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Laura Müller

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July 30, 2000
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23 years old
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Laura Müller
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Laura Müller (born 30 July 2000) is a German model and superstar who has won many hearts with her modeling content on Instagram and stunning TikTok content. The celeb has 559K Instagram followers and 50.8K TikTok followers around the world. She does not have accounts on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Twitch. So, let’s move on.

But there is also her private page, which sparked debate among fans about the star’s exclusive videos. Moreover, users can request a duo show with her. But many viewers want to know who is this man with whom she is filming. Sometimes, it’s a secret or something that shows her intriguing personality.

Continue reading to discover this and much more information that you didn’t know about the star before and what content the star posted on her Laura Müller OnlyFans page as well. Check out the things that the model posts on her popular page. We have something interesting to show.

If you’re one of her fans, then our article with discoveries and the truth about her fame is for you. Check out all her online activities and why they are making headlines on social media. Learn about her net worth, facts, and more details.

Laura Müller's biography

In this section, you’ll find out more about this stunning celeb. But first, let’s answer the question from her fans: Who is Laura Müller? She was born in Germany to a loving family. However, the celebrity revealed nothing about her biological parents, siblings, or childhood. That’s all the information that she provides about her family. Let’s move on.

The famous influencer started her career when one of her Instagram posts went viral. Many people were drawn by her beautiful face and stunning outfits. She got a massive following after several months of posting and promoting her account, constantly moving to fame. After, she decided to earn money through her private channel.

Laura Müller shared that one of her posts on the page shocked followers when she offered worn lingerie to them, complete with her signature. “You will receive a worn lingerie set personally signed by me and sent to your home,” she wrote. She also informs her followers that they can order erotic content featuring Michael Wendler and her. It was like a hook for her audience.

Fans who message her will almost certainly receive erotic photos for a particular payment. She labeled the offering for a short time. It is known that Laura and Michael Wendler, a musician, have been together for over five years. And recently welcomed their first child. Shey shared this news with their admirers. The influencer is constantly posting content with Michael on her social media. It helps her to be a focus of her followers.

Today, the star enjoys posting on her private account and uploading more content to Instagram and TikTok. She also has various brand collaborations and modeling projects. The celebrity continues to add millions of dollars to her net worth and spends time appearing on large projects while living a happy married life. If it is short, she’s totally happy with her life.

Laura Müller's profile

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Ended a local school

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162 cm (5’3”)
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58 kg (127 lbs)
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Laura Müller OnlyFans career

Laura Müller OnlyFans has become a topic of debate. It helped the star gain a more significant following and massive revenue. Aside from interacting with fans, the famous influencer has enjoyed sending extremely explicit materials to her fans for a specific amount of money.

The platform allows the star to showcase her multiple talents and new seductive side, allowing fans to get to know her. She earned a substantial profit from her popularity and enjoys creating content desired by many of her fans.

Her activity not only helps TikToker gain popularity but also helps her husband become more famous around the world on the net. The couple posts some of the most frequent requests on the star’s page, as some of her fans want to know more about their private life.

The private account helps the celebrity promote her clothing or lingerie collaborations by showing and sending items to her loyal fans in exchange for different prices. It allows her to earn even more money and gain popularity online.

How much does Laura Müller make on OnlyFans?

The celeb shared that a $49.99 monthly subscription fee is the best choice for her Laura Müller OF page since her fans still send donations for exclusive videos and customized content. As a result, the model made a lot of money from her activity. Let’s find out more about this point.

She did not confirm any exact details about her income. But according to one report, she earns five-figure amounts per month, with an estimated year earnings of $1,000,000. It’s all thanks to her materials, live streams, and shooting exclusive content as well.

Lara had an Instagram account and TikTok before creating her page, which were her primary revenue sources. According to reliable sources, the blogger’s monthly earnings from sponsored posts and brand collaborations ranged between $10,000 and $40,000. She also makes around $30,000 on TikTok videos. She was really productive this year.

With all of her financial sources, including guest appearances and modeling projects, she has an amazing net worth of $3,000,000. Unsurprisingly, she has only brand clothes like Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and other luxurious designer things. She also travels the world with her husband, renting private beaches and living to the fullest.

Laura Müller OnlyFans activity

Laura Müller OnlyFans is famous not only because of the model’s explicit content but also because of the side money the star makes from it. She is not only selling her content but also sending some stuff to her loyal fans for an additional fee.

Unsurprisingly, her page is at the forefront of online controversy, not to mention some leaked videos that have gone viral. But many fans still watch her exclusive videos and message the model to get to know her better. The page has 222 posts and 211 media files, including 206 photos and 5 videos. The web account received 10,000 positive reactions.

Her work paid off handsomely, and the YouTuber is pleased with the results. But she doesn’t stop there; she continues to utilize her page to interact with her followers, create customized content, and send specialized messages to her followers around the world.

Is Laura Müller OnlyFans worth it?

The Laura Müller Only Fans profile is doing well, and most of her subscribers eagerly await the latest content. Fans are greatly pleased with what they receive from the page and are always satisfied with the content they request. It’s all because the girl knows how to do her work in the best way in order to please her followers.

The platform charges $49.99 monthly with a fan donation for personalized content and messages. The model also offers a subscription deal to all of her followers.

Fans can save up to 35% off a three-month subscription. Lots of subscribers claimed that this page is worth following because the star creates high-quality content and is always active on her page.

Laura Müller's photos

Laura Müller facts

  • Laura Müller OnlyFans received 10,000 positive reactions from her followers.
  • She started her Instagram account in 2018, and now there are over 560K followers around the world.
  • The TikToker accumulated 50.8K TikTok followers and 238.1K likes in total.
  • She literally adores dogs and enjoys playing with them in her free time.
  • The influencer is married to Michael Wendler, and the couple has a child. They are happy in their relationship.
  • She gained much attention for her fashion modeling content and sophisticated lifestyle photos.
  • Her family’s identities, which include her parents and siblings, are kept private.

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