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Olivia Casta

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August 15, 1997
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26 years old
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Olivia Casta
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Olivia Casta (born 15 August 1997) is a model and social media influencer from the United States. The gorgeous visage of the famous Instagram star with her stunning content has captivated numerous users. The model has 2.8M Instagram followers, 689.3K Twitter subscribers, and 87K Facebook fans.

The model’s private page is also rapidly growing and taking account of hers. This stunning young star has caused quite a stir in the online world because of her adult content. Her fans constantly visit her profile and are amazed by her innocent but, at the same time, beautiful images.

Fans follow the lifestyle of the celebrity and want to be like her. She charms her audience with her modeling talents, attitude toward life, and attractive looks. The girl has won the love of an audience of millions and strives to make their lives happy through her Olivia Casta OnlyFans page.

We have extracted the most intriguing information about the celebrity’s life and facts about her personal life. You will learn about her hobbies, lifestyle, sources of income, and net worth for the current year.

Olivia Casta’s biography

The future model was born in Spain and now lives in San Francisco, California. This celebrity with angelic beauty is one of today’s most popular social media influencers. The star’s real name is Olivia Cláudia Motta Casta. She graduated from a reputable university in her hometown. The girl does not reveal the identity of her relatives. But we will try to answer the difficult question: who is Olivia Casta?

From childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming a model. At 16, she became more seriously engaged in her hobby and began to post her first modeling photos on Instagram. A few months later, she was overtaken by crazy popularity and recognition from the audience.

Olivia Casta shared that she is also an entrepreneur apart from her modeling career. She owns the tinGz merchandise online store, which sells bags, eyewear, shoes, and other accessories. In 2022, she founded her private account to create more mature content that drives fans insane and stirs today’s online world.

But later, she closed it and began new activity on Fansly. Some of the model’s fans believe that she has had multiple plastic surgeries to be more attractive to her audience. Others say that she has only had a nose job and lip injections.

However, the model herself has never confirmed this information and did not raise the topic of her appearance. Nevertheless, she is still the most trendy model on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Her fans love her no matter what.

Olivia Casta's profile

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Graduated from a reputable University in her hometown

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172 cm (5’8”)
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55 kg (121 lbs)
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Dark Brown
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6 (US)

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Olivia Casta OnlyFans career

The Olivia Casta OnlyFans profile had a great period when the girl’s amazing potential amassed a sizable online following. The prominent influencer was pleased and satisfied with the content that she provided on her page, which has received many likes.

The site gave her a lot of fame and an opportunity to show off her sensual side by presenting exclusive nude and light erotic content. But nobody could believe that she would leave the page and switch to another platform like Fansly to gain even more followers.

Her new page became a new way to gain devoted followers and big revenue since she posts unique content and personally communicates with fans. It also boosted her wealth and gave even more opportunities that still knock on her door. However, the star may still decide to get to her previous account and create content for both profiles.

Today, the TikToker is enjoying her new page so far, and she describes the platform as “beautiful.” It not only provides her with tremendous profit and popularity but also brings her closer to her followers through engagement.

How much does Olivia Casta make on OnlyFans?

The model shared that she no longer earns money through her private page with fan donations and subscription fees, and she didn’t specify how much she makes on Olivia Casta OF. According to our source, she earned around $80,000 monthly on this website, so she decided to try Fansly to increase her earnings.

The celeb earns most of her revenue through social media, sponsored lots, which she promotes on her Instagram, and brand collaborations with global companies. As one of the trusted resources said, the amount of money varies from $2,000 to $4,000; moreover, she also earned big money through modeling photoshoots and related projects.

All of that gives her a total net worth of $1,500,000 in 2023, and up to date, the blogger is able to obtain any luxury stuff and accessories with the help of her career. She also takes trips to expensive travel destinations and stays in costly hotels, not only for herself but also for her family.

The young celeb enjoys her luxury life, affording expensive cars for her and her family, renting the best houses, and buying gifts for her precious friends. The young celebrity is a multimillionaire who can buy anything she wants.

Olivia Casta OnlyFans activity

The Olivia Casta OnlyFans profile has received 234.2K positive reactions. It has 153 posts and 237 media materials, including 235 photographs and 2 videos. The star has no streams on the platform, and she is an inactive user for now.

Fans are intrigued by her beauty and appealing pictures, and they still wait for the model to return to the platform with her erotic content. With fan donations, the celebrity may resume producing high-quality and likable content, but she devotes her time to a new website today.

The page remains inactive, but sometimes Olivia makes updates on her page. Her most recent post came on September 25, 2023, after the big break when she mentioned going on vacation to Albania or South Africa. Her followers believe that with a good income, the star will be back on the platform.

Is Olivia Casta OnlyFans worth it?

Based on the positive feedback, the Olivia Casta Only Fans page was worth subscribing to. As of this writing, the page may be inactive, but the subscribers are pleased with what the star offers.

The page was perfect and had a subscription fee of $8 before. Subscribers stated that they were pleased with the content they received and that through fan donations, they could access exclusive content from the star that is unavailable elsewhere. But now the model is only available on Fansly.

Olivia Casta's photos

Olivia Casta facts

  • Olivia Casta OnlyFans received 234.2K positive responses from her followers.
  • She started using Twitter in August 2021 and quickly gained followers after a few months of posting.
  • Her last post on OnlyFans was on 25 September 2023, and no one knows if she’s planning to go back to her first private page.
  • The superstar remains single.
  • She began her modeling career at the age of 16 years old.
  • Limp Bizkit is her favorite rock band.
  • She is bilingual and fluent in two languages.

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