundaries and no limits. It’s just her, her followers, and her obscene content. It’s her little world that she’ll never leave behind. Wow, that’s such a strong statement. We hope that she’ll create more cool projects in the near future.

How much does Celina Smith make on OnlyFans?

In this section, we will familiarize you with the income and waste of the famous model. The girl herself shared information that the Celina Smith OF page brings her twice as much profit as the rest of her social networks. To think about it, she gets about $300K every month. Wow, she’s a really good content creator. So, let’s move on.

Where does she get money? An additional source of income that makes her money every month is her YouTube channel. She makes between $12,000 and $15,000 from it. If you add up her other social media activity, the total comes to $100K every month. Pretty significant bulk of money, isn’t it? It seems like she knows how to make big money. We’re totally sure about that.

Her net worth is estimated around $1,500,000 as of 2024. Who knows, maybe she will multiply her income. This includes not only her online work but also her modeling projects, commercials, photo shoots, and affiliate marketing, among other things. You know, she’s a pretty busy girl, we would say. Cuz she all the time generates sums in her bank account. That’s right.

And what about expenses? Let’s talk about it. Today, the girl can afford to buy literally anything she wants. A car, a penthouse, trips abroad, brand-name clothes, and expensive salons. For her, it’s a daily expense, nothing more. How’s that? It’s just something speechless. Well, she really deserves all of this. So, why not? Yep, we are the same here.

Celina Smith OnlyFans activity

To date, the content base on the Celina Smith OnlyFans page includes 1597 posts and 1779 media files, which include 1.6K photos, 203 videos, and 21 streams as well. Moreover, she got around 700K positive reactions from her fans around the world. Wanna know more? Let’s explore it together.

The girl uploads her content to her private channel every day. She is ready to work hard for the attention of the public and their positive reactions. All her subscribers have access to all her materials, which she carefully thinks over, shoots, and uploads to the platform. It takes lots of energy and time as well, you know. But still, she does like a real pro. You should watch it, it’s our recommendation for you.

Lots of her fans are extremely pleased with all her materials and live streams as well. They are so much in love with her work that they are willing to pay any money for her to give them more attention and nude photos. And she’s happy to fulfill their every desire. Literally, all of them.

Is Celina Smith OnlyFans worth it?

It is worth noting that all the numerous fans and subscribers of the model recommend subscribing to her page. They have been totally enjoying her content for a long time and recommend it to all their friends. So keep in mind the Celina Smith Only Fans page is worth every penny. And a little more on that next.

The cost to subscribe to her channel is only $15 every month. She also gives several discount options to new subscribers. Fans can save 25% for three months, 35% for six months, and 45% for a year subscription as well. In this way, she helps her fans all around the world save money. And they love her even more for it. It’s an obvious fact. That’s it.

If you are a Celina fan and want to access her latest uncensored content, now is the time to subscribe. Try it out for a month and decide if it’s worth it. Invest in your good mood right now.

Celina Smith's photos

Celina Smith facts

  • The Celina Smith OnlyFans page has received 699.8K positive reactions from followers around the world.
  • She met SteveWillDoIt, a YouTuber, in high school and has been in a relationship with him for many years. Now, they are engaged.
  • Itscelinasmith hashtag can show you all her obscene materials at once. You can use it on different social media.
  • The star is an animal lover who extremely adores dogs and cats.
  • She works out at the gym five times per week. The girl is really proud of her fitness results.
  • The celeb was suspected of having an affair with photographer Jason Pagadaun, also known as the 905 shooter.

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