Nicol Kremers

Nicol Kremers

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March 29, 1990
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Eindhoven, Netherlands
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33 years old
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Nicol Kremers
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Nicol Kremers (born 29 March 1990) is a Dutch actress best known for the TV series “Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa,” who launched her online career through TikTok, Instagram, and other social networks as well. The beautiful actress does not have a YouTube, Twitch, or Podcast account. But let’s talk about everything in order.

The actress now has an account on a new platform. She smoothly moves from television to her private channel, where she can exclusively display her alluring side and seductive poses for her followers around the world. We would say that she does it quite well.

People only knew Nicol on the screen, but her true identity remains a mystery for many fans. From our article, you’ll learn more about the TV actress and her new life on her Nicol Kremers OnlyFans page. Discover what she hides and what led to break up with Peter Gillis.

Learn more about this stunning model, what kind of content the model provides on her page, and why it generates so many discussions. Learn more about her facts, net worth, and other details.

Nicol Kremers's biography

In this section, you’ll find all the necessary information about the celeb’s life story, career, and even more. It makes sense to start with a question: Who is Nicol Kremers? She was born in Eindhoven, Netherlands, but she currently resides in Kaatsheuvel. The star was a regular guest on the TV reality show “Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa.” But she and her ex-husband, Peter Gillis, divorced, so she left it. Let’s move on.

There are not enough details about the star’s early life. However, the couple’s breakup has undoubtedly made a lot of news online. There are two sides to the story about a couple’s separation. The first story concerns Nicol being seen with another man, so he announced on social media that they were no longer together.

But Nicol Kremers also shared that her ex-husband Peter abused her for four and a half years. However, the lawsuit did not proceed, allowing Peter to be freed. The blogger no longer has a role in Massa Kassa, so she must find other ways to make money. And she tried to create a private account on the special platform.

She recently posted on her now-deleted Instagram post that she thought long and hard about having a private page. But she decided that now was the right time for her to start a new venture. The celeb is pleased with all the benefits that gave her this page. She may be new to the website, but critics have noticed that she is gaining incredible popularity in no time.

The celeb attracted a lot of attention to her person after the divorce, which is why she often collaborates with famous brands. In the near future, the actress wants to increase her online presence and devote more time to her private channel. As a short conclusion to all the above, we can say that she is famous, rich, and loved by her followers and family. It’s a major success for her, and she couldn’t have wished for more.

Nicol Kremers’s profile

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Graduated from a local school

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168 cm (5’5”)
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59 kg (131 lbs)
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Nicol Kremers OnlyFans career

After the TV actress created the Nicol Kremers OnlyFans page, she became popular on the Internet. Her unique content contrasts with the materials that the celebrity typically posts on her social media and portrays on screen; it gave her a colossal hit on the website. From other information, she continues to develop her career but in a new direction.

The star tries to adapt to the entertainment industry after losing her career in the TV series after losing her career on “Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa,” and she does it very well. Her popularity is reborn with incredible speed, bringing her new fame and bigger income.

The model continued interacting with her followers and posting exclusive high-quality content to the page after garnering positive and negative feedback. She also gained more attention after her video was leaked and sparked controversy, leaving online users speechless.

Today, the actress was able to regain her fame thanks to the page. She tries to expand her activity while keeping the fans satisfied with her exclusive materials. Given the fact that this new career is the polar opposite of what she had been doing on television, the influencer claims that she is enjoying it.

How much does Nicol Kremers make on OnlyFans?

Nicol Kremers OF gives her a pretty good income, which she did not expect at all. She is highly pleased with the results of her new activity because it helps her cope with the problems that appeared in her life after the divorce process. But still, she’s proudly solved all her financial issues and become a top model thanks to her talents. Let’s discover more.

Her page offers a $19.99 monthly subscription and a fan donation for personalized content and messages as well. Although she is new to the platform, critics estimate that she earns $35,000 per month. It’s quite a good result for the model in her age category.

Aside from her page, the celebrity has other sources of income. The star earns big money from her personal website, brand collaborations, TV appearances, and modeling bookings in total. Her net worth is around $500,000 in 2024. But let’s see what will be by the end of the year.

Although she lost her role in the TV reality show, Peter still did not take away from her the property that belonged to him. The celebrity’s cars, home, and other possessions remain intact, allowing her to live lavishly.

Nicol Kremers OnlyFans activity

The Nicol Kremers OnlyFans page is growing and creating headlines on the Internet. It has 167 posts and 214 media files, including 199 photos and 15 videos in total. Although the star has no streams, she is always active, as evidenced by her page caption. Let’s learn more about all her activities.

Her account has received 7.8K positive responses from online users around the world. The actress is always enthusiastic about her content and strives to create exclusive materials that will suit the desires of her subscribers. She enjoys every minute of spending on the site and interacting with her fans. It’s her biggest joy today.

Her content is explicit nudity and sensual images that really make her fans want more and more. The page is widely known because the star constantly shows off her hot side and promotes the page on her social media accounts.

Is Nicol Kremers OnlyFans worth it?

The Nicol Kremers Only Fans page is a truly worthwhile subscription because the star shows off her sensual side with additional erotic images that you cannot find on other platforms. Another feature that fans greatly appreciate about the page is the ability to support the star in her endeavor.

With just a $19.99 monthly subscription and fan donations, viewers can access exclusive content, message her, and request customized content as well. You can interact with the model and get to know your favorite celebrity for a reasonable price. Furthermore, she’s always ready to shoot exclusive content that orders her followers every day. It’s because she likes to wear new images and try something new.

Plus, her page offers subscription bundles, allowing her followers to save even more money. For now, it’s 10% off for three months, 20% off for six months, and 30% off for a year in total. If you enjoy extremely sensual and explicit content, this page is for you. Make it the best investment you can in 2024.

Nicol Kremers's photos

Nicol Kremers facts

  • The Nicol Kremers OnlyFans page is new, but it has already received 7.8K positive reactions from followers around the world.
  • She is best known for her roles in “Familie Gillis: Massa is Kassa.”
  • One of the famous influencers created her private account in March 2023.
  • She was arrested for driving under the influence after refusing a blood test.
  • Peter Gillis and Nicol have four children. Now, they all live together.
  • After the breakup, there were rumors that the star was dating Patrick Udema. Who knows, maybe this info is really true.
  • She claimed that her multimillionaire ex-husband abused her for four and a half years.

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